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Rollators are an excellent way to increase your mobility and maintain independence. If you're struggling with balance or stability issues due to injury, following surgery, or as a result of a medical condition, the right rollator walker can make a huge impact on your quality of life. is proud to offer a wide selection of top-quality mobility devices from some of the most trusted names in the industry like Nova, Medline, and Drive Medical. Rollators for adults and children come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your unique needs, including rollators with seats, folding rollators, and lightweight rollators. Whatever your budget or preference, we're sure to have the perfect rollator for you at the best prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping of your medical supplies with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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What is the difference between a rollator and a wheeled walker?

A rollator and a wheeled walker are the same mobility aid. Since a regular walker doesn’t have wheels, it becomes a rollator or a wheeled walking when you add wheels. This definition may seem confusing because you may have seen a traditional walker with wheels. However, there is a clear distinction between the two. A rollator like the Traveler 3 WI Roll Walker has four wheels and brakes. As a result, you don’t need to lift it to move forward or backward. On the other hand, a walker like the Cruiser De-Light Folding Walker has four legs that contact the ground, requiring you to lift it to move forward or backward. A walker with two wheels on the front is a hybrid — it is neither a walker nor a rollator.

What is the lightest weight rollator walker?

Weighing only ten pounds, the Carex 3 Wheel Walker is the lightest rollator. However, it primarily accommodates small people, whereas a 15.5-pound Nova Express Rollator can bare up to a 300-pound person. This point is an important distinction because a rollator’s weight capacity is just as important as its weight. Most lightweight rotator walkers weigh between 13 to 15 lbs. So, with that in mind, the 13-pound GetGo Petite Rolling Walker is exceptional because it can hold up to 300 lbs.

How do I fold a rollator?

Your rollator may have a different folding angle. But most rollator models like the Guardian Envoy 480 Deluxe Rolling Walker have a standard X-shaped rollator frame with two handles and a foam-covered crossbar for back support. Also, the front and rear U-shaped bars intersect near the top of the frame to complete the structure. You can fold the Guardian Rolling Walker by pulling the seat cushion up and pulling up on the hinges on the bottom support bars. From this point, it only takes a little effort to pull in the frame until the wheels touch. You should be able to fold your walker without damaging your walker accessories or pinching your fingers.

Who should use a rollator?

If you need more mobility and stability support over longer distances, a rollator is a better mobility aid than canes or walkers. The rollator’s wheels allow you to expend less energy during long walks. Also, you can sit in the rollator seat when you need to take a break. Since the wheels and brake systems make rollators heavier than a walker, you need decent arm strength to handle and steer it. However, you shouldn’t have problems completing tight turns or tricky maneuvers.

Rollators increase your walking range and speed. But they are not weight-bearing mobility aids. If you need weight-bearing assistance while moving forward or backward, a motorized scooter is a better option. Also, if you have an assistant, you can use the Drive Medical Duet Transport Chair & Rollator Combo.

Can you sit on a rollator?

Many rollators have a seat to provide you with a resting place on a long walk or when you must wait in line for any purpose. In addition, most models have a basket or a compartment below the seat to store your goods. However, since rollators are not wheelchairs, sitting in your rollator and pushing yourself along for any considerable distance is not safe. Also, you should lock your rollator by squeezing the brake handles before sitting in the rollator seat.

Can I take a rollator on an airplane?

Most airlines permit you to board the plane with your rollator, provided it is foldable. Since it is light and compact, a mobility aid like the Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator Walker makes a perfect travel companion. However, many airlines require that you request special assistance ahead of time so they can give you instructions on boarding the plane through a different entrance.

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