Seasonal Items

  1. Cold & Flu Season Essentials

    Stock up on everything you need to go to battle with colds and flu this season.

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  2. Emergency Prep Checklist for Hurricanes, Natural Disasters & National Emergencies

    September is National Preparedness Month and Allegro has joined the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's coalition to promote their "Ready Campaign".

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  3. Chill Out with Summer Products from Allegro

    It’s getting hot in here. Phoenix, that is. Thank goodness for the Chillow Pillow. Regular pillows trap heat, which can make for a really uncomfortable night. The Chillow’s patented technology provides a unique fluid-cool, cushioning memory foam effect that is steady and long lasting. It requires no electricity, is noiseless, non-toxic and requires no refrigeration. Double the effectiveness with the Chillow Pak which includes the original Chillow and the ChillowPlus. I use the regular Chillow under my head and the ChillowPlus under my back or between my knees.

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  4. Be Cool, Stay Cool - Summer Products from Allegro

    Chill out with a Chillow Pillow! Regular pillows trap heat, and on warm summer nights can make for an uncomfortable sleep. Feel the chill with a Chillow Pillow, for an always cool, spring breeze sensation. Its patented comfort technology provides added cushion to your pillow. Chillow Pillow is perfect for hot nights, lounging on the couch, or even for relief of headaches or aching muscles. Relax this summer with the cool chill of the Chillow Pillow!

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