Roho SHOWER-COMMODE Seat Air Cushion

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  • Includes inflation pump, repair kit & instructions
  • Distributes pressure and weight
  • Designed to fit shower chairs
  • 2-year limited warranty
Product Overview:


Roho SHOWER-COMMODE Seat Cushion - Uses LOW PROFILE cells only

Designed to fit shower chairs, the Commode Seat cushion offers the therapeutic benefits of the LOW PROFILE cushion. Minimizes shear and friction. Not available in High Profile cells.

The Roho SHOWER-COMMODE Seat Cushion Features:

  • Approximate Weight: 1.75 lbs. / 0.8 kg
  • 24-month limited warranty

Models & Sizes:

  • SEATCMD88LP: 15" x 15"
  • SEATCMD89LP: 15" x 16"
  • SEATCMD99LP: 16" x 16"
  • SEATCMD910LP: 16" x 18"

Roho SHOWER-COMMODE Seat Air Cushion Reviews Summary
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Average Rating
1 review
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Helped me tolerate bowel program better

Improved sitting comfort . Improved sitting comfort .
Best Uses:
Bowel program.
Describe Yourself:
Paraplegic .

I have a lot of pain with sitting due to sacral fractures. This helped a lot. My rehab team did not know about the product...I found it myself

by from NJ
  Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
1 person found this review helpful
1-1 of 1 reviews

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Roho SHOWER-COMMODE Seat Air Cushion
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2 Questions | 2 Answers
As to cushion sizes, 16 x 18, is that with x depth?
Asked on Nov 3, 2014 10:54:33 AM by Travis from PA
3 people had the same question
Depth of the cushion=height of the bubbles. I'd estimate the height of the bubbles to be about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Puts you up in the air higher and makes the reach below that much more difficult. I had my commode-shower chairs stock cushion lowered to allow for the additional 2 inches in height. Makes a big difference if youre doing your own business believe me. However because of the nature of the cushion,(bubbles sticking out at the sides=no real support for your weight) your rear will only be about 1/2 inch above the hard chair chshion. You'll be sitting on a select number of bubbles-others wont be used except to hold air for the ones you are using. But clearance and no pressure is exactly why you bought the thing, so 1/2 inch will do. I've used Everett Jennings STOCK commode-shower chairs with this type cushion for years. But have gone to an Active Aid chair. Better construction.
Answered on Apr 9, 2016 3:14:15 PM by spiffy  from Las Vegas
3 people found this helpful
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How does this cushion attach to the toilet seat or shower chair? Can it be moved back and forth from toilet seat to shower chair on a daily basis so it can be used on both?
Asked on Apr 6, 2012 8:02:47 PM by vals829 from Toledo
8 people had the same question
Have used this cushion 25+ years. Yes it can be moved. No there is no added utility for attaching the cushion offered by Roho. Make sure your item has a constructed hole w steel washer inlay at all 4 corners. Ive seen some "deal" offerings where they dont add them. The steel holes at all 4 corners are important in stabalizing the cushion on the commode chair. Use a thick twine and be kind in tying these corners down. Use a thick twine, and dont pull too much or you will pull them completely out. Then use a hairspray on the bottom of the rubber compound cushion and on the chairs plastic-synthetic waterproof surface. This combination will hold the cushion down (which otherwise will curl when air is added) and completely eliminates any sliding-shifting of the cushion as you try to adjust your position. If you are a para like me who preforms his own transfer I recommend a simple towel be placed at the edge-corner nearest your transfer area on the (now attached-and inflated to desired pressure=bubble hight) cushion. This allows a more restrained transfer -like a slide board type transfer- low horizontal multi-step transfer rather then the big lift the butt and fly into the chair transfer. It will blow out the bubbles seals if you hit them hard with your weight again and again. Its difficult enough situating myself once in the chair, trying to NOT bring sudden and heave weight down on those bubbles-but thats where Roho quality comes into play. The bubbles must survive your repositioning and that meand bringing your body up n down on them until your positioned correctly. Also the cotton towel allows you to move along rubber bubbles that your skin would normally stick to and cause GREAT sheer, probable break down of the cushions strength at that exact points (the 2-3-4 bubbles that you'll effect because of their placement and constant stress on those individual bubbles WILL cause holes if not long tears at bubble base-where it connects . The towel comes out after youve placed yourself. Best to lift up as another slides the towel out from under you. Then its off to do bowel business and the roll in shower. After I tend to "fall' into bed, the cushion bu now has form fitted to your rear and made some nice anchoring indentations in your skin. I wont try to slide closer to the bed, again because of the steress it causes pulling at the bubbles in a sideways direction-heavy stress to your skin as well. I tend to get close lock down the brakes and just fall over into my bed. I take every effort to minimize the sideways pull on a bubble. Important to know, these do not come with a cover, so the bubbles tend to go where they want, my positioning allows the bubbles to lay directly under me, not sticking out in every direction. If your bottom is not off the hard edges of the commode-shower chair as you reach underneath, your positioning is bad and those bubbles are not under you, or youve not put enough air in the cushion. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING REGARDING THIS ITEM IT ABSOLUTE EXACT MEASUREMENT. If you go too big the bubbles will go sideways and be ineffective on both sides. These cushions are pretty darn effective on most commode-shower chair sizes (i'm 6'3" and weigh in the 300 pound range). The hole is about right for the matching hole on the chair. Understand, its not as important what the fit is length and width, those areas will be suspended above the hard chair cushion. The pressure points you'll need to addess are around that hole where your butt falls in. So it really doesnt matter so much the width and length (except that non fit-to-size-EXACTLY cushions will cause more stress on those important 4 corner holes that may tend to rip out easier with longer twine securing them to chair corners-bad news because then youd need to get it repaired) Hope my ramblings arent too confusing. Been doing this many years and have been forced to advance ideas that DO NOT violate the warranty. Attaching anything like velcro to the bottom of the cushion not only violates the warranty, but seriously weakens the rubber compound at that piiunt. All the stress concentrates at that point. The secret is the hairspray. Do that and the "rubber" cushion wont move.
Answered on Apr 9, 2016 2:53:51 PM by spiffy  from Las Vegas
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