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  1. New Feature on - Save for Later

    New Feature on - Save for Later

    A new feature to the website just made shopping with us a little easier. If you are not ready to complete your order, or decide to wait to purchase an item in your shopping cart, simply click the "Save for Later" link under the item. With our new Save for Later feature, you can now choose to move an item from your shopping cart and save it to be purchased the next time your return. The item will show up in your Saved for Later section of the shopping cart making purchasing it next time you visit a snap.

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  2. Helpful Medical Products - NY Post Article

    Helpful Medical Products - NY Post Article

    “Help is at hand” was the title to the recent New York Post article that featured a number of’s innovative home medical products that make life easier for those with limited mobility. In my interview with the newspaper, I was challenged to highlight a handful of products that have dramatically enhanced the lives of people living with disabilities of physical challenges. Considering that we offer over 37,000 products on our website, and add thousands of new products each year, choosing the top 10 was not easy.

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  3. Wintertime Tech for Warmth and Comfort

    Wintertime Tech for Warmth and Comfort

    Tired of freezing your buns off at the bus stop? Sick of shivering your way through Wintertime? You’re not alone. Today we’re looking at must-have products to survive the chilly times in warmth and comfort. With any of these products, you can enjoy the frostiest outdoor adventures and stay warm and toasty too.

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  4. Improve Your Life with Simple Medical Products

    Improve Your Life with Simple Medical Products

    There is no way to predict what may happen to a person's health. Many medical conditions can be debilitating, making it difficult to be able to do everyday tasks that were once simple. Just aging naturally will present many new challenges. It is common for many with medical issues not to realize the number products and solutions that can improve quality life, increase independence and mobility. For example, someone who has arthritis may find it difficult to turn their lamp on or off. However, buying a basic large knob that clamps on the small twisting switch will allow for much easier turning. This is a very simple, inexpensive product, but it can make a world of difference for those who need it.

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  5. Keeping Medical Supplies Under Budget

    Keeping Medical Supplies Under Budget

    Anyone who has ever dealt with a chronic medical issue knows that it can get expensive very quickly. Medical supplies are necessary, but sometimes the cost can be more than most people are able to comfortably afford. For long-term conditions like diabetes or incontinence, it can be difficult to fit necessary supplies into the budget week after week.

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  6. Managing Bedtime Adult Urinary Incontinence

    Over one-third of adults wake up at least twice during the night because of the need to urinate.  2% of adults lose control of their bladder during sleeping hours as well1.  Clearly this is a problem that is quite common, which is why there are plenty of products on the market that help people to manage their urinary incontinence.  Although it can be a struggle, there are ways to reduce the frequency of incontinence, and products are available that make cleaning up very easy.

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  7. How To Hire (And When To Fire) A Caregiver

    How To Hire (And When To Fire) A Caregiver

    Very informative article on hiring caregivers.

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  8. 3 Full-Flavor, No-Sacrifice Diabetic Recipes

    Who said eating healthy to control diabetes had to be a tasteless sacrifice?  Today, diabetic recipes abound that are just as delicious as their high-fat and sugar counterparts.  It’s simply a matter of understanding the foods to include and those to eliminate.

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  9. Dietary Supplements to Replenish and Energize

    Duocal Powder - 400g Proper nutrition isn't always easy to maintain, even if you are eatin' your greens.  But it is more important than you might imagine when it comes to feeling energized and focused. 

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  10. Most Popular Creams and Ointments

    Lubriderm Skin Therapy Lotion Maintaining healthy skin can be challenging for anyone, especially in the winter months, but even more so for caregivers and practitioners. Rashes, fungus, skin breakdown or the threat of skin tears are a constant battle and a true test of perseverence.   Skin Care is much easier with today's ultra-formulated medical creams and emollient-rich ointments - available to consumers and caregivers without a prescription. 

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