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Forearm Crutches - Lightweight Aluminum Forearm Crutches for Adult & Children

If you've been injured or are suffering from a condition that limits your mobility, forearm crutches can help you get around. At Allegro Medical, we carry a full line of quality forearm crutches from industry-leading manufacturers like Guardian and Medline at the lowest prices guaranteed. Our inventory of forearm crutches includes features and options like lightweight, durable aluminum, adjustable size ranges for both children and adults, and quality replacement parts to keep your forearm crutches in the best shape possible. Buy forearm crutches confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and affordable shipping options. For more information or to get answers to your questions, reach out to our exceptional customer service team at any time.

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  1. Guardian Forearm Crutches - Lightweight Aluminum Forearm Crutches Guardian Forearm Crutches - Lightweight Aluminum Forearm Crutches
    $37.95 - $50.45
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  2. Medline Forearm Crutches Medline Forearm Crutches
    $33.33 - $39.05
  3. Replacement Cuffs for Guardian Forearm Crutches- 1 pair Replacement Cuffs for Guardian Forearm Crutches - 1 pair
    4  Reviews
  4. Walking Crutches with Underarm Pad and Handgrip Walking Crutches with Underarm Pad and Handgrip
    $38.84 - $54.37
  5. Bariatric Steel Forearm Crutches - 500 lbs Weight Capacity - 1 pair Bariatric Steel Forearm Crutches - 500 lbs Weight Capacity - 1 pair
    4  Reviews
  6. Invacare Quick-Change Crutches - Junior - Pack of 8 Invacare Quick-Change Crutches - Junior - Pack of 8
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Forearm Crutches


How can I make forearm crutches more comfortable?

If you find forearm crutches uncomfortable, it is possible that they aren't the right size for you or may not be properly adjusted. Note that it is difficult for crutches with fixed handles to fit properly, which is why you should opt for a design where you can also make cuff-to-handle adjustments. If your forearm crutches are the appropriate size for your height and weight and correctly adjusted, it is worth browsing through available crutch accessories and picking some waterproof gel pads to add to the hand grips. They lessen the pressure on your hands when moving and are extremely useful in preventing friction, blisters, irritation, and bruises. Replacement cuffs can also be helpful, especially if the vinyl coating on your forearm crutches has started to wear off.

What are forearm crutches used for?

Forearm crutches offer support when walking after a leg injury or surgery, helping you recover faster while also staying mobile. They also help you keep a correct posture, are more flexible than underarm crutches, and make it easier to use the stairs. On the downside, forearm crutches require more upper body strength than axillary ones and offer less balance in return.

How do I properly fit forearm crutches?

Forearm crutches specify the approximate user height and the maximum weight that they are designed for and choosing the right size according to these parameters is the first step of the process. Once you have that covered, it is just as important to adjust the forearm crutches to your exact height. When standing up straight, the handgrip of your crutches must be aligned with the top of your hips, which is also the height of your wrists. If you can also adjust the distance between the handgrip and the forearm cuff, note that the cuff should be about 1-2 inches from the elbow and should in no way restrict your ability to bend it. If your cuffs are not a full circle, make sure you position the opening facing forward, like you.

Are all forearm crutches adjustable?

All forearm crutches are height-adjustable, but not all allow cuff-to-handle adjustments, which can be uncomfortable. If you feel that the fixed handles don't fit your arm size properly, don't hesitate to switch your forearm crutches for a model that also lets you adjust the cuffs — it is a worthy investment.

How do I choose between underarm crutches and forearm crutches?

Generally speaking, underarm crutches and forearm crutches are interchangeable and it mostly depends on the preference of each user or the doctor's recommendation, as both designs have their pros and cons. The cuffs of forearm crutches help distribute body weight uniformly, while completely eliminating unpleasant armpit hard spots. This makes them more comfortable than their underarm counterparts but they cannot support as much weight, which is why bariatric crutches will only be available as underarm/axillary. Forearm crutches are lighter and give your hands the freedom to perform other tasks when just standing. They also offer more mobility and better posture than underarm crutches, as the user can stand upright. Unfortunately, they usually come with additional strain on arms, hands, and wrists, and they are not quite as stable, which makes them more difficult to use and poses a challenge for seniors.

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