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Taking care of stomas and the surrounding skin the correct way is imperative to eliminate the risk of infection and make sure the site stays healthy; In addition to using properly fitting pouches and the right adhesive, protecting the skin with quality ostomy powders and pastes will help to keep the stoma from becoming irritated. Allegro Medical offers quite a few options including antifungal body powder, protective powders, barrier pastes, and more from quality brand names and manufacturers like Invacare, Coloplast, Convatec, and THERA to name a few. Buy ostomy pastes and powders confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and affordable shipping options. For more information or to get answers to your questions, reach out to our exceptional customer service team at any time.

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    Stomahesive Paste - Protective Skin Barrier & Filler - 2 oz tube - Each Stomahesive Paste - Protective Skin Barrier & Filler - 2 oz tube - Each
    $11.59 Special Price $10.78
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    ADAPT Paste - 2 oz. tube ADAPT Paste - 2 oz. tube
    7  Reviews
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    Adapt Stoma Powder - 1oz Puff Bottle - Each Adapt Stoma Powder - 1oz Puff Bottle - Each
    $8.41 Special Price $7.82
    4  Reviews
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    Coloplast Ostomy Paste Without Pectin - Tube - 2 oz Coloplast Ostomy Paste Without Pectin - Tube - 2 oz
    $11.66 - $128.39
    $10.84 - $119.40
    1  Review
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    Brava® Strip Ostomy Paste Brava® Strip Ostomy Paste
    $1.99 - $14.76
    $1.85 - $13.73
    4  Reviews
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    Brava®Ostomy Paste with Pectin - Each Brava® Ostomy Paste with Pectin - Each
    $12.62 Special Price $11.74
    3  Reviews
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    Stomahesive Protective Powder - Each Stomahesive Protective Powder - Each
    $9.69 Special Price $9.01
    8  Reviews
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    McKesson Skin Barrier Paste McKesson Skin Barrier Paste
    $9.21 - $220.94
    $8.57 - $220.94
  9. Sale
    Adapt Paste 15ml 0.5oz Tube Adapt Paste 15ml 0.5oz Tube
    $4.53 - $76.77
    $4.21 - $76.77
    1  Review
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    Antifungal Body Powder - 3 oz - Case of 12 Antifungal Body Powder - 3 oz - Case of 12
    $91.32 Special Price $84.93
  11. Sale
    Brava® Ostomy Powder - Each Brava® Ostomy Powder - Each
    $7.89 Special Price $7.34
  12. McKesson Skin Barrier Powder McKesson Skin Barrier Powder
  13. Sale
    Skin Barrier Paste with Pectin - Each Skin Barrier Paste with Pectin - Each
    $9.84 Special Price $9.15
  14. Sale
    Adapt Convex Barrier Rings - Box of 10 Adapt Convex Barrier Rings - Box of 10
    $78.23 Special Price $72.75
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    Ostomy Skin Barrier Powder Safe N Simple 1 oz. Ostomy Skin Barrier Powder Safe N Simple 1 oz.
    $6.27 - $250.31
    $5.83 - $232.79
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Pastes and Powders


What is stoma powder used for?

Stoma powder is a non-medicated ostomy product that can absorb moisture from broken, irritated, sore, and red skin around the stoma. By removing moisture from the peristomal skin, products like Adapt Stoma Powder provide better adhesion for ostomy skin barriers. However, stoma powder is not a preventative ostomy product. You only use it on raw or weepy skin. So, discontinue using this product when your irritated skin heals. In addition, some experts suggest using protective skin wipe barriers over the stoma powder. It is up to you.

Is it OK to get stoma powder on your stoma?

Stoma powder is unlike other skin powder products, such as baby powder and body talc. As a result, you should never substitute other powders for ostomy supplies like stoma powder because those powders may contain synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals that could harm your health. On the other hand, ostomy powders like Stomahesive Protective Powder can safely make contact with your stoma. But you should wipe away the excess residue while treating the irritated skin.

Where do you apply stoma powder?

You should apply the stoma powder directly to the irritated, red, and sore skin around the stoma, including rashes in the area. But before using stoma powder, wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap and water. And ensure that your peristomal skin is clean and dry. Then, apply the stoma powder by carefully rubbing it into the irritated area and clearing off your excess with your fingers. If you prefer, dab a skin wipe barrier over the powdered skin before letting it dry for a brief period. After that, you can finish the rest of your ostomy pouch change, complete with wafer barriers and barrier rings.

What does stoma paste do?

As added protection from stoma outputs, stoma paste fills in the gaps in critical areas around the stoma, particularly in the 1/8 opening between the flange and the base of the stoma. Products like ADAPT Paste also smooths out the small dips and cracks in the skin around the stoma. This function helps prevent leaks and stool flow under the barrier. Also, you don't have to worry about paste harming the stoma because it has a skin-safe formula. Some alternatives to stoma paste are strip barriers, cream barriers, ring and seal barriers, and spray barriers.

Can you apply stoma paste to the skin?

Although stoma paste acts like caulk, it is not an adhesive. As a result, you can apply it to your skin or choose the popular option of applying it on the wafer. Either way, products like Stomahesive Paste will effectively cover skin folds and crevices to make a flush surface for the stoma barrier to do its job.

How do you apply stoma paste?

Stoma paste comes in squeezable tubes for easy application. So, when applying the paste to the wafer, carefully squeeze the paste out of the tube into a circular pattern around the center of the wafer, making a paste ring. Then, smooth out the substance with your finger. The stoma paste should be on the side of the wafer that makes contact with your abdomen.

At this point, you should pause for a minute to let the paste settle on the wafer. Then, fit the wafer around the stoma and hold it against your skin for about a half minute for a secure seal. Keep in mind that ostomy paste is not an adhesive. So you may need an ostomy support garment or support belt to protect the seal of the wafer to your skin and to help it stay in place longer.

How do you remove stoma paste?

The best way to remove stoma paste is to wipe it away from your skin with lukewarm water and a cloth. However, you can use adhesive removal spray or adhesive removal wipes. The residue will quickly drop off. So, you don't need to scrub too aggressively and risk irritating the skin surrounding your stoma. If removing the paste is too challenging, try a different brand.

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