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Incontinence Briefs for Men - Disposable & Reusable Underwear

Incontinence supplies for men are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a man living with bladder control problems. Men’s incontinence pads, disposable and reusable protective underwear, and clamps all offer various types of protection from leaks. Sometimes referred to as adult diapers, products like TENA, Prevail and Depend incontinence briefs and boxers, wear like everyday underwear but with the added protection of integrated absorbency technology to manage medium to heavy incontinence conditions. Other products like men’s incontinence guards are highly effective for lighter volume, like stress and urge incontinence. With your confidence, discretion and comfort in mind, Allegromedical.com proudly offers a wide variety of men’s incontinence solutions from industry-leading brands at the best prices guaranteed.


What are the top 5 incontinence underwear options for men?

There are many popular incontinence products available for men. Adult diapers, known for ultimate security and protection, are among the most commonly used protective underwear for both urinary and fecal incontinence. Reusable protective underwear is also an effective and economical option often chosen for their style. Incontinence briefs for men look just like regular underwear and are a popular choice for their comfort and discreteness. Other options include disposable incontinence boxers, which fit just like boxer briefs, and male incontinence guards. Incontinence male guards, or pads, are designed with adhesive strips that allow you to attach them to your everyday underwear.

What materials are used in men’s incontinence underwear?

Men’s incontinence underwear is manufactured by many different companies with varying designs and styles. Male protective underwear can be made from fibrous fabrics like cotton or from other materials that simulate cloth like polypropene or viscose, plus an absorbent layer made of paper pulp or a combination of paper and superabsorbents to collect urine. Disposable incontinence briefs like Depend’s Real Fit® Pull On Protective Underwear for Men, on the other hand, may feature a cloth-like outer fabric that prevents leaks plus absorbent inner polymer material to collect urine.

What underwear style works best with men’s incontinence pads?

Choosing the right underwear to use with male incontinence pads is crucial. Via an adhesive strip along the bottom of the pad, this incontinence product for men is designed to be worn similarly to how women wear menstrual pads. They affix to the underwear via an adhesive strip along the bottom of the pad.

To avoid leakage and stains, your underwear must prevent the pad from shifting around too much as you move. This means you should avoid overly loose underwear, like baggy boxer shorts. Instead, wear briefs or boxer briefs. These will be snug enough to keep the pad in place so that it can collect drips as you go about your day.

How do men’s incontinence pads work?

Men’s incontinence pads, sometimes called male incontinence guards, work the same way that women’s menstrual pads do. They’re made with an adhesive strip that holds them in place in your underwear. Because of the way they’re worn, they are discrete and allow you to move about your day normally. Incontinence pads feature absorbent material designed to collect and lock away moisture, preventing leaks, odors and skin irritation.

Because the male urethra is longer, men typically must wear pads specifically designed for them. They also tend to place pads higher in their underwear whereas women wear them positioned lower to collect urine and other waste liquids.

How do I choose the right incontinence products for me?

Choosing the right incontinence products means factoring in the severity of your condition as well as your personal comfort level. For mild incontinence, often classified as stress incontinence, or when you experience small leaks throughout the day, male incontinence guards effectively protect underwear and clothing from stains. Non-sterile incontinence clamps are another option for mild incontinence. These are gentle clamps designed to close around the penis, thus closing off the urethra and preventing accidental leaks.

Moderate to severe incontinence may require male protective underwear or adult diapers. Select the best product for you based on comfort and absorbency level. For moderate incontinence, male protective underwear is a discreet and comfortable option. Severe incontinence may require adult diapers.

What is a male incontinence guard?

Male incontinence guards can refer to two different things. You should read packaging carefully to determine the difference. Some incontinence guards are better described as male protective pads, which look and work similarly to feminine hygiene pads. Other male incontinence guards are specifically designed with the male anatomy in mind. They are designed similarly to a cup that you might wear for sporting events, only lined with absorbent material to collect urine. These products, like the Manhood Incontinence Pouch, feature an adhesive strip designed to help you secure them to your underwear. You’ll need to place them over your genital area while wearing snug underwear to ensure a leak-proof fit.

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