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Blunt Tip Needles

Rather than for the purpose of injection, blunt tip needles are most commonly used to transfer medication to an IV, ampoule, vial, or luer valves without accidental needle sticks or compromising a sterile field. Also known as blunt fill needles and blunt cannulas, blunt tip syringes and needles are also used for injecting dermal fillers in cosmetic procedures as well as intravenously for the administration of IV fluids and medications. offers a full selection of syringes, blunt tip needles, and blunt cannulas from industry leaders like BD and Cardinal Health at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. BD 18g x 1 1/2 Blunt Fill Needle - Box of 100 BD 18g x 1 1/2" Blunt Fill Needle - Box of 100
  2. 20mL BD Slip-Tip Syringe - No Needle 20mL BD Slip-Tip Syringe - No Needle
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  3. 17g x 10 mL Syringe with BD Blunt Plastic Cannula - Box of 100 17g x 10 mL Syringe with BD Blunt Plastic Cannula - Box of 100
  4. 17g BD Blunt Plastic Cannula - Box of 100 17g BD Blunt Plastic Cannula - Box of 100
  5. 15g BD Interlink Vial Access Cannula - Box of 100 15g BD Interlink Vial Access Cannula - Box of 100
  6. Monoject Blunt tip Safety I.V. Access Cannula - 15g x 1/2 - Box of 100 Monoject Blunt tip Safety I.V. Access Cannula - 15g x 1/2" - Box of 100
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Blunt Tip Needles


What are blunt tip needles used for?

Blunt tip needles are mainly used for drawing up medication from sealed containers like vials or ampoules and transferring it to an IV or Luer valve. A blunt fill needle can also be used to reconstitute medication before injecting it into an IV bag. The main advantage is reducing the risk of accidental needle sticks. Blunt tip needles can also be useful during surgeries as sharp needles easily perforate gloves and expose staff to infectious diseases. Another type of blunt tip needle is the blunt filter needle. This one has an extra filter attachment that keeps out solid particles and is particularly useful when the solution has been mixed with a powder.

Besides these medical uses, blunt tip syringes are also employed for dispensing glue and other adhesives in wood-crafting projects, orally administering liquid medication to animals, feeding small birds, and refilling ink cartridges.

Where can I buy blunt tip syringes? offers a wide selection of syringes, blunt tip needles, hypodermic needles, as well as needle & syringe combinations that cater to all needs. To make sure you always get the best price and never run out of your favorite type of blunt tip syringe, we recommend setting up Allegro Autoship. You can set your delivery frequency from as little as 15 days up to every 180 days and you can change or cancel your subscription anytime. Make sure you also stock up on alcohol wipes. They are useful not only for preparing the injection site but also for disinfecting injectable medicine vials.

What is a blunt cannula?

A blunt cannula is a small tube with a non-sharp edge that is usually used in aesthetic medicine for subdermal injections of gels and fluids. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other cosmetic wrinkle fillers are delivered via a blunt cannula syringe. It can also be used for liposuction procedures and local anesthesia. Its main advantages are less pain and swelling, reduced bruising risk, and improved safety. A blunt plastic cannula can be used for drawing liquids from vials designed for needleless access.

What is the difference between a cannula and a needle?

The main differences between cannulas and needles are sharpness and length. Cannulas are considerably longer than needles and they don't have any sharp edges to pierce the skin. This is why a needle is usually used to puncture the skin and the blunt tip cannula is inserted through that puncture hole to deliver the dermal filler. Being longer and more flexible, cannulas can reach further, covering a larger area with fewer needle pokes. Another type of blunt cannula is made of plastic and provides needleless access to IV systems.

Can you inject medication with a blunt tip needle?

Blunt tip needles are not to be used in direct patient injections. After drawing the medication from an ampoule or vial, blunt fill needles can be used for injecting it into an IV bag. If the medication must be administered via intramuscular injection, the blunt tip needle must then be replaced with a hypodermic one. Blunt filter needles should always be removed and replaced with ones that are the right size and gauge for a certain injection.

How do you dispose of a blunt tip cannula or syringe?

Even though blunt tip needles, cannulas, and syringes cannot pierce as easily as hypodermic needles, they should still be disposed of in a special container designed for sharps. Always make sure not to overfill the container. Once full, simply close it and replace it with a new one. If using a blunt cannula syringe for medical purposes, make sure you label the sharps disposal container with biohazard warnings.

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