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Continuous passive motion machines, also known as CPM devices, can be quite beneficial for patients healing from joint replacement surgery or significant injury. Through active movement during the recovery process, CPM therapy can help people restore their range of motion more efficiently and reduce stiffness and pain associated with swelling. offers a quality selection of continuous passive motion machines and accessories for knees, hips, shoulders, and more at the lowest prices guaranteed. Shop our full inventory of orthopedic braces and supports confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and for peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. Polar Ice - Ice Therapy Polar Ice - Ice Therapy
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  2. Patient Kit For Artromot K-3 Patient Kit For Artromot K-3
  3. Optiflex S Shoulder Cpm Optiflex S Shoulder Cpm
  4. Artromot E2 Compact Elbow CPM Patient Kit Artromot E2 Compact Elbow CPM Patient Kit
  5. Optiflex-K1™ Knee CPM Unit with Classic Pendant Optiflex-K1™ Knee CPM Unit with Classic Pendant
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What exactly is a continuous passive motion machine?

A continuous passive motion machine is a therapy device used to move a joint with external force and simultaneously prevent the patient from controlling the motion. The speed of the joint’s motion can be monitored and adjusted as needed to provide the best results.

The CPM machine works by carefully bending the joint in an effort to reduce joint stiffness and make joint motion easier for the patient. Using a CPM machine after an injury or surgery can help reduce the formation of scar tissue and minimize the patient’s risk of losing any range of motion in the injured area.

Which body parts can benefit from using a continuous passive motion machine?

A continuous passive motion device can be used on numerous joints in the body. While it is most commonly used on the knee joints after knee surgery, it can be used on the elbow and shoulder joints too. The Optiflex-K1™ Knee CPM Unit with Classic Pendant is a good choice for knee work.

A CPM machine can also benefit the hip joints and shoulder joints by increasing their range of motion and reducing joint stiffness. This doesn’t need to be done necessarily after surgery, either. Continuous passive motion machines are even sometimes used to help alleviate chronic back pain! Again, surgery is not always required.

Where do I use a continuous passive motion machine? Can I buy a CPM machine for home use?

A CPM machine can be bought for home use, as long as it is advised by your healthcare provider. You can order both a CPM machine and any other required CPM supplies needed online.

Always bear in mind the manufacturer’s instructions when using a CPM machine at home. Depending on the type of continuous passive motion device and its designed usage, make sure you use it on a hard surface and you have someone present to help if you need it.

For instance, the Optiflex S Shoulder CPM is a chair that is best suited on hard flooring so the chair doesn’t wobble. Additionally, though the speed and degree of movement can be managed with a remote control that comes with the CPM machine, it’s always safer to have someone nearby just in case.

How long does a session on a CPM machine last?

The length of a session on a CPM machine is typically determined and should be discussed with your healthcare provider. As a general rule, it depends on the severity and type of your injury. More severe injuries may require more time. In most cases, a continuous passive motion CPM machine is used for 4 hours a day, every day, for up to 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Is the CPM machine painful?

Using a CPM machine is not supposed to be painful. If you feel pain or tenderness in the joint while using the continuous passive motion machine, stop immediately and contact your healthcare provider. You don’t want to accidentally risk damage to the joint. There are other types of orthopedic supplies that may be more helpful and beneficial for the time being.

Why is a CPM machine utilized following knee replacement surgery?

The most common reason for using a continuous passive motion machine after knee replacement surgery is to prevent scar tissue from forming. Unfortunately, if scar tissue develops, it can limit the range of motion in the knees which is of course counterproductive to having the procedure in the first place. By utilizing a continuous passive motion device, the patient is more likely to make a good recovery and not need extra surgeries to deal with scar tissue.

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