Prevail Disposable Washcloths Face it, we live in a world of disposables.  And I say 'hooray' for those use-and-toss wipes that help us stay healthy, clean and sanitary.  Anything  pre-treated or pre-moistened with protection, moisture, anti-bacterials, that gets the job done fast is worth its weight in gold.

While I'm at it, I'll add a hearty 'well-done' to the makers of biodegradeable and flushable wipes.  If you haven't tried the personal toilet wipes, it's time you do yourself and your tush a favor.

Caregivers and parents alike will agree that nothing beats a pop-up pre-moistened wipe for a diaper blow-out.  And what's better than a bed bath using no-rinse disposable washcloths, warmed first in the microwave? 

See listed below our full line of skin care wipes including baby wipes, flushable personal wipes, adult incontinence washcloths and disposable bathing systems.  We also carry anti-bacterial hand wipes, surface disinfectants, ostomy barrier wipes, adhesive remover wipes, alcohol prep pads, hearing aid wipes and more.  So, wipe away!

Disposable Wipes


Prevail Premium Adult Washcloths, 12" x 8" Disposable Washcloths - Allegro Medical's most comprehensive selection of adult cleansing washcloths. 

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ReadyBath Premium Bathing Systems Bathing Cloths - Lightweight, medium-weight or premium, these no-rinse bathing systems conveniently clean, moisturize and condition skin without soap and water.  Great for caregivers and patients.

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Comfort Shield Perineal Care Washcloths Perineal Care Wipes and Cleansers - Designed for the care and comfort of the perineal area, these products moisturize, deodorize, cleanse and form a protective barrier against incontinence.  An important first step for any incontinence care regime.

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Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes Flushable Personal Wipes - Leave the toilet feeling super fresh with these flushable moist wipes designed for personal hygiene.  Need relief from hemorrhoids? Try these Medicated Wipes.

Nice 'N Clean Baby Wipes, Scented - Solo Softpak Baby Wipes - These super soft, alcohol-free baby wipes clean like a washcloth and gentle enough for baby's face and hands.  Find a selection of value-priced, scented and unscented baby wipes in pop-up cartons or softpaks.

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Hope I haven't wiped you out with all these choices!  Happy shopping - and thanks again for your business.