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  1. Don't Allow Knee Pain to Slow You Down this Summer

    With summer in full swing, more people take advantage of the warm temperatures and increasing their physical activity. Whether running/walking, gardening, or even taking the family on a picnic, the last thing anyone needs are sore knees.

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  2. The Magic behind the Magic Bullet

    The Magic behind the Magic Bullet

    One of the top selling items on is the Magic Bullet Suppository. Many similar products out on the market are oil based, but the Magic Bullet is a water soluble bisacodyl made from Polyethylene Glycol. This seemingly minor yet important change in the product makeup has a significant impact on bowel stimulation.  Anyone who has ever had to use laxatives, especially those with spinal cord injuries (SPI), knows that time is of the essence.

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  3. Best Methods for Toting Hot Dogs and Fireworks - Winnie Wagon Folding Shopping

    Shopping Cart_fireworks_sm

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  4. Managing Diabetes on a Budget

    Although diabetes has not yet been cured, there are products that make it possible to test blood glucose levels, and then Glucose level blood testadminister insulin to achieve insulin balance.  With the aid of a glucose meter and testing strips, a person with diabetes can accurately determine the best course of action.  Although glucose meters tend to not have to be replaced very often, testing strips must be replenished often.

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  5. Ointments, Creams, Lotions, Oh My!

    Choosing the right skin care product to treat an infected area can be overwhelming. There are topicals, moisturizers, hydrators, and healers.  What does it all mean?

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  6. Nature | News Gut microbe may fight obesity and diabetes

    Bacterium helps to regulate metabolism in mice.

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  7. How To Hire (And When To Fire) A Caregiver

    How To Hire (And When To Fire) A Caregiver

    Very informative article on hiring caregivers.

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  8. Poll: Aging US in denial about long-term care need

    Do you think YOU will need long-term care when you get older?

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  9. Mystery of Annette Funicello's deadly disease: multiple sclerosis

    annette-and-frankie-2_1365443962030-10946.jpgThe cause of MS is still a mystery.  One current theory links MS to lack of sunlight exposure.

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  10. Two Important Considerations When Choosing a Wheelchair Cushion

    Wheelchair cushions are designed for both user comfort and for the prevention of pressure sores. Wheelchair users that do not have feeling in their bottoms must shift their weight often to prevent pressure sores. One possible contributor to pressure sores can be the inhibition of blood flow to the skin. In a wheelchair, this is most likely to happen where the pelvic bone is close to the skin. Typically, that happens when you sit in the same position for long periods of time. Conversely, skin injuries can also occur by frequent moving which may cause friction and tearing of the skin. A good cushion can help eliminate some of the pressure and friction as well.

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