Expands Adult Incontinence Product Line

Emerging technology for bladder protection products and increased demand for adult incontinence products has spurred to increase their selection of products.

Mesa, AZ -June 17, 2010 -, a leader in urinary incontinence products, recently announced the addition of more than 100 products to its line-up. The company offers a wide variety of adult diapers, bed pads, and other products to help adults manage incontinence issues discretely. In addition to the new products, Allegro has reduced prices on many items and now offers improved product descriptions on their website.

Dave Williams, Director of Product Management, explains, "The National Association for Continence (NAFC) estimates that as many as twenty-five million adult Americans experience some form of urinary incontinence, whether chronic or transient. It spans all walks of life and affects every demographic, yet it is under-reported and misunderstood. Many people don't realize that there are literally hundreds of products available that can help them feel more in control, more comfortable, and more confident while coping with incontinence. At Allegro Medical, our goal is to ensure that urinary incontinence products are available to everyone."

Allegro Medical carries more than thirty major brands of urinary incontinence products, including Attends, Kimberley Clark, Prevail, TENA and Depend. Each of these offers a variety of adult diapers, bed pads and underpads, and liners to address the needs of adults who cope with incontinence issues. They also offer a wide selection of infant and youth diapers, popular barrier creams and ointments, and soothing wipes and personal cleansers to keep incontinent skin fresh and irritation free.

Williams continues, "We're particularly excited about some of the most recent innovations in the improvement of urinary incontinence products. Today's products offer exceptional quality and truly discrete protection. One of our newest additions is TENA Ultra Thins. These use a super absorbent core material that is less than one-third of an inch thick but provides the same security and odor protection as thicker, bulkier pads. Our industry is improving the way individuals handle incontinence issues by continually developing new styles of adult diapers, bed pads and underpads that provide superior protection."

According to the NAFC, one in four women over the age of eighteen will experience some form of bladder weakness at some time in their lives. There are also millions of at-home caregivers who work with family members or patients who suffer from incontinence. Whether its adult briefs for occasional leakage or extra absorbent adult diapers and bed pads for total incontinence, Allegro Medical carries urinary incontinence products to meet every need.

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