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Shopping for a reliable mobility ramp to make getting around a little easier? Whether you need a portable option for take-along convenience or a stationary ramp for your home, AllegroMedical.com proudly offers a wide variety of ramps from industry-leading brands like Drive Medical and Prairie View. We offer a range of mobility ramps at AllegroMedical.com including solid ramps, telescoping ramps, portable wheelchair ramps, suitcase ramps, van mount ramps, multifold ramps, and roll-up ramps at the lowest prices guaranteed. Shop confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and affordable shipping options. For more information, please contact our knowledgeable customer service.

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  1. Prairie View Aluminum Threshold Ramps Prairie View Aluminum Threshold Ramps
    $32.64 - $109.84
    23  Reviews
  2. Roll-A-Ramp Wide Extension Links Roll-A-Ramp Wide Extension Links
    $158.00 - $168.00
  3. Rubber Threshold Ramp for Doorways - Slate Transition Rubber Threshold Ramp for Doorways - Slate Transition
    $66.68 - $294.22
    6  Reviews
  4. Solid Ramp Aluminum Wheelchairs and Scooter Ramp Solid Ramp Aluminum Wheelchairs and Scooter Ramp
    $142.15 - $260.11
    6  Reviews
  5. Portable Singlefold Ramp Portable Singlefold Ramp
    $119.25 - $226.82
    11  Reviews
  6. Multifold Ramps Multifold Ramps
    $263.63 - $413.01
    2  Reviews
  7. Prairie View Rubber Threshold Ramp - StoneCap Transition Prairie View Rubber Threshold Ramp - StoneCap Transition
    $93.37 - $253.82
  8. EZ Edge Threshold Ramps EZ Edge Threshold Ramps
    $168.62 - $254.13
  9. Wheelchair/Scooter Ramp Wheelchair/Scooter Ramp
    $142.68 - $339.71
    2  Reviews
  10. Self Supporting Threshold Ramps - Wheelchair Ramp 3" Rise - 24" x 36" - 3" Rise Self Supporting Threshold Ramps - Wheelchair Ramp 3" Rise - 24" x 36" - 3" Rise
  11. Bariatric Multifold Ramp, 800 lb Capacity Bariatric Multifold Ramp, 800 lb Capacity
    $439.39 - $627.69
    1  Review
  12. 5' Telescoping Adjustable Wheelchair Ramps 5' Telescoping Adjustable Wheelchair Ramps
    23  Reviews
  13. Roll-A-Ramp - 12" Wide Ramps Roll-A-Ramp - 12" Wide Ramps
    $811.00 - $3,432.00
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Will Medicare pay for a wheelchair ramp?

Even if you have a prescription from a doctor, none of Medicare's three parts will cover the cost of wheelchair ramps. These mobility aids are among the types of durable medical equipment (DME) that don't meet Medicare's requirements for coverage. Specifically, wheelchair ramps don't qualify because Medicare does not cover home modifications like wider doors and threshold ramps. You may find a Medical Advantage plan that covers wheelchair ramps. But remember that Advantage plans belong to private insurance companies with Medicare contracts. As a result, their benefit options may vary by region.

What makes a ramp ADA compliant?

The measurements and requirements specified by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) serve as a means of ensuring that disabled Americans have safe and equal access to the same locations, goods, and services as able-bodied people. So, when your wheelchair ramp meets ADA requirements, you can be confident that you have installed the safest ramp possible. To meet the ADA requirements, a wheelchair ramp must have a 1:12 slope ratio. This ratio requirement means you must have 12 inches of ramp for every rising inch. Also, it must have a minimum width of 36 inches and a maximum length of 30 feet without a rest platform. All edges of the wheelchair ramp must have guards to prevent falls. Along the same lines, it must have a 60-inch landing at the top and bottom of the ramp. Telescoping ramps easily conform to ADA requirements because they are adjustable.

Is there a way to calculate how long my ramp needs to be?

If you intend to install the safest wheelchair ramp possible, it is advisable to comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The ADA standard slope ratio is 1:12, which means you must add one foot of ramp length per one inch of rise. For example, a 25-inch rise would require 25 feet of ramp. Whether you install solid ramps or roll-up ramps, the 1:12 slope ratio will allow safe passage for wheelchair users with limited strength and people using walkers and rollators. Sometimes, specifications on your equipment may require you to use other ratios. This situation would require you to divide the total height in inches by inches in rise per foot. So, if your mobility ramp must rise to three feet at a ratio of 3:12, the calculation would be 36 divided by 3 equals 12 feet long.

Are folding ramps safe and sturdy?

Besides being convenient and handy, folding ramps are as safe and sturdy as any other ramp type. Basic single-fold ramps and multifold ramps can support up to 600 pounds, while bariatric multifold ramps have an 800-pound capacity. Usually constructed of aluminum, folding ramps have a built-in handle to make them easy to carry around. You can quickly unfold them without any installation steps. Also known as suitcase ramps, these mobility aids typically have aluminum construction that is lightweight, durable, and splinter-free.

How heavy are portable ramps?

The total weight of portable ramps depends on their length. But they generally weigh 6 pounds per foot in length. So, a five-foot accessibility ramp weighs 30 pounds, and a 12-foot ramp weighs 73 pounds. Since portable bariatric ramps must have extra reinforcement to support 800 pounds, they usually weigh 10 pounds per foot. Nevertheless, an average person with normal strength can carry most portable ramps without a problem.

Do I need to have a wheelchair ramp professionally installed?

Safety is the number one priority and concern when installing a wheelchair ramp. One small mistake could cause injury, swaying ramps, or damage to your wheelchair. By choosing professional installation, you ensure that your ramp installation will be structurally sound and in compliance with all ADA guidelines and requirements. Professional wheelchair installers are familiar with the measurements, door designs, and pitfalls that rough entryways can cause. Also, they know whether to use wood, steel, or aluminum ramps for your particular needs.

What can I use portable ramps for?

Since portable ramps are very versatile, you can use them for many purposes, including entering and exiting homes, vans, and raised areas. There are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use as wheelchair ramps, mobility scooter ramps, and supply loading ramps. Since portable ramps are lightweight and foldable, you can take them anywhere to give you more access to areas and more freedom to move independently.

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