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Buy Cool58® Bra Coolers to eliminate boob sweat on hot days. As seen on the Today show.
  • Staying cool during outdoor activity or work in hot conditions 
  • No freezer, no problem! Cool58™ phase change cooling packs can be chilled ("activated") in ice water, refrigerator or freezer
  • Intolerance to heat (neurological or physical)
  • Mascots or costumes
  • Bra not included!

Kool Max Cool 58 Bra Coolers Set presents The Kool Max Cool 58 Bra Coolers Set. Polar Products is the only manufacturer offering every major type of personal cooling technology and their product line is always growing! When you are overheated, sometimes all you need is a quick, refreshing cool down in just the right places! The Cool58™ Bra Coolers cool your breasts and other parts at a comfortable 58ºF. (Bra not included!)

Do you struggle with outdoor activity during the hot summer months? Many women avoid leaving the house in the summer because of the extra heat stored in a bra that causes unsightly boob sweat. Polar Products has innovative cooling products for every use. The Cool58® Bra Coolers discreetly insert into your existing bra and provide cooling relief from those hot and humid summer days, or even every day hot flashes. The cooling pads can be activated either by freezing, refrigerating, or submerging in water (drip dry). Freezing provides the most cooling relief. Start your day with a pack from the freezer, and if you need to re-charge your pads while out and about, you can submerge them in water and drip dry.

  • So discreet - no one will know there is a cooling pack in your bra!
  • Packs fit into a 100% soft cotton cover.
  • Each cover holds one (1) Cool58™ Pack.
  • Color: Light Blue Sky.
  • Cooling packs freeze at a moderate 58º Fahrenheit and cool at this constant temperature.
  • Cool58™ phase change cooling packs can be chilled ("activated") in ice water, the refrigerator, or freezer. Packs turn solid white when they're ready to use.
  • Packs are reusable and should last for years with proper care and storage.
  • Keep the extra set of Cool58™ phase change cooling packs in the freezer or a cooler, ready to use.

Commonly used for:

  • Multiple Sclerosis heat sensitivity
  • Cooling the major arteries around the neck
  • Lightweight cooling during outdoor activity
  • Intolerance to heat (neurological or physical)
  • Quick relief from hot flashes!
  • Stopping boob sweat.

Single Set Cool58™ Bra Coolers (#PCBC Set) Features:

Four (4) 2.75" x 4.25" Cool58™ Packs

  • Provide constant cooling at a comfortable 58º F for up to an hour.
  • Packs are reusable, non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • The cooling performance is not impacted by humidity or outside temperature.
  • Keep two (2) of the packs in a freezer or cooler to trade out as needed.

Two (1) 100% cotton covers

Sizing: Order a single set for bra cup sizes A, B, C. Order a double set for cup sizes D and larger.

Additional benefit... these soft cold packs provide natural, drug free cold therapy!

  • Relieves headaches and neck pains year-round
  • Designed to deliver maximum cold therapy with a gentle, adjustable compression
  • The soft cotton backing will absorb moisture and help protect the skin
  • Universal design - can be used around the neck, over the eyes, or around the head
  • Packs deliver comfortable, deep-penetrating cold therapy to injured joints, ligaments and muscles
  • Cold therapy is excellent drug-free pain relief for bruises, bumps, cuts, scrapes, muscle aches, swelling, chronic pain and much more

How do Cool58® phase change cooling packs work?
Cool58® cooling packs freeze solid at a moderate and comfortable temperature of 58° Fahrenheit (14.4° Celsius), so they can be frozen in a freezer, refrigerator, or even a cooler of ice water. Once activated, these reusable packs deliver comfortable cooling for up to 2 hours. (Please note: cooling times are estimates and will vary depending on climate, body metabolism and activity.) Packs are non-toxic and non-flammable. Packs do not require a freezer! Packs can simply be submerged in ice water or placed in a refrigerator or freezer to activate. Easy to use - packs can be activated by simply submerging the packs into ice water for up to 20 minutes when access to freezers is not available. Works in any climate - extreme heat and humidity are no problem! The cooling performance is not impacted by humidity or outside temperature.

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Brand Name Cool58
Manufacturer Number PCBC-ABC, PCBC-D
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