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Washable Incontinence Underwear for Men and Women

Environmentally-friendly washable incontinence briefs, boxers and panties offer an economical alternative for those who suffer with light to medium conditions as well as those who need more protection; Fashionable options like lace-trimmed panties, high-cut silky underwear, and boxer briefs are available in a number of fabrics and colors. For heavier incontinence, plastic-coated nylon briefs provide maximum protection, discretion, and comfort. Shop our quality selections from industry-leading brands at the best prices guaranteed.

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    TENA Comfort Pants Protective Underwear Small/Medium TENA Comfort Pants Protective Underwear Small/Medium
    $5.35 - $64.88
    $4.82 - $58.39
  2. Wearever Womens Smooth and Silky High Leg Incontinence Panty - Black Wearever Women's Smooth and Silky High Leg Incontinence Panty - Black
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    Light & Dry Panties for Women Light & Dry Panties for Women
  4. Wearever Womens Smooth & Silky High-Leg Incontinence Panty Beige Wearever Women's Smooth & Silky High-Leg Incontinence Panty Beige
  5. Wearever Womens Smooth and Silky Seemless Full Cut Incontinence Panties White Wearever Women's Smooth and Silky Seemless Full Cut Incontinence Panties White
  6. Dignity Washable Pant with Built-In Protective Pouch Dignity Washable Pant with Built-In Protective Pouch for Pad or Liner
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    Wings Knit Pant - White Small / Medium - Pack of 5 Wings Knit Pant - White Small / Medium - Pack of 5
    $6.44 Special Price $5.80
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    NorthShore MEGAMAX Tab-Style Briefs NorthShore MEGAMAX Tab-Style Briefs
    $20.28 - $179.99
    $18.25 - $161.99
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Washable Incontinence Underwear


What is the best washable incontinence panty?

Washable incontinence panties can be both comfortable and effective. When comparing reusable incontinence briefs, there are several different options to consider. A good pair of washable panties will absorb odor, urine, and feces, and still feel flexible and lightweight. The best pair will not require the use of pads, so you can save on costs and also feel more comfortable with a built-in pad instead. With antimicrobial fabrics, you can be sure to feel comfortable without worrying about the effects of incontinence on your skin.

How do you wash reusable incontinence underwear?

Washable incontinence underwear for both men and women is designed to be cleaned and reused, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them with frequent laundering. Like everyday panties and briefs, they can be washed by hand or in the machine on a delicate cycle with a gentle detergent. Avoid irritating or scented soaps as these can leave residue causing irritation to your skin. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before machine washing and drying.

How often should you change washable incontinence underwear?

You should count on changing your washable incontinence underwear anywhere from four to six times per day. If you are wearing heavy absorbency underwear, you may not need to change them as frequently. To avoid unpleasant odor and skin irritation, however, changing them immediately upon soiling is highly recommended. When heading out to an event, be sure to pack a few changes of underwear with you and invest in some scented bags to store the used panties in as they will mask the odor.

Can I wear reusable incontinence underwear to bed?

You can wear washable incontinence underwear at night, but keep in mind that if you have a lot of overnight volume, this may be unwise. Even maximum absorbency underwear may not be strong enough to withstand excessive urine flow. Reusable underwear is ideal for daytime use or for special events. At nighttime, you may prefer a disposable, ultra-absorbent pair of incontinence underwear instead or consider an overnight pad for added protection.

Do I need to use pads or other products with washable protective underwear?

If you wear your washable incontinence underwear at night, you may want to slip in an extra pad to absorb overflow or line your mattress with a quality incontinence underpad. If not, just be sure to choose the reusable underwear with the right level of absorbency for your personal situation and you should not need to add in an extra pad. If you are heading to an event and are worried about having an accident, you can also use an extra pad inside the panty for added protection. If you change your reusable incontinence underwear frequently enough, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

What different styles of reusable incontinence underwear are available?

There are several different styles of reusable incontinence underwear for both men and women. Try women’s lace trim incontinence panties for a more stylish, feminine feel and women’s washable incontinence briefs for added comfort and support. Male options include men’s incontinence briefs and men’s incontinence boxer briefs. You can choose the style that fits you best or that you are most comfortable with. All the underwear options offer various levels of absorbency so be sure to check before you purchase to make sure you choose the right absorbency for your needs.

Can I wear reusable protective underwear if I have heavy incontinence?

Yes, you can still use washable incontinence underwear even if you have heavy incontinence. You should choose a product designed for a heavier flow, like Wearever Women's Super Incontinence Panties. These are specifically made to protect from leaks, even with a heavy flow. You should still take care to see how often yours needs to be changed, but the higher absorbency will be better for you if you have a heavy follow or simply want to wear your panties a little longer.

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