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Ostomy wafers, also known as flanges or baseplates, are plastic rings used to connect the pouch system and the skin barrier. Their main job is to hold the pouch in place so naturally, you will want to make sure you choose the best-fitting and most reliable barrier wafer on the market. Allegromedical.com proudly offers the highest-quality ostomy wafers available from some of the top brands in the industry like Assura, Convatec, Hollister, Little Ones, Securi-T, and Sensura at the best prices guaranteed. For your peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program. Feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives if you have any questions.

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How often should an ostomy wafer be changed?

Healthcare professionals and manufacturers recommend that Ostomy wafers should not be used longer than seven days. After the seven-day period, the wafer may begin to decompose and will not work as well. Wearing past the optimal adhesion time also opens the patient up to possible infections. It is important to follow the instructions on the packaging as some wafers may be different from others. Always respect the usage period as indicated on the box.

How big should an ostomy wafer be cut?

There should be a gap of about 3mm to 4mm larger than the base of your ostomy stoma. If the ostomy wafer is the same size as the stoma or smaller, it can damage the bag and even expose the patient to the possibility of developing an infection. In order to prevent the spread of bacteria and ensure the stoma is functional, make sure to cut the ostomy wafer just a tad bit larger.

What do I do if the ostomy wafer won't stick?

You can try an ostomy wafer like the New Image FlexWear Standard Wear Skin Barrier with Tape to ensure it sticks. The included tape will help you attach the wafer and hold it firmly in place. For self-adhesive wafers, you can try a few things if they aren't sticking well. Start by warming up the wafer between your hands to activate the adhesive. You can also try blow drying the spot with warm air to help the adhesive stick to the skin better.

Can I use ostomy powder under the wafer barrier to stop the itching?

Wafer barriers can help prevent irritation of the adhesive on the skin. However, they cannot stop the itching from a previous irritation. In fact, placing the barrier over the irritated skin can actually make it worse. The best thing to do to stop the itching is to apply an antifungal powder to clear up the skin irritation as quickly as possible. Once the skin has been restored, you can try using wafer barriers to prevent any further irritations.

How do I remove ostomy wafer adhesive from my skin?

To remove ostomy wafers and ostomy skin barriers, the key is to take your time and remove it slowly. Pulling or tugging can hurt and cause pain, irritation, and even infection. To ensure everything comes off safely, start by using an adhesive remover wipe. Gently wipe all around the wafer and wafer adhesive and slowly lift the edges up. Continue using the wipe until the entire ostomy wafer and skin barrier are gently lifted from the skin.

Which flange size is right for me?

The ostomy flange should be slightly larger than the stoma. They range in size from 19mm to 51mm. You can choose the size that fits best by using a measuring tool or by cutting it down to the correct size. If you are unsure how to cut it, you can ask a medical professional like your doctor or pharmacist who may be able to cut it for you or help you figure out the right size for your needs.

Why are wafer barriers different shapes?

People are of different shapes and sizes and the stoma can also vary based on each person's size. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for people who use ostomy supplies. This is a very individual issue and every person needs their wafer barrier to fit their unique stoma size. If you are unsure about sizing, you can consult your medical professionals for help. You can also contact the team at Allegromedical.com to find out more. The expert customer service team can explain the various products and supplies to you and help you understand them better.

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