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External Catheters- Texas and Male Condom Catheters

As the name implies, an external catheter is worn on the outside of the body. As such, they are gender-specific and provide a welcomed alternative to the invasive indwelling catheters. Male external catheters, or condom catheters, are typically made from silicone or latex with self-adhering and non-adhesive options. Choosing the right external catheter is critical in maintaining good health and hygiene, comfort, confidence and reliability. Allegromedical.com offers industry leading brands like Bard Medical, Rochester Medical, Coloplast, Teleflex and more at the best prices guaranteed.


What is a Texas Catheter?

A Texas catheter is an non-invasive type of male catheter that looks and feels similar to a condom. These external catheters feature tubing that leads to a drainage bag for the collection of urine.

Texas-style catheters differ from the more common molded external condom catheter in one key way. A molded condom catheter features a soft silicone or latex sheath. It is molded to fit over the penis. Texas catheters work more like condoms. They feature latex sheathing designed to be unrolled just like a condom. Many men prefer the Texas-style catheter because they find it more comfortable than molded catheters.

How do I put on a Texas Catheter?

Putting on a Texas catheter or condom-style external catheter is a simple process. First, unroll the old condom to remove it if necessary. With warm soap and water, wash both your genitalia and your hands. Check for irritation. Apply a sealant if you are using one, or use a self-adhering catheter to extend wear time.

When ready, place the Texas catheter on the tip of your penis. Unroll it until you get to the base. Be sure to leave room—about one to two inches—at the tip of the condom. This prevents rubbing against the tip of your penis. Place the sheath holder around the base of your penis to hold the sheath in place. Connect tubing, and strap the collection bag to your leg.

How do I keep a condom catheter on?

There are several methods to help you keep a condom catheter in place. Many condom-style catheters will come with a sheath holder. This should be placed around the base of your penis to hold the sheath in place. Make sure it is tight enough to keep the sheath from shifting, but loose enough to ensure proper blood flow.

A self-adhering catheter is another option. This is a type of extended wear catheter designed to adhere to the penis. Sealants like medical adhesive tapes, sprays and skin barrier products purchased separately from catheters are another option to keep a condom catheter in place.

How do I put on a condom catheter if I am uncircumcised?

The process for applying a condom or silicone catheter is similar for circumcised and uncircumcised men. Follow the same steps by unrolling and discarding the old catheter. Use warm water and soap to cleanse genitalia and your hands, taking care to properly clean the foreskin.

When ready, apply sealant if necessary. Unroll the new condom catheter over the penis. Leave the foreskin in place over the head of the penis as you do this. Once in place, use the sheath holder to secure the condom at the base of the penis. Attach all tubing, and fix the collection bag to your leg. If necessary, use a leg bag extension to extend tubing. This can increase your freedom of movement, which makes wearing a catheter bag more comfortable.

What is the best condom catheter?

The best condom catheter for you is the style that you can wear comfortably for an extended period of time. This means it should not cause chafing; it should allow freedom of movement, and it should be free of leaks. This could mean different things to different men. You may need to try several styles, sizes or brands to find the most comfortable option and best fit for you.

For active men who don’t want to frequently change catheters, experts recommend a long seal catheter. Self-adhering catheters can help prevent leaks without the need for a separate adhesive product. External catheters in general offer more comfort than invasive, internal catheters. Silicone condom catheters are the most readily available. However, Texas catheters offer increased comfort for many men. This is because they have a sheath resembling a condom as opposed to a stiffer silicone sheath. That makes Texas catheters more pliable and less likely to chafe or cause irritation.



Promising Care, Comfort and Choice

Globally recognized for its commitment to quality, research, and innovative products, Bard Care develops breakthrough medical solutions for healthcare professionals and patients who need it most. This worldwide leader’s four divisions focus on urology, oncology, vascular diseases, and surgical specialties. Founded in 1907, Bard has grown exponentially through dedication to the medical field, quality manufacturing, and savvy acquisitions and mergers with other industry leaders like Rochester Medical Corporation and BD. From its humble beginnings as a one-man shop to its current size of 15,000 employees, Bard continues to provide clinical solutions with a deeply personal, mindful approach.


ULTRACARE® Male External Catheters

UltraFlex catheters are made from soft, breathable silicone to promote greater patient comfort, while essentially eliminating the risk of latex-related skin irritation. The clear nature of silicone also allows for an inspection of the skin without removing the catheter. To inspire confidence and maximize wear time, a built-in, non-sensitizing adhesive band creates a secure bond; and a kink-proof funnel ensures a steady flow of urine. Ultraflex external condom catheters come in 5 sizes for proper fit and greater reliability.

WIDEBAND® Male External Catheters

Setting a new standard for condom catheters, Rochester Medical Corporation patented an advanced manufacturing process to add adhesion into nearly the entire sheath wall of the WideBand Condom Catheter. In 2013, Bard acquired both Rochester Medical and this innovative technology. The adhesive design of the Rochester Wideband Catheter involves extended length as well as forward placement to prevent urine migration and undesired catheter detachment without requiring more aggressive adhesion. Inspiring confidence and reliability, the Wideband External Catheter is 100% latex-free, breathable, odorless and comfortable.

SPIRIT Male External Catheters

The Bard Spirit Condom Catheter is a revolutionary latex-free device that combines silicone’s breathability with the moisture-wicking properties of hydrocolloids. The built-in adhesive is integrated into the Spirit catheter’s soft, breathable sheath to comfortably conform to the skin. To help ensure a secure fit, this condom catheter is available in multiple sizes and offers three different adhesion styles including traditional placement, forward placement to minimize unintended detachment, and forward placement with 70% more adhesion.


Bard Leg Bags

Bard leg bags, like the dependable Dispoz-a-Bag, set the industry standard for quality. Made of heavy-gauge vinyl with an anti-reflux valve, these urinary drainage bags are durable, leak-resistant, and odor-free. Bard leg bags are available in 9 oz., 19 oz. or 32 oz. capacities with optional Flip-Flo drainage valves and latex or fabric straps. For added convenience, Bard Dispoz-a-Bags are sold individually or in bulk and as sets with extension tubing and clamps.

Bard Drainage Bags

Bard urinary drainage bags are designed to be used with either external catheters or Foley catheters for the collection of urine. Unlike a leg bag, Bard catheter bags are not meant to be worn but rather hung or held somewhere below the level of the bladder on a bedside or wheelchair seat. These plastic devices, like the Bard Bedside Drainage Bags, are larger in capacity than leg bags and are available with a variety of features like urine sample ports, meters, antimicrobial outlet tubes for infection control, and one or two hanging hooks.

Bard Reusable Leg Bag Straps

Although every Bard Leg Bag is packaged with a way to hold the bag in place, leg bag straps are also sold separately and offer added comfort, security, and flexibility. The Bard Wide Leg Bag Strap features a 1.75” width to virtually eliminate slippage. This reusable strap is made from a soft, stretchable fabric with an adjustable hook and loop closure. One of the most popular options, the Bard Soft Foam Catheter Strap is financially friendly, adjustable, minimizes skin irritation, and secures both Foley catheters and leg bags.

Bard Catheter Extension Tubes

While Bard Leg Bags and urinary drainage bags are designed with attached tubing, an extension tube is often essential for proper placement and overall comfort. Leg bags worn on the calf will require longer tubes than those worn on the thigh. When used with a bedside drainage bag, extension tubing is often necessary for proper bag placement and sleep comfort. Bard Catheter Extension Tubes are available in multiple lengths and materials including latex rubber or latex-free, flexible plastic in both sterile and non-sterile forms. Simply cut to the preferred length and attach.

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