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PolyMem WIC Silver Rope Wound Filler - 0.4" x 14"

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PolyWic Wound Filler. PolyWic Wound Filler is formulated especially for cavity wounds exhibiting copious amounts of exudate, PolyWic will expand within the wound cavity to fill dead space, keeping the wound bed clean and moisturized while absorbing excess fluid.
  • Hydrophillic polyurethane membrane matrix
  • Designed to treat deep tunneling wounds
  • Reinforced mesh assures easy and complete removal
  • Quickly absorbs and holds up to 10 times its weight in exudate
  • Will not fragment or adhere to wound bed
  • Designed as a primary dressing
  • Use PolyMem or Shapes as secondary dressing

PolyMem WIC Silver Rope Wound Filler
0.4" x 14" (1 cm x 35 cm)

PolyMem Wic Silver Rope is configured for use on tunneling wounds and can be applied using the supplied applicator stick.

PolyMem Wic Silver Rope (Figure C) is made of the same hydrophilic polyurethane membrane matrix as PolyMem Wic Cavity Wound filler but is reinforced with a medical grade mesh to enhance the strength of the dressing for use in deep tunneling wounds to assure easy and complete removal.

The membrane incorporates a mild, nonionic, nontoxic, tissue friendly cleansing agent that helps maintain a clean wound bed by loosening necrotic tissue, slough, bioburden and other debris. The hydrophilic polyurethane membrane matrix, which includes a superabsorbent starch copolymer, draws fluid and debris from the wound bed and swells into a non-adherent gel encapsulated inside the dressing. As the exudate is being absorbed, the membrane matrix expands about one-third to fill the wound cavity. Additionally, glycerol (also known as glycerin) helps assure non-adherence to the wound bed so that the dressing can be removed without disturbing the wound bed or causing pain. Glycerol also controls odor while supporting autolytic debridement.

PolyMem Wic, PolyMem Wic Silver, and PolyMem Wic Silver Rope are designed to function as a primary dressing. Therefore, the configurations come without the thin film backing found on other PolyMem dressings. You can use any of the other appropriate PolyMem or Shapes® by PolyMem QuadraFoam configurations as your secondary dressing.

PolyMem Wic wound filler products belong to an innovative class of adaptable wound care dressings called QuadraFoam. QuadraFoam dressings effectively cleanse, fill, absorb, and moisten wounds throughout the healing continuum. No other single wound dressing combines these four key wound healing capabilities like the PolyMem formulation dressings.

As PolyMem Wic Silver wound filler absorbs fluid, it expands about one-third within the wound tunnel or cavity to fill dead space. The QuadraFoam membrane establishes and maintains a clean and moisturized wound bed. The moisture-balancing actions of the dressings are able to absorb impressive amounts of moisture and deliver moisture as demanded by the exposed tissues in the wound.

PolyMem and Pain Relief

The family of PolyMem QuadraFoam dressings help relieve wound pain and reduce the spread of inflammation into surrounding uninjured tissues without interfering with the robust localized inflammatory response required for healing.

PolyMem Silver Formulation

PolyMem Wic Silver and PolyMem Wic Silver Rope have small particle silver added to the PolyMem formulation. When you use the PolyMem QuadraFoam Silver formulation on a wound, moisture and fluids in the wound bed are absorbed into the dressing, releasing silver ions, which protect the dressing from microbial contamination. PolyMem Silver dressings are the most absorptive of the silver containing dressings while also helping to reduce the risk of damaging healthy cells within the wound. In tests for antimicrobial effectiveness using invitro testing methods, PolyMem QuadraFoam Silver formulation dressings killed at least 99.9% of the entire population of each organism tested.* The bacteria and fungi tested are representative of organisms found in clinical settings.

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