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Shoulder pain resulting from injury, surgical recovery, or degenerative disease can make daily activities challenging if not nearly impossible. In addition to rehabilitative therapy, shoulder braces, arm slings, clavicle braces, and immobilizers can help support the joint and arm during the healing process. proudly offers a wide variety of shoulder support devices, orthopedic supplies, and therapeutic equipment to assist in the improvement of both chronic and acute shoulder issues such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, fractures, and osteoarthritis. Shop our full inventory of shoulder braces and arm slings confidently with our Best Price Guarantee, exceptional customer service, and convenient shipping options.

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  1. Standard Arm Slings Standard Arm Slings
    $5.45 - $7.16
  2. GivMohr® Sling GivMohr® Sling
    $93.21 - $109.02
    6  Reviews
  3. C.V.A. Sling C.V.A. Sling
    $15.27 - $15.71
  4. Cool Mesh Arm Slings Cool Mesh Arm Slings
  5. Otto-Bock Shoulder Support Otto-Bock Shoulder Support
    $62.64 - $69.95
    3  Reviews
  6. Universal Arm Slings - Universal Universal Arm Slings - Universal
  7. North Coast Medical Acro Shoulder Supports North Coast Medical Acro Shoulder Supports
    $129.40 - $151.62
  8. Shoulder Abduction Sling Shoulder Abduction Sling
    $34.42 - $39.68
  9. Sling Style Shoulder Immobilizers Sling Style Shoulder Immobilizers
  10. Elastic Shoulder Immobilizers Elastic Shoulder Immobilizers
  11. Invacare Universal Arm Sling - Each Invacare Universal Arm Sling - Each
  12. Sport-Aid Cervical Collar - Each Sport-Aid Cervical Collar - Each
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  13. Universal Sling and Swathe Immobilizers - Universal Universal Sling and Swathe Immobilizers - Universal
  14. North Coast Hemi Shoulder Sling North Coast Hemi Shoulder Sling
    Please for professional pricing
    2  Reviews
  15. Harris Hemi Arm Sling Harris Hemi Arm Sling
    $42.07 - $44.29
    7  Reviews
  16. Universal Posture and Clavicle Support Brace - Fits up to a 44 chest - Universal Posture and Clavicle Support Universal Posture and Clavicle Support Brace - Fits up to a 44" chest - Universal Posture and Clavicle Support
  17. Shoulder Immobilizer with Abduction Pillow - X-Large Shoulder Immobilizer with Abduction Pillow - X-Large
  18. Sling and Swathe Immobilizers Sling and Swathe Immobilizers
  19. Deep Pocket Arm Slings Deep Pocket Arm Slings
  20. Pediatric Arm Slings Pediatric Arm Slings
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How do I brace my injured shoulder?

If you are experiencing shoulder discomfort, pain, or reduced mobility, you will need to take the pressure off of your shoulder and provide support, rest, and appropriate medical intervention for it to heal. Always consult a qualified medical professional before applying any treatment to an injured joint or muscle.

Most shoulder braces are designed to provide support to the shoulder area by limiting the range of motion while adding light compression. Often one of the best things you can do for an injured shoulder is to immobilize it with a quality shoulder brace.

To use a shoulder brace correctly, pull your arm through the armhole on the shoulder brace and bring it up to your shoulder to the correct position. Then fasten the shoulder brace under your other arm to keep it snug and in place. Keep in mind that you might require some assistance while putting on or taking off the brace, depending on the extent of your injury. Be careful when taking it on and off so you don’t accidentally aggravate the affected area and make your injury worse.

What is the best shoulder support?

The best shoulder support braces are those that take away the pressure and strain from your shoulder and allow it to rest completely. For that, the weight of your arm, as well as the strain from movement, needs to be dissipated and redirected.

For instance, good orthopedic shoulder support braces might be something like a shoulder and arm sling or another similar orthopedic device designed for specifically shoulder support.

Where can I buy shoulder support devices?

You can find a variety of orthopedic shoulder support braces on’s orthopedic shoulder support pages. We offer everything from arm and shoulder slings to braces and immobilizing swathes. You can even find a great shoulder support pillow to help make rest more comfortable.

What types of shoulder support devices are available?

Shoulder supports come in many shapes and sizes. On the website, you will find a range of orthopedic supplies for shoulder support. These include the Otto-Bock Shoulder Support, which is designed especially to treat pain and inflammation in the shoulder, and provide mild stability to the joint.

You’ll also find North Coast Medical Acro Shoulder Supports, which are designed to help you move your shoulder in a secure and pain-free way, especially in the case of neurological or orthopedic conditions. A shoulder abduction sling provides support to the arm as well as the shoulder, while elastic shoulder immobilizers are designed to keep the arm and shoulder immobilized, yet still provide ample cushioning and support.

Does a shoulder support sling help rotator cuff issues?

Rotator cuff issues and injuries can cause significant pain and require time and rest to heal properly. During the recovery phase of a rotator cuff injury, or while facing any mild rotator cuff issues, it might be essential to wear a shoulder support sling.

By wearing a shoulder support sling you can help take the weight off of your shoulder and remove the strain placed on your rotator cuff. Additionally, due to the sling, the movement of your shoulder and arm will be strictly minimized, giving the rotator cuff plenty of time to heal.

What types of shoulder problems require orthopedic support?

There are many shoulder problems that might require the use of orthopedic support. These problems can include joint issues, especially in the shoulder or arm, as well as different types of arthritis.

Conditions like tendonitis and bursitis can also cause pain and require orthopedic shoulder support for an optimal and speedy recovery. Ultimately, any injury to your shoulder muscles or joints may require orthopedic shoulder supports in order to properly and completely heal. Otherwise, movement and strain could cause additional injury and make your recovery process take that much longer.

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