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Thousands of Americans living with Pregnant - Newborn shop at Allegro Medical to find products that make their lives easier. From the Creatine Monohydrate to the Comfy Cradle Maternity Support , you can find it here.

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ShouldersBack Posture Strap - Shoulder Positioner
Quick Look
  • Encourages proper posture
  • Great for pregnant women
Brand: AliMed
Allegro ID: 209639
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Our Price: $65.38 - $75.61

Baby Ride Car Seat
Quick Look
  • Use rear facing by infants less than 22 lbs
  • Convenient one pull up-front harness adjustment
  • Functional carry handle allows car seat to double as infant carrier
Brand: Nania
Allegro ID: 215128
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Our Price: $224.79
Case of 4

Lean Body For Her Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake
Quick Look
  • 30g LeanPro Protein
  • Aspartame-Free, Award -Winning Taste!
  • Heart-Healthy Soy
  • 20 Packets per Container
Brand: Labrada Nutrition
Allegro ID: 195040
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Our Price: $59.44
Box of 20

Creatine Monohydrate
Quick Look
  • Muscle hydrator
  • Use during high intensity activities
  • Gives you the ultimate in muscle energy production
Brand: Dymatize
Allegro ID: 196034
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Our Price: $12.86

Comfy Cradle Maternity Support
Quick Look
  • Dual-adjustable elastic side tension panels
  • Optional moldable insert offer additional support
  • Relief from back discomfort during pregnancy
  • Temporary stabilization of pelvis
Brand: Scott Specialties
Allegro ID: 196884
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Our Price: $50.25

Mechanical Pediatric Scale
Quick Look
  • 130 lb x 1 oz capacity
  • 22" L x 14(3/4)" W x 4(1/2)" D tray size
  • 27" H x 22" W x 21" D dimensions
  • Die cast-easy to read beam
  • Heavy duty-rust resistant understructure
Brand: Detecto
Allegro ID: 189822
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Our Price: $406.33

Digital Baby Scale
Quick Look
  • Displays weight in brilliant green digits
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Locks in weight display, allowing typical movement
  • Measures length with built-in measuring tape
  • Weighs in pounds / ounces or kilograms / grams
Brand: Detecto
Allegro ID: 189825
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Our Price: $1,245.84

Quick Look
  • Can be used in deep and shallow water
  • Resistance cuffs for ankles and arms
  • Soft, durable, chlorine resistant EVA foam
Brand: AquaJogger
Allegro ID: 189974
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Our Price: $27.89
1 pair

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