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roleo® Pro! Therapeutic Arm Massager - roleo Self-Care Massager Tool

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roleo® Pro! Therapeutic Arm Massager

Roll your own pain away!

A fantastic self-care tool. The roleo® Pro! Therapeutic Arm Massager provides relief for wrist, hand and forearm pain. A non-surgical breakthrough in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI). Simply insert your hand through the soft rollers, adjust the tension and using a push and pull motion, gently massage your forearm and wrists.

Great for Trigger Point Therapy as well!


With a secure rubber base, Roleo stands steady on a counter, desk or table. Use the suction cups if you need more stability.


Other hand massagers won’t work without one hand holding the unit or squeezing the handles. This can be counterproductive; you may be relieving the pain in one hand but causing stress in the other. With Roleo Arm Massager, you could be holding a cup of coffee or talking to someone on the phone with one hand while the it massages the other.



Get your daily hand massage without overspending

No time to get a hand and arm massage from a massage therapy clinic? No problem!


There’s no need to wait until you have saved up enough for a regular massage. Roleo can be used as needed, for a few minutes at a time. It can be used once in the morning or evening, or at your desk or table or counter throughout the day.


A device that works like your personal massage therapist

While heat, ice, exercise and stretching helped, deep tissue massage of the forearms and trigger point compression were necessary to release the tension in the muscles responsible for hand and wrist movement. That is exactly what the Roleo provides. It attempts to replicate the action of study-proven effective massage techniques, specifically effleurage, trigger point, and deep tissue techniques, which have been shown in published studies to help chronic hand and wrist conditions.


How to Properly Use the Roleo Arm Massager





Place Roleo on a flat surface, such as a desk or table.


Note: Contact between the roller surface and a bony part of the hand, arm or wrist may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but this discomfort will usually lessen with use.


Slip fingertips of one between the rollers, and gently push arm forward until the crook (upper side) of elbow is nearly touching the rollers, AND NO FURTHER. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE ABOVE ELBOW.


With your arm between the rollers, use a slow push-and-pull motion. Adjust the pressure to your liking and comfort level. Start out at the lightest setting and then slowly increase using the adjustable knob.


TIP: Concentrate on the areas where you feel tension. Stop on a particularly tight or painful area and hold your arm still to keep the pressure on that “pressure point” or “trigger point.” Rotate the wrist gently, thereby stretching the muscle under the pressure of the roller.


Gently move the wrist or hand in and out of the rollers, concentrating the ridges of the upper roller in between the bones of the wrist, hand and fingers.


Tip: Turn the palm side of the forearm up toward the upper roller, to aim the ridges of the roller into muscles on the palm side of the arm that feel tight or sore.


RELIEVES CHRONIC WRIST PAIN and HAND ISSUES - You have been living and putting up with your pain and discomfort for WAY too long! Get the famous Roleo Hand massager and Arm Massager to FINALLY relieve your pain with trusted massage therapy.

CAN THE ROLEO HELP YOU? - The Roleo can be used for sooo many things and is PERFECT for you if you are looking for any the following : Wrist Roller, Hand Therapy, Deep Tissue Massager, Foot Massager, Arm Roller, Carpal Tunnel Relief, Massage Roller, Roller Massager, Massage Tools, Golfers elbow, Forearm Massager Machine

NO NEED FOR A MASSAGE BUDGET: Routine massage and maintenance is key for your pain, but paying for massages every week is only for the 1%. The Roleo will massage you for FREE while you are at your desk at work, and even come home with you to massage you while you binge watch and “chill”.

WHY DON'T I JUST MASSAGE MYSELF? - Why sacrifice one limb to save the other? I guessss you can since righties don't really need their left hand (and vice versa) THAT much so it's really up to you to make that judgment call.

LIMB SAVING ONE HANDED OPERATION: For those of you who want massages on both hands and arms, WITHOUT causing straining to the other then you are in luck. The Roleo has detachable suction cups that keep it in place. You can even get 2 and have one for each hand!

Get back the fun and adventure in your sports.


Get back the passion and rhythm in your music.


Get back the productivity in your work.





Roll your pain away hands-free, battery-free and electricity-free anywhere, anytime! With the Roleo Arm Massager, you can self-apply proven effective massage techniques to release muscle tensions in the forearm, hands and wrists.

roleo® Pro! Therapeutic Arm Massager - roleo Self-Care Massager Tool

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