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  1. Are you afraid of barrier leakage?

    "I tried various solutions...I experienced leakage, which was really, really distressing."

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  2. 3 Reasons To Catheterize With Rüsch® Brand Catheters by Teleflex

    3 Reasons To Catheterize With Rüsch® Brand Catheters by Teleflex


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  3. A Danish Twist on Adult Incontinence

    A Danish Twist on Adult Incontinence

    People all over the world are similar in many respects and dealing with incontinence is no different culturally. A Danish company, Abena, has figured out how to improve upon what’s been used here in the U.S. since Depend was first introduced in 1978. These products are far superior to the brands here in the U.S. because they have superior absorbency and offer extreme breathability.

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  4. NEW Cure Medical Male Pocket Intermittent Catheter!

    Allegro Medical and Cure Medical have teamed up to provide consumers with a brand new incontinence item. Cure Medical invested into both manufacturing technology and research to find the perfect product for their users and they have officially released one of the most convenient items yet for incontinence users! #curemedical #incontinence #catheter #newproduct

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  5. TENA® Helps People Live Life Fearlessly

    1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 8 men experience an unexpected leak sometime in their lives.tena-logo With the large array of TENA products you can live your life without worrying about unexpected leaks.

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  6. Allegro Medical Speaks Spanish! ¡Hablemos Español!

    Our customers have asked and Allegro Medical has listened! We are now proud to announce we are staffed with bilingual customer service representatives that are here to help you with your every need. Our friendly customer service center now staffs representatives that speak Spanish! We understand the frustration one can have while shopping online where one may have specific questions but struggle finding someone to call to assist. Don’t be afraid to give us a call at 1-800-861-3211!  We are available from 7am to 7pm Central Standard Time from Monday through Friday.

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  7. New Feature on - Save for Later

    New Feature on - Save for Later

    A new feature to the website just made shopping with us a little easier. If you are not ready to complete your order, or decide to wait to purchase an item in your shopping cart, simply click the "Save for Later" link under the item. With our new Save for Later feature, you can now choose to move an item from your shopping cart and save it to be purchased the next time your return. The item will show up in your Saved for Later section of the shopping cart making purchasing it next time you visit a snap.

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  8. Wheelchair Workouts Improve Mobility and More

    Wheelchair Workouts Improve Mobility and More

    I was recently asked to write an article for our friends at the Long Term Living Magazine on the topic of patient care and exercise for mobility challenged patients. It's an interesting topic and something that deserves focus. Exercise remains a critical component of our lives, no matter what our age or capability. Most all of us are capable of doing some sort of exercise and just might need to think creatively to find the right solution for more challenging cases. Below is the article that was published in the Long Term Living Magazine 5/29/2014. Please enjoy!

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  9. Helpful Medical Products - NY Post Article

    Helpful Medical Products - NY Post Article

    “Help is at hand” was the title to the recent New York Post article that featured a number of’s innovative home medical products that make life easier for those with limited mobility. In my interview with the newspaper, I was challenged to highlight a handful of products that have dramatically enhanced the lives of people living with disabilities of physical challenges. Considering that we offer over 37,000 products on our website, and add thousands of new products each year, choosing the top 10 was not easy.

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  10. Understanding The Various Syringe Types

    Many people avoid going to the doctor to get a shot of medicine due to a fear of needles. Unlike the needles of the early 1900's which  were blunt, non sterile, and thick, modern technology changed administering antibiotics and injections forever by developing needles that minimize pain and trauma.old

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