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A hip replacement is a surgical procedure that is completed by a healthcare professional with the goal of removing damaged sections of the hip joint, and replacing them with foreign parts that are usually created from metal and/or very hard plastic to create an artificial joint.  The artificial joint will ultimately result in decreased pain and improvement of function for the individual involved.  An individual may be a candidate for a hip replacement if the pain experienced interferes with their daily routines and activities they are expected and want to perform, only though after less invasive treatments have been deemed unsuccessful.  Damage to the hip joint from arthritis is the most common reason that one may need a hip replacement.

Causes & Considerations of Hip Replacements

  • This type of arthritis is developed as a result of wear-and-tear on the joints. It damages the cartilage that helps the joints move smoothly.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Results from an overactive immune system and produces a type of inflammation that works to erode the bone and cartilage, causing joints to become deformed.
  • In this condition the bone may collapse and become deformed from an inadequate blood supply to the ball portion of the hip joint.
  • Pain that continues to persist despite use of pain medications.
  • Pain that worsens with walking, even with use of an assistive device such as a cane.
  • Observable changes in sleeping habits due to hip pain.
  • Decrease in the ability to climb stairs.
  • Difficulty rising from a seated position.

If an individual does undergo hip replacement surgery they should expect to either be given a general anesthetic or a spinal block, which will only numb the lower half of the body.  During the procedure the surgeon will make an incision and proceed to remove diseased and damaged bone and cartilage, while leaving all the healthy bone intact.  The artificial material will then be inserted into your pelvic bone to replace the socket that was damaged.  After surgery is over, individuals will enter recovery for a short time while the anesthesia wears off, where they will be closely monitored to maintain stable vital signs and a tolerable level of pain.


The UPEASY lift cushion helps people who would otherwise need assistance getting up. It makes it easier to gently sit and rise from your chair or sofa. The seat lift is safe and easy to use, it will lift up to 80% of your body weight.


After surgery there will be an increased risk of blood clots due to being immobile for a variable length of time.  Therefore, soon after surgery candidates will be encouraged to sit up and even try walking with an assistive device and supervision, of course.  Blood-thinning medications may also be prescribed after surgery just to prevent blood clots, depending upon your specific situation.

Individuals should also expect to participate in physical therapy services after a hip replacement to work on function and mobility with the goal of speeding up the recovery process.  Keep an open mind though, because recovery and improvement of strength in your new hip joint could take up to as long as 12 months.

This incredible Car Caddie Helping Hand is a car strap that offers a helping hand for getting out of cars, trucks, or vans. It is easy to install. Just roll down your window and put the end of the car caddie strap around the window frame.


Even though the recovery period could last almost a year, it will definitely be worth it because the pain once experienced will be greatly reduced.  Individuals should expect the new hip joint to not only reduce their pain, but they will most likely notice an increase in the mobility of your new joint as compared to what was removed…which will allow for further participation once again in most of their daily routine activities.  However, individuals should not expect to participate in everything they once did because high-impact activity such as running will most likely be too stressful on the artificial joint.

This is a convenient collection of essential items to assist with bathing, dressing and activities of daily living.  Includes products most often recommended by therapists for people rehabilitating from hip join replacement procedures.


Ultimately, although hip replacement surgery comes with various risks…the reward of greatly decreased pain, along with an increase in mobility prove to outweigh the risks.  Individuals who can participate in their own daily routine as long as possible seem to have greater self-esteem and self-worth, which overall leads to a healthier and happier life.  Life is short, so if you are thinking a hip replacement may make yours better…do not hesitate to consult with your healthcare provider today to go over your options.

Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of hip replacement supplies to healthcare providers and consumers.  If you are recently undergone a hip replacement, rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your hip replacement needs.

A migraine is an intense headache that can cause throbbing, or a pulsing sensation, in an area of you head…it basically feels like your heartbeat has migrated upwards to your head.  It’s not comfortable at all.  Unfortunately too, migraines are usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to both light and sound.  Therefore, if you’re in a room that is bright and loud, your migraine will seem to be that much worse.  The pain that migraines cause can last for hours to days, and it can even hurt so much that all you can think about is finding a dark, quiet place to rest until the pain subsides.

Some individuals will notice that their migraines follow the same pattern and are preceded by an aura (an event that signals to them that a migraine is coming on).  An aura can be anything from flashes of light to tingling in the arm or leg that signals another migraine is coming on.

What Causes Migraines?

The specific cause of migraines is not currently understood.  Most likely, genetics and factors in the environment play a strong role in their development.  Migraines may be caused by changes in the brainstem area and how it interacts with the trigeminal nerve, which is a major pain pathway in the human body.  Also, imbalances in brain chemicals may also be a culprit to the development of migraines.  Specifically, a chemical known as serotonin that is responsible for regulating pain levels within your nervous system.  The levels of serotonin during a migraine attack decrease, so if there aren’t enough chemicals to regulate the pain, it will result in more pain for you and possibly a migraine.

What Triggers a Migraine?

  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Fluctuations in estrogen levels seem to trigger headaches in this specific population.
  • Hormonal medications such as oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy may either make migraines better or worse.
  • Certain foods
  • Aged cheeses, salty foods and processed foods may all trigger migraines.
  • If you skip meals, or decide to fast…that can also trigger attacks.
  • Drinks
  • Alcohol and other beverages that are highly caffeinated may trigger migraines.
  • Abnormal sleeping habits
  • Missing out on too much sleep or even getting too much sleep can both trigger a migraine.
  • Physical factors.
  • Physical exertion that is more intense than an individual is used to can trigger a migraine.
  • Stress
  • Weather changes

Once you approach your healthcare provider and explain your situation with the development of migraine headaches and you are definitively diagnosed, a treatment plan will be implemented for your specific case.  Migraines cannot be cured; however there are ways to manage your symptoms and condition.  Generally, medications to help treat migraines fall into two categories:  pain-relieving medications and preventive medications.

Pain-relieving medications are the ones that are taken during your migraine attack with the goal of stopping symptoms of your headache that have already begun. The migraine caplets on the right are great to relieve your pain.


Preventive medications on the other hand are those that are taken regularly, usually on a daily basis, with the goal of reducing the severity and/or frequency of future migraine attacks.

Possible Treatment Options

  • Pain relievers.
  • Includes medications such as aspirin, Advil, Motrin and Tylenol which are best to relieve mild migraine pain.
  • Also includes migraine-specific medications that can be purchased over the counter, such as Excedrin Migraine that may help to ease moderate migraine pain.
  • Triptan medication.
  • Works by tightening blood vessels and blocking the pain pathways in the brain.
  • Medications may include such as sumatriptan (Imitrex) and almotriptan (Axert).
  • May cause nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and weakness.
  • Not recommended if you are at an increased risk of stroke and/or heart attack.
  • Ergot medication.
  • Ergotamine and caffeine combination medications are less effective than Triptans.
  • Most effective with pain that lasts for more than 48 hours.
  • Include medications such as Migergot and Cafergot.
  • Anti-nausea medication.
  • Migraines are usually accompanied by nausea, so being medicated for this complication could make your attack slightly more tolerable.
  • Medications include those such as Reglan and chlorpromazine.
  • Opioid medications.
  • Contain narcotics such as codeine and usually used for those who cannot take Triptans or ergot medications.
  • They are habit-forming and are usually only used as a last resort.

Preventive medications may also be used for this condition, depending upon how your signs and symptoms present themselves.  Preventive medications can reduce the frequency, severity and length of migraines and may also increase the effectiveness of other medications that are being used during migraine attacks.


Ultimately, migraines should not be taken lightly because if left untreated over an extended time period, the pain that an individual is caused may begin to interfere with the daily routine…so do not ignore signs and symptoms, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of migraine and headache supplies to healthcare providers and consumers.  If you are suffering from a migraine or headache, rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your migraine needs.

Allegro Medical and Cure Medical have teamed up to provide consumers with a brand new incontinence item. Cure Medical invested into both manufacturing technology and research to find the perfect product for their users and they have officially released one of the most convenient items yet for incontinence users! #curemedical #incontinence #catheter #newproduct

Cure Medical Male Pocket Intermittent Catheter with Lube

cure-medical-male-pocket-intermittent-catheter-with-lube The Cure Medical U Shaped Pocket Intermittent Catheter is a high quality DEHP and latex free product that always has fire polished eyelets that are smooth and less irritating. The U Shaped packaging enables men to discretely carry the product in a pants pocket. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a convenient one time use lube packet. No need to carry around a separate packet or tube anymore!




 Cure Medical Male Pocket Intermittent Catheter Kit


This is a new kit that has the same great features as above but now is in the form of a complete kit! Catheter Kit Includes:

  • 1 Nonstaining BZK Wipe
  • 1 Packet of Lubricating Jelly
  • 1 Pair of Ambidextrous Gloves
  • 1 Collection Bag (With  Universal Connector)
  • 1 Underpaid
  • 1 Sterile Latex Free Catheter


Cure Medical designed their catheters to have the least amount of trauma upon catherization  because of their unique fire polished eyelets. These eyelets increase comfort when inserting and reduce the risk of UTI’s. Cure slits the catheter and then melts the tube for that smooth eyelet versus other catheters that only have the eyelet cut. Below you can see the differences between a Cure Catheter and others on the market.


Allegro Medical supports Cure Medical in their research for a cure. Help support the research with the purchase of Cure products at Allegromedical.com.  Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of medical supplies to providers and consumers.  Rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your catheter and incontinence supply needs.

Our customers have asked and Allegro Medical has listened! We are now proud to announce we are staffed with bilingual customer service representatives that are here to help you with your every need. Our friendly customer service center now staffs representatives that speak Spanish! We understand the frustration one can have while shopping online where one may have specific questions but struggle finding someone to call to assist. Don’t be afraid to give us a call at 1-800-861-3211!  We are available from 7am to 7pm Central Standard Time from Monday through Friday.

Nuestros clientes han pedido y Allegro Medical ha escuchado! Ahora estamos orgullosos de anunciar que cuentan con personal de representantes de servicio al cliente bilingües que están aquí para ayudarle con todas sus necesidades. Nuestro amable centro de servicio al cliente ahora tiene representantes que hablan español! Entendemos la frustración que uno puede tener mientras que hace las compras en línea donde uno puede tener preguntas específicas, pero luchar para encontrar a alguien que llame para ayudar. No tenga miedo de darnos una llamada al 1-800-861-3211!

Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of  medical products.  If you are looking for an extensive selection of medical products, rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your needs!

Summer time is here to stay with record breaking temperatures and what better way to cool off than jumping in a pool. Being in the water has more benefits than just cooling down and having fun. People from all around the world use water as a form of exercise and therapy. People with muscle and joint pain often find exercising unpleasant and turn to water therapy as a relief. The largest benefit of doing water therapy and exercises is that when you’re submerged in deep water, you unload 90% of your body weight through water buoyancy1. By decreasing the amount of joint stress it is easier and less painful to perform exercises. People with a weight problem often find working out in water pleasant as the water environment soothes and supports their muscles and joints while staying cool.

Water therapy covers a broad set of techniques including aquatic exercise, physical therapy, bodywork, and body movement based therapy in water. There are products that assist in these exercises such as resistance based weights and noodles. These resistance items allow for muscle strengthening without the need of actual weights. Using these products in conjunction with waters buoyancy allows a person to strengthen and repair the body without joint stress that can’t be experienced on land 2.

AquaJogger Active Starter Kit


This active starter kit is a complete system for a total body resistance workout. While breathing naturally above water, a person can move freely underwater and perform a multitude of workouts. This kit comes with resistance dumbbells, cuffs, and a belt to assist with ones aerobic therapy.



SEAL-TIGHT Sport Cast and Bandage Protector

These body wraps are great if you need to do water exercises but are suffering with a cast or open wound. Seal-Tight Sport is a safe, economical protector for casts and bandages during recreational water activities or daily showering and bathing. With regular care, these last for three to four weeks of daily usage.




AquaJogger Sqoodle Water Noodle

Standard water noodles are hard to use due to their round shape as they’re hard to keep under oneself. This noodle is square so it offers a no roll design to sit, kneel, stand or float on it. This item has more buoyancy for more support and more resistance than other regular noodles due to the high density EVA foam.


“I love this noodle. Not only can I use it during aquatic therapy, but I can also use it for balance and stabilization exercises. It’s a fraction of the cost of a foam balance beam, and more comfortable to lie on than foam rollers.” by DPT from Augusta, GA

Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of  therapeutic products.  If you are looking for hydrotherapy products, rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your needs.

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People with medical heat intolerance conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) can feel their symptoms become worse when their body temperature increases. Many people can feel much worse by just a half degree difference in temperature! MS research has proven that heat and humidity often aggravate common MS symptoms 1. This is where body cooling systems give relief to people experiencing MS symptoms. Now there is no reason to be stuck inside on a warm summer afternoon as these cooling systems gives freedom back to those who enjoy the outdoors.

The body cooling systems are not just for people with medical conditions but have been used by many different people. Cooling the body can be beneficial for emergency response workers, military personnel, athletes, industrial workers, or people with outdoor jobs 2. The nice thing about cooling products is that they’re discreet and provide relief for hours. There are many different options giving people the ability to stay active while cooling.

Kool Max Zipper Front Cooling Vest

vestThe most common cooling product is a full size vest that contains insulated pockets which hold small cool worn over your regular clothing and provide a temporary cooling relief which can last up to a few hours. These vests have many different cool pack locations so the individual can place the packs where they’re most needed. The cooling packs cool up to 3-4 hours in any climate and are thin so they don’t protrude your clothing. These are believed to be the most cost effective cooling items however they require access to a freezer.packs. The vests are typically 

One of the worst things about having MS is feeling like a prisoner to the AC in the summertime. I am very active bike riding, gardening etc and it’s all thanks to this vest! Heck I’m even doing housework in it. Love love love it! – Becky S


Cooling Baseball Cap with Evaporative Insert


This fashionable hat works great for work or any activity. You can even retrofit the cool pack to your own hat! Evaporate cooling is another effective way to cool during the warm weather but are ideal for low humidity days and dry climates. Garments are designed to be briefly soaked in water causing a natural cooling effect as it evaporates.  These are lightweight and contain cooling beads that will cool for hours. As long as there is a cold source of water nearby, this will keep one cool all day long. This works by that the temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase change of liquid water to water vapor (evaporation). You will see similar effects of misters out on patios in southern states.

Cool Kids Cooling Vest – Cool 58 packs

Cool 58 Kid Vest

Cooling products are not just for adults but even for kids! The phase change technology in the Cool 58 packs are great for long term cooling when you’re not near a freezer. These cooling packs freeze at a moderate temperature of 58 degrees and cool at this constant temperature. They can be activated in ice water or the refrigerator and cool up to 2-3 hours in any climate. They use less cooling energy than the traditional cool packs due to the gel composition and freeze point. Keep a container of ice water with you on your travels and be cool and dry for hours on end.




Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of body cooling and multiple sclerosis relief products.  If you are suffering from medical heat intolerance conditions, rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your body cooling needs.



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April showers brings May flowers. For many people, a spring seasonal transition isn’t a welcomed time. The allergy season starts for many when flowers start blooming. It is possible to survive this season with a few survival tips 1.

  • Educate yourself about allergens
  • Reduce exposure to allergens
  • Consider using over the counter remedies
  • Consider receiving an allergy shot

Those tiny pollen grains floating through the air are what makes life miserable for people with allergies. The pollen rate is typically worse on windy days as the light pollen gets picked up and travels with the wind. The pollen is so light that a even slight breeze can make  thousands of spores go airborne.

According to Sakina Bajowala MD, an allergist, pollen counts tend to be higher between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. so staying indoors at those peak hours can drastically reduce your exposure. Some tips to avoid pollen is to monitor pollen counts via local news stations, shower before bed to avoid bringing pollen into the bedding, and wash or wipe down items that have been exposed to pollen such as pets, hands, or clothes 2. Let Allegro Medical make this seasonal transition painless with some proven allergy stopping products.

Claritin Tablets – Non-Drowsy Allergy Relief


One of the most proven over the counter medicines is Claritin. Claritin is the only brand proven to make you as alert and focused as someone without allergies. Claritin provides all-day, non-drowsy relief of allergy symptoms so you can focus on your day and not on your symptoms. Relieve your sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and itching of the nose and throat with the non drowsy Claritin. Click here for all other allergy medicines offered by Allegro Medical.


Multi-Tech XJ-3000C HEPA & Ionic Air Purifier


An air purifier is one of the best ways to maintain an allergy free living area. Air purifiers constantly circulate air that is 99.5% pure throughout your room. These are ideal for a family room, bed room, or baby’s room. The Surround Air Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Hepa & Ionic Air Purifier removes particulate from the air such as: bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other allergens. The Multi-Tech XJ-3000 Air Purifier features multiple technologies to remove nearly all types of pollutants, yet very low replacement costs. Click here for our complete selection of air purifiers.

This is a great air purifier. I have one for home and one at work. You can hit a button to run it for a couple hours and it will shut off. This is great if you don’t need to run it continuously. They also make a smaller unit but this is quieter. I also like that I can shut off the ionizer or only run it for a couple hours at a time. We have 2 dogs and a cat and this keeps the pet hair and dust down nicely.

by Joe Joest from Long Beach, CA

Allergy Control Bed Pillow


Unlike ordinary pillows, Microfiber pillows do not need to be washed weekly to eliminate allergens,but only need to be washed infrequently when soiled. The Allergy Control Bed Pillow is a soft, supple, quiet cover with hypoallergenic fiberfill.  Good air porosity for a fluffier pillow and easy to maintain while self-deodorizing. Breathable, lint free, lightweight and no special coatings to flake off. Antimicrobial protection using EPA registered antimicrobial technology provides effective control of microorganisms commonly associated with health problems and lasts the life of the product. Click here for our complete selection of allergy control pillows.

Since 1997, Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of allergy relief supplies  to healthcare providers and consumers.  If you are combating allergies this season, rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your allergy relief needs.


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Allegro Medical and Cure Medical have teamed up to provide consumers with a unique incontinence experience. Cure Medical invests into both manufacturing technology and research to find the perfect product for their users.  This dedication came straight from the founder of Cure Medical. Bob Yant, founder of Cure Medical, suffered a C-5 spinal cord injury when he hit his head on a sandbar.  Being a catheter user himself, Bob wanted a product that was different and more comfortable than what the market had to offer. He created what the Cure Catheter is today. Since the day of his injury, Bob became dependent on others and wanted to give back to find a cure. He has committed 10% of all Cure Medical’s net profits to be donated to spinal cord research. Now many devoted scientists can pursue their research and ideas with these donations 1.

Cure Medical has changed catheters forever with their manufacturing processes. Cure designed their catheters to have the least amount of trauma upon catherization. This is because of their unique fire polished eyelets. These eyelets increase comfort when inserting and reduce the risk of UTI’s. Cure slits the catheter and then melts the tube for that smooth eyelet versus other catheters that only have the eyelet cut.  Below you can see the differences between a Cure Catheter and others on the market.


Some other unique facts for the Cure product line are that they’re also DEHP and latex free. Most all still have the same flexibility of traditional catheters. Below are a few new products that Cure Medical has released with the features above.

Cure Intermittent Straight Catheter with Hydrophilic Coating


The Cure Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter is a high quality affordable hydrophilic sterile straight tipped catheter with a purified water packet and gripper for easy use. Unlike saline, the purified water minimizes staining. The sterile purified water packet allows you to activate the hydrophilic catheter anywhere. These come in the most common french sizes with a universal funnel on the end that can be attached to most extension tube kits.



Cure Twist Pre-Lubricated Intermittent Female Catheter



Cure Medical thought outside of the box to give females a conveniently packaged and discretionary catheter to hide in a purse or other carry bag. This no drip, no mess sterile female catheter is about the size of a mascara wand. The Cure Twist hydrophilic female intermittent catheter is pre-lubricated with easy, twist open top.   This catheter carries all of the other common features that Cure Medical offers.


Allegro Medical supports Cure Medical in their research for a cure. Help support the research with the purchase of Cure products at Allegromedical.com.  Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of medical supplies to providers and consumers.  Rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your catheter and incontinence supply needs.


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Many people avoid going to the doctor to get a shot of medicine due to a fear of needles. Unlike the needles of the early 1900’s which  were blunt, non sterile, and thick, modern technology changed administering antibiotics and injections forever by developing needles that minimize pain and trauma.old

A syringe is a simple pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly in a tube to assist pushing liquids or solids into an object either through a needle, tubing, or a nozzle.  The most common use of a syringe is to administer injections into the body.  Syringes come in both a disposable all-in-one unit with the needle attached or with the plunger and tip separate.  Syringes come in a number of designs in order to properly choose a tip that best suits the needed application. The common tip styles are luer lock, slip tip, catheter tip, and eccentric tip 1. Also the needles come in a variety of gauges or thicknesses, and lengths depending on what and where you will be administering.


The two common needle types you will come across are the polypropylene slip hub and the luer lock hub. The luer lock hub is specific to the luer lock syringe barrel as it uses threads to screw on and attach. The slip tip polypropylene hubs work with the rest of the other common types of syringes. These syringes slip over the barrel tip and compress for easy installation and removal.

These needles also have the option of having different thicknesses between 14  gauge to 30 gauge and lengths between ¼” and 2”. Shorter needles are usually for injections for right under the skin, longer lengths for getting past muscles, finer gauges for less pain, and thicker gauges for long needles and thicker skinned individuals 2.


Some common syringe barrel types are the luer lock, normal slip tip, catheter tip and eccentric tip. Most needles will work with each type of syringe barrels as they use the polypropylene attachment as seen above.  A regular slip tip syringe is very common as the needle installation and removal is quick and simple.  A catheter tip is commonly used for injecting through tubing or where a regular slip tip needle is larger than the standard slip tip.

Eccentric tips are common when one needs to get very close to parallel with the skin. The tip is just about in line with the outer body of the barrel to give one that close needed access. This is common when one is trying to inject into a surface vein and you don’t want to penetrate through both walls of that vein.

luerThe final syringe type one will come across is the luer lock. As stated earlier, the barrel and the needle tip simply twist together to give a more permanent use as you can see in the above picture. These also have been designed to make a more leak free connection between the male end on the barrel and the female needle counterpart 3.


The most common and recognized type of syringe is the U-100 insulin syringe. These insulin syringes are meant to be one time use only thus the low cost.  The U-100 indicates the concentration of your insulin meaning there’s 100 units of insulin in every 1 mL.  The picture to the right shows a standard insulin syringe with a protective safety cap which has been removed.  The needles are typically very thin and range between 23g to 25g to cause the least amount of trauma and bruising to patients.  These syringes come in both permanently attached and removable needle types.

ff80808111238d9d011124bf45e75cd1-PRODUCT-MEDIUM_IMAGESafety should always be used when dealing with syringes. A sharps container is filled with used medical needles and any other sharp medical instruments such as IV catheters and surgical blades. You can read more through this blog. There are many general safety rules that everyone needs to abide by. You should never throw loose or used needles into the garbage, never flush used needles down the toilet, and never put needles in recycling containers. You should always use a specific container designed for the disposal of sharps and dispose of it properly 4. Check out “Sharp Thinking – The Point of Disposal” for more information on sharp disposal.

 Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of medical supplies to providers and consumers.  Rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your syringe and medical supply needs.

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There are natural vitamins and chemicals in the body that help restore and rejuvenate one’s skin. You should be looking to find products that have natural premium ingredients inside that best replicate the same chemicals your body produces. Taking care of your own and another’s skin is so important because it is the body’s natural barrier to acquired conditions such as pressure ulcers, cuts, skin tears, and infections.

Choosing the correct skin care item to maintain healthy skin can be an overwhelming because there are so many different ingredients and brands of skin care products. The competitive marketing of these different skin care products through T.V. commercials, YouTube, and Facebook doesn’t make one’s choice any easier. People need to be aware of what they are actually purchasing and what the active chemicals do to their skin. For example, benzoyl peroxide is commonly use to treat acne, but it is an extremely skin drying chemical that no matter what moisturizer you use, it won’t help revitalize your skin 1.

To help maintain or restore your bodies’ skin to its natural state, one should follow an easy multi-step skin wellness plan – cleanse, moisturize, and protect.

Step one is to cleanse the skin. One should be choosing a product that is gentle with no harsh ingredients. A very popular and naturally safe ingredient is Jojoba oil which gets extracted from the jojoba plant. This is very similar to oils produced in the skin so doing a complete cleanse with a product that contains this natural ingredient is most beneficial to ones skin.

Kendall No Rinse Body Wash and Shampoo

kendall-no-rinse-body-wash-and-shampoo-9oz-566348-MEDIUM_0 This Kendall body wash and shampoo is a gentle no rinse cleanser you can use for your body, hair, or sensitive perineal area. This cleanser contains the natural jojoba oil to restore moisture back to your skin. The use of traditional over the counter soaps tend to try the skin and raise the pH level to where your skin dries out and is susceptible to germs and bacteria. So when you’re looking for a cleanser, look for something that contains natural oils along with being “pH-balanced” 2.

Step Two is to moisturize your skin. You want to look for something that has Dimethicone as its active ingredient. This ingredient replaces oil lost from excessive dryness or over exposure to wetness. This helps rejuvenates the natural barrier that your body produces. People with cracked, chapped or chafed skin will benefit from this product.

Secura Skin Moisturizing Lotion

secura-skin-moisturizing-lotion-8-oz-squeeze-bottle-564887-MEDIUM_0 This moisturizer is especially beneficial to treat dry, rough, itchy, and minor skin irritations. One should apply this as often as the skin needs to condition and moisturize dry skin. Moisturizing creams with a high amount of Dimethicone can be used on the perineal area to prevent future irritation to the skin. Moisturizers can also help alleviate irritation tosensitive skin 3.

The third step is to protect your skin. These products often contain an ingredient called Benzalkonium Chloride which protects against microbial contamination. These contamination’s are what cause secondary infections including fungi and bacteria. Exposed skin in the workplace, home, or clinical setting can pick up unwanted contamination’s. These bacteria’s also can cause unwanted odors that have been accumulating on an unsanitized surface.

Thera Antimicrobial Body Cleansing Spray
antimicrobial-body-cleansing-spray-564815-MEDIUM_0This is a no-rinse antimicrobial spray that inhibits bacterial growth while washing the skin of germs and other infectious bacteria. These are the last step to help hydrate and improve the appearance of the skin.



Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of skin wellness and medical supplies to healthcare providers and consumers.  If you are combating skin problems, rely on AllegroMedical.com for all of your skin care wellness needs.



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