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Syringe with Needle Combos & Insulin Syringes with Needles offers high-quality syringes and needles combos at wholesale prices from industry leading brands such as BD, Luer-Lok, Monoject, SafetyGlide, Safety-Lok and many more. Whether you are looking for ultra-fine insulin syringes with needles, syringes with detachable needles, or hypodermic needles for general use, you are sure to find a great deal on the products you are looking for. offers only the highest quality medical syringes, needles and accessories at the lowest prices guaranteed. See our Best Price Guarantee for more details. Read More Read Less

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  1. Nipro TRUEplus™ Insulin Syringe with Needle - Single Use Nipro TRUEplus™ Insulin Syringe with Needle - Single Use
    $10.36 - $47.21
    6  Reviews
  2. 0.3 mL Insulin Syringe 31g x 5/16" Ultra-Fine II Needle 0.3 mL Insulin Syringe 31g x 5/16" Ultra-Fine II Needle
    $55.48 - $285.37
    1  Review
  3. 0.5 mL Insulin Syringe 31g x 5/16" Ultra-Fine II Needle - Box of 100 0.5 mL Insulin Syringe 31g x 5/16" Ultra-Fine II Needle - Box of 100
    1  Review
  4. 0.3 mL Insulin Syringe 30g x 1/2" Ultra-Fine Needle 0.3 mL Insulin Syringe 30g x 1/2" Ultra-Fine Needle
    $71.09 - $177.09
    1  Review
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Needle-Syringe Combos


Why are some needles sold without syringes?

This may be done sometimes because there are multiple syringe types that can be used with a needle. What syringe you use can depend on the type of needle hub design, as well as the thickness and amount of the medication you plan to administer when using it.

What is a Luer-lock syringe?

A Luer-lock syringe utilizes the Luer Taper standardized syringe system. The Luer taper system was designed to create small-scale fluid fittings with a locking mechanism to prevent leakage. When the two separate parts of a Luer-lock secured combination are screwed together before use, they create a snug, anti-leak connection. The male taper fitting fits perfectly with the female taper fitting on a variety of medical instruments, including needles and hypodermic syringe tips.

Which part of the syringe must remain sterile?

The barrel tip of the syringe that connects with the needle hub must be kept sterile at all times; otherwise, it can contaminate the needle and compromise the whole instrument. Additionally, the area of the plunger that goes inside the barrel of the syringe should be sterile, as should the rubber plunger tip. Always use alcohol wipes to prep the area of skin you intend to pierce as well so that the skin is clean of germs and bacteria. Otherwise whatever is on the surface could enter the body and potentially cause an infection.

What are the essential supplies needed for insulin injection?

To properly administer an insulin injection safely, you need some essential supplies. These supplies include prescribed insulin, unused and sterile needles or insulin pens, sterile syringes, as well as alcohol wipes to clean the site of injection beforehand.

Make sure the needle remains covered and sterile until you are ready to use it; otherwise it could cause an infection. A sharps and needle disposal container is also required to store all used needles until they can be properly disposed of at a designated medical waste disposal site.

What do the different needle gauges mean?

Medical needles come in a variety of different gauges, or diameters, as well as varying lengths. It is important to get the correct gauge size for the intended use; it must also match whatever types of medical syringes you plan to use. The gauge size of a needle refers to the diameter of the opening of the needle. For instance, a higher gauge size indicates a smaller diameter, meaning a thinner needle, while a lower gauge size means a larger diameter and thicker needle.

A needle with a thinner diameter will cause less pain upon insertion and are easier to use when administering medication to yourself; however, these types of needles are used to inject small amounts of a given substance and may not be suitable for every situation. When administering larger doses of medicine, often times a needle with a wider diameter is preferred to allow the medication to flow quickly and efficiently.

What is the difference between a syringe and a needle?

A needle is a small, sharp, and pointed tool that is designed to pierce the skin, used for many diverse purposes including body piercings, acupuncture, or medical injections. A syringe is a device designed to inject a substance or material either beneath the skin or into a vein.

A needle can be used by itself, or along with a syringe, to administer different types of medicines into the body. A syringe may also be used by itself, especially to deliver oral medicine, though it is also used with a needle. While syringes and needles can be purchased separately, syringe and needle combinations can also be purchased depending on your particular needs.

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