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Some Definitions:
"Our Price" is the price at which a product can be purchased on the Allegro website at a specific point in time. "Our Price" is subject to change without notice and will typically reflect a competitive price lower than "List".
"Best Price - Not eligible for FREE shipping or other Promotions" indicates that a product is marked at its lowest price and is ineligible for any additional savings, discounts or promotions.
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At AllegroMedical.com you will find all your trusted name brand home health care products and medical supplies. Products can also be found in seconds using the search function found near the top left of almost every page. Just type in the manufacturer, description, part number, or keyword and click the "Search" Button. You can also quickly browse through the product categories under the "Categories" tab. You can then browse all the the categories and every subcategory.

To make finding what you're looking for easy, you will be presented product subcategories under each category choice. Simply choose a subcategory and you will find a listing of all the related items. Get more detailed product information, including pictures of the products along with sales and technical information, by clicking on the "more information" link. Please remember that products displaying the Rx icon require a doctor's prescription to purchase.

Shop by Brand. You can use the "Categories" tab to browse the catalog. On those pages you can use the "Shop By Brand" section to narrow the products shown by selecting one of your favourite brands from within the drop down box.
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Shipping Policy
To determine how much shipping charges will be for your order simply add the item to your shopping cart by selecting either the "Buy" or "add to cart" button. Here, you will have the opportunity to review all the different shipping choices along with their cost before proceding.

Please note that Total Delivery Time = Product Lead Time + Shipping Time. Product Lead Time is how long it takes for an item to be processed before it is shipped. Shipping Time is how long it takes for an item to be delivered once it has shipped.

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Purchases made over our website are guaranteed to be safe. We are so confident about the level of transaction security at AllegroMedical.com that we offer a security guarantee.

Here's why shopping at AllegroMedical.com is safe:
  1. Transactions conducted at AllegroMedical.com use the latest software technology to encrypt your personal information before sending it to our secure server. All your information, including credit card number, name, and address is converted to digital bits of information before transmitting over the internet.
  2. Most banks cover all the charges that result from unauthorized use of your credit card. At most, your liability is limited to $50.
  3. In the event that a fraudulent charge occurs on your credit card and your bank holds you liable, AllegroMedical.com will pay up to $50. This guarantee holds that the unauthorized use occurred through no fault of your own from purchases made at AllegroMedical.com while using our secure server.
Security summary:
  • This guarantee only applies to purchases made over AllegroMedical.com's secure server.
  • This guarantee covers a maximum liability of $50.
  • If unauthorized use of your credit card does happen, you must report the occurrence to your credit card provider in accordance with their reporting guidelines.
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