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If you're looking for a quality wheelchair that will provide independence and mobility, then look no further than Allegromedical.com. We offer a wide selection of brand-name wheelchairs, including Medline, Invacare, Manamed, and Drive Medical. Whether you're looking for an electric wheelchair, a lightweight wheelchair, a transport chair, or a manual wheelchair, we have just what you need. And for those with special needs, we also offer standing wheelchairs. Our wheelchairs are perfect for children and adults of all ages and sizes. With our quality products, you'll be able to move around independently and enjoy all the activities you love. Shop our selection of wheelchairs today at the best prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping of your regularly needed medical supplies with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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How wide is a wheelchair?

The average standard wheelchair has a wheel-to-wheel width between 24 to 27 inches. As a result, a standard wheelchair should easily roll through the average doorway measuring between 30 to 32 inches. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires every U.S. building to be at least 32 inches wide. However, some heavy-duty wheelchairs can have a wheel-to-wheel measurement of up to 32 inches. This factor is why you should consider wheelchair measurements when you shop for a power wheelchair. If you buy a wheelchair close to the ADA maximum width, you may need to resize the doorways in your home to prevent bruising your elbows in tight door openings.

Where is the best place to buy a wheelchair?

Although many storefront and online retailers sell wheelchairs, Allegro Medical has the best selection of mobility aids, such as reclining wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, and wheelchair accessories. In addition, Allegro Medical offers the best pricing on top-of-the-line wheelchairs from Drive, Invacare, Excel, and others. If you need help selecting the best wheelchair for your needs, Allegro Medical has an expert customer service staff member who can answer all your questions. Also, you can use Afterpay.

What is a standing wheelchair?

Specifically designed for people with quadriplegia, standing wheelchairs are motorized mobility aids allowing the user to assume any position from prone to standing. This function promotes better posture and relieves poor blood circulation symptoms, pressure sores, bladder problems, and other disability-related ailments. Many high-level powered wheelchairs have the standing feature option. Also, you can buy custom wheelchairs with this capacity.

Will Medicare pay for a wheelchair?

If you have Medicare Part B, your plan covers 80% of the cost of wheelchairs as durable medical equipment (DME). However, to receive coverage, your treating physician must submit a written verification that your wheelchair satisfies a medical need for home use. Medicare also requires that you have severe mobility problems around your home, including an inability to perform daily activities even with a crutch, cane, or walker. However, you must have the capability to operate your wheelchair. In addition, your supplier and your doctor must accept Medicare.

What is the fastest power wheelchair?

With a travel speed of up to 5 miles per hour over 15 miles, Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair is the fastest power wheelchair. Its light 146-pound frame and sleek pneumatic tires allow the Cirrus to take full advantage of the thrust generated by its 12-volt battery. Also, it has a tight turning radius, an intelligent braking system, and solid anti-tip wheels.

How much does an electric wheelchair weigh?

Without the leg-rests, electric wheelchairs generally weigh between 50 lbs. to 60 lbs., depending on the motor weight, material composition, and accessories. Therefore, the weight of an electric wheelchair can play an essential role in your buying decision. For instance, a lightweight electric wheelchair may be better if you frequently transport your wheelchair. However, you should consider a motorized wheelchair with a bigger battery if you intend to travel long distances.

What is a transport wheelchair?

A transport wheelchair is a very light mobility device with small wheels. As a result, these ultralight wheelchairs take little effort to lift into your car, making them perfect for trips to a shopping center, restaurant, or theatre. However, the smaller wheels make self-propulsion impossible. So, you must have an escort to push you.

How do you transport a wheelchair?

If you have a manual wheelchair, your can fold it, cover it, and store it in your car or van's truck or back seat. However, electric wheelchairs require a lift or ramp to hoist them inside a van or truck. If you want to use your car to transport your motorized wheelchair, you can hook a trailer to your vehicle to tow your chair. Also, you may consider transporting your motorized chair on public transportation and publicly funded ride-share programs.


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