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Arthritis Gloves - Compression Gloves, Flexion Gloves

Arthritis gloves provide gentle compression to relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other painful hand and wrist conditions. Also useful for other soft-tissue edema disorders or following some forms of hand surgery, compression gloves are available in a variety of sizes and styles including full-finger gloves, half-finger or fingertip gloves, fingerless gloves, and wrist wraps. proudly offers a complete inventory of quality arthritis gloves and compression gloves for a variety of edema-causing conditions and so much more from industry-leading manufacturers like AliMed, North Coast Medical (Norco), and Imak Products at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping of your most commonly used orthopedic supplies with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. Norco Therapeutic Compression Gloves - Full Finger Norco Therapeutic Compression Gloves - Full Finger
    $7.57 - $9.12
  2. Active Arthritis Gloves - Arthritis Relief Gloves Active Arthritis Gloves - Arthritis Relief Gloves
    $22.06 - $26.81
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  3. Deluxe Finger Flexion Glove Deluxe Finger Flexion Glove
    $30.70 - $32.57
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  4. IMAK RSI Arthritis Gloves IMAK RSI Arthritis Gloves
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  5. IMAK SmartGlove IMAK SmartGlove
    $27.25 - $27.26
  6. Finger Flexion Glove Finger Flexion Glove
  7. Deluxe Finger and Thumb Flexion Glove Deluxe Finger and Thumb Flexion Glove
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What are compression gloves used for?

Compression gloves are recommended for soft-tissue edema, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other painful hand conditions that benefit from the soothing relief of gentle pressure. They can increase blood circulation, relieve stiffness, and improve hand function. Additionally, compression gloves are often recommended after surgical treatment of distal radius fractures as they help restore function quicker, significantly reducing the treatment duration.

How tight should compression gloves be?

Arthritis gloves should feel snug (but not tight) as the primary purpose of these supports is to improve blood circulation, not prevent it. Most manufacturers provide a comprehensive sizing guide with instructions on how to measure hands before choosing a glove size but finding the right fit can be a case of trial and error. If you cannot access a size guide and are choosing by fit alone, know that the ideal size is the one that gently compresses the joints without hindering hand movement.

Do arthritis gloves work?

Once you find the right fit and commit to wearing them every day according to the recommendations from your doctor or the manufacturer, you will find that compression gloves for arthritis are highly effective. Full-finger Norco therapeutic compression gloves provide warmth and even compression of 15 to 25 mm Hg, which also makes them suitable after wrist surgery. Besides arthritis, open-finger Active arthritis gloves help with hand fatigue, neuropathy, trigger finger issues, and various types of hand and wrist pain, as well as cold hands, while also allowing freedom to touch and grip.

How long should I wear arthritis gloves? Can I sleep in them?

The recommended time for compression gloves is eight hours every day and there is no restriction for sleeping in them. In fact, if you wear the gloves for arthritis while sleeping you will notice that they decrease swelling in otherwise puffy fingers, decrease hand pain and joint stiffness, and improve your grip. They also make your fingers easier to move when you wake up. You will not be able to see improvements and enjoy the benefits of arthritis gloves if you only try them for an hour at a time.

What are flexion gloves used for?

Flexion gloves are generally made of lightweight, stretchable nylon and are designed with a metal eyelet at the tip of each finger. In each eyelet, elastic bands connect with tiny hooks to the D-ring wrist strap of the glove. Often recommended after reattaching severed fingers, the primary purpose of flexion gloves is to strengthen grip and finger strength by providing dynamic traction to the joints simultaneously. The Deluxe finger flexion glove from North Coast Medical is available in two sizes that fit most men and women and offer adjustability by moving the hook piece on the wrist strap for greater finger flexion.

Do compression gloves work to relieve carpal tunnel pain?

IMAK SmartGlove is a type of compression glove that is specifically designed to prevent and relieve carpal tunnel pain, but other gloves for arthritis may also work well. This type of compression glove ensures correct wrist positioning at all times and increases comfort by cushioning and protecting the underside of the wrist. This 'smart' glove is also reversible to bit both the right and left hands.

How do I clean arthritis gloves?

Arthritis gloves are generally made of washable, breathable materials, but each type will provide specific laundering instructions depending on the manufacturer's preferences. For instance, Norco therapeutic compression gloves are made of silky soft Lycra that can be machine-washed on the delicate cycle and air-dried. Thicker wrist and hand supports for arthritis are made with foam-padded flannel which may take longer to dry and might not fare well in a typical washing machine or dryer. Following the included cleaning instructions for your particular orthopedic support is advisable.

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