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Portable urinals for women, men, and children provide a hygienic alternative when accessing a restroom is not possible; used in both clinical and personal settings, these urine collection devices are gender-specific and designed to be used while sitting, standing, or lying down. Allegromedical.com offers a full selection of urine bottles, disposable urine bags, and bedpans at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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How do I use a portable urinal?

A portable urinal is designed to be simple and easy to use for both men and women.

Portable urinals for men are easiest to use when they are held with one hand and the penis positioned at the opening with the other. Once the urine has stopped flowing, the urinal can be removed and the urine disposed of in a toilet. If you cannot get to a bathroom immediately, most portable urinals come with sealing, odor-proof lids so the urine can be held until disposal.

Portable urinals for women are also easy to use. The scoop-like piece is simply fitted over the vagina, allowing the woman to urinate freely.

How should I use a female urinal?

A portable urinal for women is slightly more complex than those made for men, but they remain easy to use in most situations. To use a female urinal, simply fit the plastic entrance over the vagina and securely hold it to the body. From there, the woman can urinate freely, and the urine flows from the entrance into the storage container. Once urination is complete, the container can be emptied into a toilet or sealed and held until it can be disposed of safely. These portable urinals often work better when used in a sitting position rather than standing.

How do I clean a plastic urinal bottle?

A reusable portable urinal bottle should always be cleaned regularly. A two-step cleaning process is recommended.

First, the outside of the bottle should be cleaned regularly with hand or dish soap to make sure that no bacteria or germs linger where the bottle is being touched. This should happen several times daily.

Once a week or so, the interior of the bottle should be cleaned with bleach or another sanitary cleaning product. You may also be able to find some types of portable urinal bottles that can safely go in an autoclave. This is the safest way to ensure you can reuse the bottle and keep it sanitary.

What is the difference between a bedpan and a urinal?

While both are used for personal relief when sitting on a toilet isn’t an option, bedpans and urinals are quite different. A bedpan is most often used either reclined or sitting and is often an easier option for men. Additionally, many healthcare professionals prefer to use bedpans for bowel movements, or in other situations where a larger capacity is necessary.

In contrast, a urinal or disposable urine bag attached to a collection device may be more useful for women, or for people who are not confined to a bed. It’s easiest to use when sitting or standing.

Who are portable urinals used for?

Portable urinals are useful for anyone who is unable to get to the bathroom when they feel the urge to urinate. The reasons could be cognitive or due to mobility. These urinals are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some made for the female anatomy and others for the male anatomy. Some people use portable urinals for years, while others need them only briefly during a period of illness or recovery.

How to use a disposable urine bag?

A disposable urine bag is a simple plastic bag that’s designed to seal tightly against leakage, so an individual can urinate into it on the go. Often, the bag will have a product inside that turns the liquid urine into a gel, so it’s not as liable to spill. These bags can be sealed shut, then disposed of when the person safely reaches a garbage receptacle. These bags can be used in place of a portable urinal for women or men, but they require a bit more dexterity so may not be ideal for someone with mobility issues.

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