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Pettibon Y-Axis Traction Unit With Chin Straps

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Y-Axis Traction Unit with Chin Straps

Correct kinks in the epi-pia collagen network beginning at the spinal cord.  For use in Y-Traction stretching and adjusting.  Fits comfortably around the head from occiput to the frontal bone with a removable chin strap.  May be used without the chin strap for patients with TMJ problems.

For Licensed Practitioners only

What Are Y-Strap Adjustments and How Does the Y-Strap Work?

Y-strap adjustments stretch the spine by pulling your head in your body’s Y-axis. This pulling decompresses the vertebral discs.

The chiropractor applies different speed and force patterns, depending on the condition of your spine. This force can be slow and smooth, or it can have high velocity and low aptitude (HVLA). When done right, HVLA creates a vacuum in the vertebral discs and allows a swift flow of nutrients into the discs.

Why Is It Called a Y-Strap?

The Y-strap (aka Y-axis traction strap) is called such because it makes a Y-shape when placed on the neck. The part that straps around the neck and the back of the head forms the lower part of the Y. When it goes over the head, the strap forms the two arms of the Y. These two arms join the handlebar.

The tool also gets the name from the Y-axis of the body which aligns with the spine. This is where the strap makes the spinal adjustments.

Is a Y-Strap Safe?

Spine traction is a common and safe spine decompression chiropractic technique. The practice helps improve your body’s physiology, anatomy, and neurology. When performed right, the traction relaxes the muscles of the back to align your spine and create a vacuum in the vertebral discs.

The space the traction opens is known as the intervertebral foramina (IVF), and this is where the spinal nerves leave your spinal cord.

What makes the Y-strap safe is the fact that it doesn’t apply torque during manipulation. Torque refers to the twisting motion that manipulates and mobilizes the vertebrae. Instead, the method relies on the rotation of various parts of the spine to relieve pressure.

What Makes Y-Strap Manipulation Safe?

Because there is no torque applied, there is no chance of damage to the spine. Your spine ligaments ensure there is no excess elongation and consequently no damage.

However, the chiropractor needs to pull straight, and the patient needs to assume the correct alignment position. The chiropractor will determine how much to pull depending on your weight, stature, and your spine’s condition among other factors. This is why the Y-axis manipulation needs to be executed by a professional chiropractor.

What Does a Y-Strap Adjustment Feel Like?

After a spinal adjustment, the synovial fluid develops bubbles as the spine stretches out. The process repairs poor posture, and you may even feel a bit taller afterwards.

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