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Slip-Tip Syringes


What exactly is a slip-tip syringe?

A slip-tip syringe, or Luer slip tip, is a medical instrument used to regulate the dosage of liquid intended for injection into a person or animal. Ranging from 1mL to 60mL, a slip tip syringe contains a plunger for pushing fluids from the syringe into a needle attached to the tip.

The slip-tip syringe’s name is self-describing because you can connect a needle to its tip by slipping it into the opening or pushing it onto the nozzle, making it valuable for speedy needle/syringe connections. Slip-tip syringes are available over the counter through online medical suppliers, local pharmacies, and veterinarian centers.

What are slip-tip syringes used for?

People often use a slip-tip syringe to inject fluid through catheter tubing. Since you can push a hypodermic needle on the tip, a device like BL 10mL BL Slip Top Syringe is suitable for administering medication through intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. In addition, the slip-tip syringe with an eccentric tip helps you make more accurate injections because the attached needle is in line with the syringe walls. Also, oral syringes typically have a Luer slip tip for administering medication.

What is the difference between a slip-tip syringe and a Luer-lock syringe?

Locking ability is the primary difference between a slip-tip syringe and a Luer-lock. Since the Luer-lock syringe has a threaded collar around the tip, you can screw and lock a needle into it. On the other hand, a product like the 1 mL BD Slip-Tip Disposable Tuberculin Syringe doesn’t have a locking collar. It relies on friction to hold needles that you either slip or push into place.

In a slip-tip syringe vs. Luer-lock syringe comparison, the slip-tip syringe is better at quick and easy needle changing, connecting with refillable cartridges, and filling multiple containers. Conversely, the Luer-lock syringe is preferable for reliable venous and arteriolar lines, enhanced resistance, increased pressure tolerance, and a decreased probability of needle detachment.

Do I have to use a specific needle on a slip-tip syringe?

You can use slip-tip syringes with needles of any type, regardless of gauge or diameter. This is true because all needle hubs and syringe tips must meet International Standards Organization (ISO) guidelines. Also, people with diabetes don't need to worry about fitting needles because an insulin syringe has a fixed needle.

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