Allegro Medical’s Strategic eCommerce Affiliate Program
Offers More than just Banners and Buttons

Participants Can Populate Their Sites with Medical Products in Minutes

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – August 15, 2000— Leading Internet medical superstore Allegro Medical ( today announced an Affiliate Program featuring options unlike those ever offered in the medical industry.   Affiliate participants- after enrolling online at  - can quickly and strategically populate their websites and newsletters with individual name brand medical products, banners, buttons and product category links, thus instantly creating their own eCommerce shopping sites.  The Program is open to all qualified websites, at no charge, and can be a considerable revenue source for participants given that each link pays a 5% commission on all resulting sales.  Many of Allegro’s products sell for thousands of dollars.

According to Allegro president, Craig Hood, “Basically, anyone with a website can sell medical products now.  There are thousands of health related sites whose core competencies are in the content, community and research areas. Our Affiliate program lets them focus on what they do best but with the added benefit of no-hassle electronic commerce revenue and a more enriching experience for their visitors.”

After joining the Program, participants are invited to enter the secure, password-protected Allegro eHub to quickly and easily access links, images and banners.   Once they’ve placed links on their site, the eHub notifies participants via email when sales are generated and logs their cumulative sales and earnings.  Participants can access the eHub at any time to review their sales commissions or download more links.

With more than 7,000 products and 26 product categories, participants can be extremely selective when choosing products to showcase.  “Caregiver sites will want to offer a different product selection than sports-related or home safety sites, for example,” says Hood.  “On the other hand, medical directories and general disability sites are more likely to link to product categories, use banners and buttons liberally throughout their sites and strategically place individual product links near related content.  It’s all up to the participant.”   Allegro reports that in beta tests the most successful links were not those placed within shopping areas but rather those prominently placed within electronic newsletters, near relevant content and on home pages.

About Allegro

Established in 1996, Scottsdale, Arizona-based Allegro Medical is a leading online medical supplies and equipment store, offering more than 7,000 competitively priced name brand products to end-users, caregivers, health care professionals and medical facilities worldwide. Products are sold primarily via the Internet at, through electronic marketing and by phone at 1-800-861-3211.  The site is brimming with products to make people’s lives easier, more productive, more comfortable and more independent. features Real Time Chat, a ‘build-to-order’ configurator for wheelchairs and scooters, personalized home page, free e-catalog subscriptions and much more.  Allegro’s mission is to be the best place on the Web to purchase medical equipment and supplies.