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Rubber Threshold Ramp - Wheelchair Threshold Ramp - Threshold Plate Ramp

Not all homes and properties are wheelchair accessible, and this can hamper the ability of those who are in wheelchairs to get into and out of a person's home, including their own. Those who don't have the money to install ramps might want to consider one of these great threshold ramps that they can bring onto their property instead. Allegro Medical has a number of ramps available that can help make homes more accessible. You can choose from aluminum threshold ramps, transition ramps of different styles, and more. Some of the brands that are available through Allegro Medical include EZ-Access, AliMed, and Prairie View.

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  1. Prairie View Aluminum Threshold Ramps Prairie View Aluminum Threshold Ramps
    $45.78 - $153.13
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  2. Rubber Threshold Ramp for Doorways - Slate Transition Rubber Threshold Ramp for Doorways - Slate Transition
    $118.67 - $515.90
    6  Reviews
  3. Prairie View Rubber Threshold Ramp - StoneCap Transition Prairie View Rubber Threshold Ramp - StoneCap Transition
    $82.88 - $231.07
  4. Self Supporting Threshold Ramps - Wheelchair Ramp 3 Rise - 24 x 36 - 3 Rise Self Supporting Threshold Ramps - Wheelchair Ramp 3" Rise - 24" x 36" - 3" Rise
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Threshold Ramps


Can I get a 30" wide ramp in a doorway?

You won't have any problem getting a 30" wide ramp in a doorway. Threshold ramps are easy to install and come in sizes up to 60". For example, the Prairie View Aluminum Threshold Ramps are available in widths from 32" to 36". They have holes punched in the top corners and the hardware necessary for easy installation. Also, these aluminum ramps are lightweight, but they can hold up to 300 lbs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has no maximum width requirements for doorway ramps. However, there is a maximum rise for ramps of a 1:12 slope ratio, meaning there must be one foot of ramp for every inch in grade.

How do I get a wheelchair over a threshold?

Wheelchair threshold ramps like the Prairie View Rubber Threshold Ramps for Doorways make it extremely easy to get over a doorway threshold. However, if the door doesn't have a doorway wheelchair ramp, a steep threshold can pose a stiff challenge. You may need help in some cases. But the technique for effectively clearing a steep doorway threshold is the same.

The first step involves positioning yourself up to the threshold. Then, pop your wheelchair up into a wheelie, grab the edge of the door frames and pull yourself up. When someone assists you, that person can gently pull up on the back support bar behind your wheelchair backrest.

Can my exterior doors close over a threshold ramp?

Threshold ramp manufacturers designed these mobility aids to fit flush over the foot of the doorway or floor transition, allowing your exterior doors to close perfectly over them. Some threshold ramps are self-supporting, and others involve installation. Either way, these mobility ramps allow the safe passage of wheelchairs, scooters, and rollators over the threshold without causing a problem with the function of your doors. Also, the precise design of threshold ramps lowers the risk of tripping while walking. This attribute makes threshold ramp useful indoors as well.

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