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Incontinence and Bladder Control Pads, Shields & Liners

Incontinence pads and shields for men and women are designed for both daytime and night time protection. An alternative to incontinence underwear, these pads, shields and liners are used to protect your personal underwear from bladder control accidents. To best fit your personal needs, shield incontinence supplies are available in light to heavy absorbency. Bladder control pads and liners are ideal for those who are active and able to toilet independently. carries a full array of high quality incontinence pads, liners and guards from premier brands like Prevail, TENA and more. Shop confidently with our best price guarantee. For your convenience, the Allegro Autoship program offers delivery on a regular basis as often as you need.


Can wearing an incontinence pad cause a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)?

A UTI (urinary tract infection) is a type of infection that affects any part of the urinary system, including the urethra, kidneys, and bladder. They occur when bacteria from the genitals or anus travels through the urinary system, causing the initial infection.

Because incontinence panty liners, pads, guards and other incontinence aids sit so closely to the skin, any lapse in hygiene can easily contribute to a UTI. To avoid these painful infections, changing out incontinence pads or guards as soon as they become soiled is of utmost importance.

How often should I change incontinence pads?

To prevent infection, rashes and other skin irritation, incontinence pads should be changed often. Typically, most doctors recommend changing the incontinence pad 4 to 6 times a day, or as soon as it becomes wet or soiled.

Leaving an incontinence pad on for too long can cause irritating redness and chafing, which could potentially lead to bacterial growth and infection if left untreated. If a pad is worn through the night, it should be changed first thing in the morning, and vice-versa – a new pad should always be applied before bed. If worn too long, incontinence pads and liners can begin to break down from daily activity and become less reliable.

Are incontinence pads the same as menstrual pads?

An incontinence pad is not the same as a menstrual pad. Typically, menstrual pads are less absorbent and are intended to accommodate a slow leak of fluid, rather than a rapid stream like urine. Incontinence pads are designed to accommodate much more fluid than a menstrual pad, and many incorporate materials that help to neutralize the odor and acid in urine. This is essential, as the acid in urine can lead to damaging rashes if left too long against the surface of the skin.

Which incontinence pad is the most absorbent?

There are many different types of incontinence liners, guards and pads available on the market today. Regardless of brand name, they are typically sorted by absorbency level, ranging from Normal (the lowest level of absorbance) to Plus, Extra, Super, and Maxi (the highest level of absorbance).

Make sure to check the brand name before you buy, as most will have some design element indicating its absorbency when compared to the rest of their product line. Users should also compare sizes, and buy the one that best corresponds to their needs.

What are the best pads for bowel incontinence?

When choosing an incontinence guard, it’s important to ensure that the pads you purchase are shaped correctly if you need them for both urinary and bowel incontinence. A bowel incontinence pad, like Tranquility’s TopLiner Booster Contour Pad, is typically shaped with wings at the back and superior absorbency, so it can contain feces as well as urine.

Rectangle-shaped aids, like incontinence pant and panty liners, will not be sufficient in most cases of bowel incontinence. Individuals who need these aids should also be careful to purchase the right one for their gender.

What is the best bladder control pad?

Bladder control pads, also called incontinence aids, are designed to sit in the undergarments and absorb urine that leaks as a result of stress or urge incontinence. There are many different types of bladder pads available to be purchased from Allegro Medical. Some of our most popular brands include Prevail, TENA, and Depends.

As with most other types of incontinence aids, individuals should purchase the product that corresponds to their gender, as the male and female anatomy requires different incontinence support, medical condition, and preferred design.

How do I use a belted incontinence shield?

A belted incontinence shield is an ideal product for someone who prefers a bladder control pad, but would like it to contour to their body. These belted shields are made from a large pad that fastens around the waist and is secured to itself with adhesive strips. It looks like underwear, but the sides are open to encourage breathability and airflow.

To use a belted incontinence shield, simply step into it and pull it up around your legs like you would regular underwear. Then, make sure it’s secured around the waist. You can wear these with regular underwear or without.

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