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It's not easy going through menopause and finding the right combination of products to manage your symptoms can be challenging. Hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings can make it difficult to get through the day. At, we offer a wide range of menopause relief products from industry-leading manufacturers. Whether you're shopping for hot flash relief, cooling supplies, or something to help with your mood swings, we have the solution. Shop our high-quality menopause relief products confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and for further savings, check out our Allegro Autoship program. Don't suffer through menopause alone - let us help you find the relief you need!

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What are the best natural remedies for menopause relief?

Women use natural remedies to get relief from menopause’s uncomfortable symptoms. Instead of hormone replacement therapy, many women choose to treat menopause symptoms with herbs and dietary supplements in the form of capsules or menopause tea. Also, several external remedies can provide menopause relief. To help reduce mood swings and sleep disruption, you can do yoga, aerobic activities, and breathing exercises. You can also relieve hot flashes with cooling products or make lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption to one serving a day, and losing weight.

What helps hot flashes go away?

Hot flashes and night sweats are menopausal symptoms associated with vasomotor systems (VMS). VMS causes women to experience intense heat sensations primarily around their heads, necks, upper back, and chest. During menopause, estrogen levels decrease, causing your internal thermostat to become oversensitive. Even a small stimulus can cause your blood vessels to enlarge and cause a hot sensation. As a result, the best way to make hot flashes disappear is to cool down your body with products like Xena Therapies Opal Cool Gal Pals and Xena Therapies Opal Cool Wrap. Also, the Embr Wave® 2 Hot Flash Thermal Therapy Wristband helps reduce your hot flash symptoms by delivering controlled cooling and warming sensations through your body.

Keep in mind that heat can trigger hot flashes. As such, you can help reduce your chances of getting a future flare-up by avoiding smoking, caffeine, hot weather, spicy foods, tight clothing, stress, and alcohol. Also, ensure that you remain cool and hydrated when working out.

What are the main symptoms of menopause?

Since 80% of women experience hot flashes and night sweats during menopause, these two symptoms stand out as the most common menopausal symptoms. They can appear at the beginning of the menopause cycle and can last up to two years. As a result, most of the available natural menopause relief products address these two symptoms. Hot flashes give you a feeling of a sudden wave of heat, typically making your heart rate and anxiety level spike upward. As the hot sensation subsides, a chilly feeling may follow.

Although hot flashes and night sweats are prevalent in menopause, you can experience other annoying and problematic symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, weight gain, hair growth or loss, skin conditions, sleeplessness, and thinning breast.

Do men experience menopause?

As men reach middle age, some can experience a sudden drop in testosterone and feel symptoms similar to female menopause. Many people mistakenly call this condition "male menopause or andropause." However, men don't experience menopause in any form.

Men's testosterone levels begin to decrease between ages 30 and 40. However, the reduction is usually less than 2% annually. So, although some older men develop a testosterone deficiency, the menopause-like symptoms that some middle age men experience typically have nothing to do with hormones. Instead, the symptoms could stem from stress, undiagnosed disorders, or lifestyle. Nevertheless, some of the same natural treatments can help them with their menopause-like symptoms. For example, they could use cool packs for sudden waves of heat sensations, and they could avoid spicy foods and caffeine.

Does the Embr Wave really work?

Clinical research has confirmed that wearing the Embr Wave® 2 Hot Flash Thermal Therapy Wristband relieves hot flashes. The push button controls allow you to regulate the cooling and warming sensations needed to receive relief from your hot flashes and other menopause symptoms like chills, night sweats, and sleepless nights.

With proprietary technology and keen thermal science capabilities, Embr Wave® delivers safe and potent hot flash relief. It recruits your body's natural regulating abilities to respond to cyclic temperature changes. As a result, the engineered patterns of warming and cooling sensation initiate fast and widespread relief of your menopause symptoms. In addition, this device synchs with a smartphone app to make it more convenient to moderate your hot flash treatment.

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