Diagnostic Products

  1. Shop by Body Part at Allegro Medical

    Is your knee bothering you?  How about your thumb?  Perhaps you are having difficulties with your head . . . or maybe you want to know what your heart is doing.  Whatever the case we may have something to fix it, lift it, bandage it, monitor it or save it.

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  2. How to Check for High Blood Pressure

    You may have high blood pressure and not even know it.  After all, you can't feel your blood pressure even when it is too high.  That's why it is called the silent killer.  How do you know what your blood pressure is?  If you get regular check-ups you probably have an idea of your BP range but it can change quickly and without warning.  We recommend that everyone have access to an accurate home monitor to check for high blood pressure at home.  

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  3. Tools to Help You Measure your Progress

    Whether you're trying to track your cholesterol, reduce your body fat, test your eyesight or monitor your heart rate, AllegroMedical.com has a slew of diagnostic products to help you report your stats.

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  4. Heart Attack & Stroke Warning Signs: Men vs. Women

    People die every day because they ignore the signs of a heart attack.  They don't want to "bother" anyone, or they thought the symptoms would just go away.  Here's the deal, though... you never know for sure and it's not worth guessing.  Personally, I'd rather be sent home with a prescription for GasX than be sent home in a box.

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  5. Buyer's Guide to Diagnostic Medical Equipment

    Our extensive list of diagnostic and evaluation products includes tools for home and professional use.
    Strength, muscle and range of motion testing
    Diagnostic tools and measuring devices
    Assessment tools
    Vital signs equipment

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