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SPRYNG Active Compression Wrap, Pair

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Buy SPRYNG Compression Wrap for Faster Recovery With Active Compression
SPRYNG’s™ pneumatic active compression improves circulation and increases oxygenation to your muscles for a better, faster recovery:
  • Patent-pending WaveTec graduated compression pattern
  • 3 Compression intensities and 2 compression patterns
  • 30-110mmHg Compression pressure range
  • Easy-to-read LED display lights for each compression profile

SPRYNG ™ Compression Wraps for Muscle Recovery and Improved Circulation

SPRYNG™ is the ultimate wireless, pneumatic compression wrap that relieves aches, speeds recovery, improves performance, and feels incredible! Using a patented WaveTec® Compression Pattern, SPRYNG™ helps you recover with just 15 minutes of use anywhere, anytime.

Why Choose SPRYNG Compression Wraps?

Using a patented wavetec™ Active Compression Pattern, SPRYNG™ helps you recover with just 15 minutes of use anywhere, anytime. It’s a must-have device for anyone with tired and achy legs!  By actively compressing your legs, you encourage circulation of blood  where it needs the most support. This, in turn, can help reduce swelling and usher in fresh blood, nutrients, and lymphatic fluid to your legs to help accelerate healing and recovery.  SPRYNG ™ Compression Wraps are designed to pump your legs since 90% of the blood in your legs returning to your heart is pumped by your calves.

Reasons to choose SPRYNG Compression Wraps

Passive compression accessories like socks, wraps or sleeves only provide support when you are using your muscle pump. In other words, they only work when you’re ALREADY active  - in a workout or on a walk/run.

Active Compression tools like SPRYNG Wraps, actively MIMICS the action of the calf muscle pump  without you needing to do anything!

Targeted Compression Affects Your Whole Leg

Not just for your calves! Improving circulation at the lower extremities naturally helps push blood upwards through your thighs towards the heart . As a result, the lower extremities of your legs are one of the best targets to help improve blood circulation.

Synchronized Compression

SPRYNG™ isn’t just synced with your naturally occurring muscle pump and blood circulation , it syncs with its adjoining pair automatically.

Through the use of Infrared technology, each SPRYNG™ device connects and syncs with its pair to give you dual active compression.

The patterns in each leg will be synced up and matched,  so you have a cohesive and comfortable session  in complete harmony.

Who should use SPRYNG Compression Wraps?

Whether you’ve had a rough leg day, spent hours sitting in a cubicle, or just finished a marathon, SPRYNG™ is the ultimate tool that you’ll love and use every day.

SPRYNG™ is safe to use by any person in a healthy condition. We’ve done multiple tests to validate both the efficacy and the safety of the product.

We highly recommend any person with a medical condition, such as but not limited to cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and DVT, to obtain medical clearance from their physician before using this product. This product is also not suitable for children or pregnant women. 

Can I carry SPRYNG™ when I travel?

Yes, nearly all airlines will allow you to travel with your SPRYNG™ in your carry on. Portable electronic devices containing lithium metal or lithium-ion cells or batteries (watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, camcorders etc.) can be carried by passengers or crew for personal use.

For checked-in luggage, we recommend you check with your airline in advance first.


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SPRYNG fits anyone with the following calf measurement or lower!


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