Help on Payment Options
Choose from Two Checkout Options
It's totally up to you. Either way, we'll get you on your way quickly and securely. You can checkout the traditional way through Allegro Medical's super secure and simple checkout process or use the spiffy Google Checkout to complete your purchase.
Google Checkout:
google checkout button
Google Checkout allows us to process your order through a special secure account you set up directly with them. It's designed to save you time because your Google account provides a single login to checkout from other merchants that offer Google Checkout. Google processes your credit card and manages your addresses and other personal information.

Learn more: Google Checkout Video

Important Note: If you go with the Google Checkout option, we highly recommend you allow Allegro Medical to email you directly so we can keep in touch about your order and provide important service information after delivery.
Allegro Medical Checkout:
allegro checkout button
If you want to keep it old school, we respect that. Checkout with full confidence on Allegro Medical, just like always. Allegro Medical checkout uses the highest level of data encryption, so you are fully protected.

We respect your privacy.
Rest assured Allegro will never, ever share any of your personal information without your prior consent.

As always, thanks a bunch for shopping at Allegro Medical. We appreciate your business. Come back again soon.