1. Basic Facts about Urinary Incontinence in Men

    Incontinence is the inability to completely control the bladder or bowels. Any type of incontinence will occur by degrees from mild to severe and will have an array of causes. Urinary incontinence, though most common among women, occurs in men and manifests in different ways, as well. The National Association for Continence indicates that in the U.S. alone there are more than 20 million people dealing with some sort of incontinence, and this explains the huge array of incontinence products available.

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  2. Mechanism and Application of Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic

    Mechanism and Application of Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic

    Biofreeze® topical analgesic reduces pain through “cryotherapy,” or cold application. It has been well-established that cold reduces the sensation of pain and reduces inflammation. (For a comprehensive text on cryotherapy, see Knight). “Cryokinetics” is a technique of using cold application to reduce pain during exercise. This helps facilitate earlier exercise interventions for healing tissue. Cooling and re-warming tissue with movement stimulates reperfusion of healing tissue.

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  3. Biofreeze Cryospray in conjunction with Kinesio Tape application

    Biofreeze Cryospray in conjunction with Kinesio Tape application

    Biofreeze Cryospray topical analgesic can be used as an effective adjunct to the Kinesio Taping Method. As stated in the Kinesio materials the primary treatment effect from Kinesio Taping is achieved through stimulation of the proprioception receptors and circulatory system involvement effectively stimulating lymph drainage and removing exudate through the capillary and venous flow.

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  4. Use and Care of Reusable Solid Gel Stimulating Electrodes

    Use and Care of Reusable Solid Gel Stimulating Electrodes

    Clean skin is the best preventative against irritation, so always wash skin at the electrode application site with soap and water. Pat the skin dry with a towel.

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  5. Vasyli Medical Online Course and Practical Workshop

    Vasyli Medical Online Course and Practical Workshop

    This online course will present a foundational understanding of lower limb biomechanics and is a prerequisite to attending the continuing education workshops on practical orthotic therapy. To get the most from this educational offering, we request that you fulfill the online course requirement within 30 days prior to attending a workshop. This online course content, together with the practical workshop instruction has been accredited for 8 CEU’s in most states.

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  6. Tired of Messy Hands? Try a Pre-lubricated Ready-to-Use Catheter from Cure Medical

    Tired of Messy Hands? Try a Pre-lubricated Ready-to-Use Catheter from Cure Medical

    Tired of Messy Hands? Try a Ready-to-Use Cure Catheter.

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  7. Choosing the right table for you, your clients and your employees

    Choosing the proper table and accessories to buy can be a daunting task. There are so many choices, so many manufacturers, a multitude of table names, varied widths, specialized uses and colors. Whether I am on a trade show floor, speaking with a spa in their facility or on the phone, the same concerns seem to be global in the industry. How can I possibly make an informed choice with so many decisions to make? Always remember there are tables to fit any budget.

    An electric lift table allows therapists and estheticians to walk into any room and quickly adjust it for their height and style of work to ensure good ergonomics, essential for workplace safety and productivity. Lower height capability enables a petite technician to adjust the table to accommodate their size. The on-command height adjustments also allow customization of treatments based on client expectations and feedback during a session. A relaxation massage can become a cranio-sacral session or a deep tissue massage with ease. Similarly an esthetician can adjust the table during a facial as they perform different parts of the treatment. An electric lift table also allows each client to get on and off the table safely.

    The first step is to choose the right manufacturer, one with a solid reputation and experience in designing and building products for spas. One whose product engineering ensures longevity, ease of repair, ergonomics and client comfort will serve you best. The initial purchase price may be higher, but their success is proof of long term value and return on investment. Look for companies that have won awards in the market place and can provide references from other successful spas. Don't forget to look for the company's commitment to the environment. Do they offer FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) products, CFC free foams, non-vinyl upholstery fabrics? Is the table ETL or UL listed? Companies committed to doing their best most likely produce the greenest products: products

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  8. How to Use and Properly Maintain your First Oxygen Concentrator

    When you are first prescribed oxygen and when you are choosing your home oxygen concentrator or portable concentrator, it can feel somewhat intimidating. You do not want to do anything wrong that could damage the machine, and you want to make sure that you understand not only how to use it properly, but also how to maintain the machine.

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  9. Understanding Oxygen Concentrators and Liters Per Minute

    With many of the home and portable concentrators on the market, the oxygen that flows through the device is typically measured in liters per minute, although there are some that will provide milliliters per minute. Typically, the continuous flow oxygen concentrators provide liters per minutes, whereas the pulse concentrators utilize milliliters per minute of pulse dose oxygen.

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  10. Oxygen Concentrator Pulse vs Continuous

    Patients who have been told by their doctor that they may need to have oxygen therapy may have heard the terms pulse and continuous flow used and may be wondering which of these options is going to be best for them. It is important to have a good understanding of what each of the phrases means and how they work with the home oxygen concentrators you will be using. It can be quite confusing for those who have never been on oxygen before, but it can be broken down so it is more easily understood.

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