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Incontinence Products for Women - Protective Underwear, Disposable Briefs & Pads

Incontinence products for women, like protective underwear, bladder control pads and panty liners, provide discreet protection, maximum comfort and a sense of security to those struggling with temporary or chronic conditions. Unlike the adult diapers of old, today's disposable protective underwear for women, are consciously designed in a variety of flattering silhouettes, multiple colors and feature innovative absorbency technology for medium to heavy protection. For lighter use, reusable protective underwear like silk, nylon, cotton and lace incontinence panties or female bladder control pads and liners offer the perfect mix of protection and confidence. proudly offers a complete selection of female incontinence products from industry-leading brands, like Prevail and TENA. Shop confidently with our Best Price Guarantee.

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  2. Incontinence Liner McKesson Classic 25-1/5 Inch Length Light Absorbency Polymer Core One Size Fits Most Incontinence Liner McKesson Classic 25-1/5 Inch Length Light Absorbency Polymer Core One Size Fits Most
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What causes incontinence in women?

Women are affected by urinary incontinence more often than men. At age 65 and older, more than four in 10 women experience female incontinence. This is because throughout their lives, women experience unique health events that men do not share including menopause, pregnancy and childbirth. Each of these life events can affect the urinary tract, bladder and muscles surrounding it.

Post-menopause, hormonal changes can cause female urinary incontinence. During pregnancy and childbirth, pelvic floor muscles can weaken. This results in leakage or incontinence. Pregnancy can also put pressure on the bladder, which is a contributing factor. Lastly, the female urethra is shorter than in males. Weakness or damage to the urethra, sometimes caused by pregnancy, can cause incontinence. Incontinence products for women are specifically designed for women’s unique needs.

What is the most reliable protective underwear for women?

If you’re in need of protective underwear for women, you will find many products available each designed to suit different needs. Some women prefer panty liners to protect against mild occasional leakage. Others will require full protection like Prevail Protective Underwear for Women, a highly rated disposable incontinence brief known for its dependable absorbency.

For those who are style-conscious, female incontinence briefs are available in many styles, colors and fabrics. Options include comfortable reusable briefs like Wearever Cotton Panties, Silk Incontinence Panties, and Lace Incontinence Panties. Reusable incontinence panties can save a lot of money over disposable products in the long run.

What can be done for female urinary incontinence?

Doctors can recommend a treatment plan for incontinence depending on the causes. This may include medication or other interventions. Regular at-home routines, like Kegel exercises, are often recommended as a way to strengthen pelvic floor muscles to improve bladder control. Weight loss, changing eating habits and quitting smoking are lifestyle interventions that can help resolve incontinence.

Conditions like overactive bladder often respond well to training. This protocol involves going to the bathroom at scheduled times, then increasing the amount of time between each trip. Bladder control pads and other products are useful in conjunction with other interventions.

Which type of incontinence underwear are most discreet?

Many fear that incontinence underwear will be visible under clothing. However, there are many products on the market designed to be discreet even at high absorbency levels. Look for incontinence briefs created to look and feel like real underwear. These stylish options are easily hidden beneath clothing. Some brands even offer individually packaged briefs so that you can carry extras in your purse.

Bladder control pads for women and female incontinence liners are other discreet options. These can be worn just like menstrual pads. Just like pads, they are conveniently packaged to carry in your purse so that you can change when needed.

How much absorbency do I need?

Determining the right absorbency level depends on the severity of incontinence. Incontinence products for women are available in absorbencies ranging from light to medium or moderate and heavy.

Choose light absorbency when urine output is limited to minimal volume at any given time. This should amount to only a few drops of urine. Medium or moderate absorbency is best when incontinence occurs in longer streams or when experiencing heavy dripping. Heavy absorbency is the best option for steady flows of urine, those who are bedridden or bowel incontinence. Experts recommend keeping products with different absorbances on-hand to add to your peace of mind.

How do I decide between incontinence underwear and bladder control pads?

The choice between incontinence panties and bladder control pads depends on comfort and the required absorbency level. Many women may be more comfortable with bladder control pads, which are worn just like menstrual pads. A discreet option, incontinence pads and liners are easy to change throughout the day. They are also a great option for light incontinence.

Depending on personal preference, incontinence underwear may be more comfortable. Typically designed for medium absorbency, this style is worn just like regular underwear. Changing may be more difficult throughout the day, but some brands offer disposable panties that you can carry in your purse.

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