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Adjustable Arm Slings & Arm Slings with Shoulder Immobilizers

Arm slings and shoulder immobilizers support the upper extremities after an injury, traumatic health event, or surgery. Minimizing movement and maintaining proper alignment of the affected bones, joints and muscles, will promote efficient healing and reduce discomfort by controlling inflammation and improving circulation. Slings for arms are available with a variety of features like shoulder immobilizers, neoprene padding, built-in pillows, and easy-to-use hook and loop fasteners; as well as many fabric options like breathable poly-cotton blends and airy mesh. proudly offers a complete inventory of pediatric and adult arm slings, sling and swathe immobilizers, shoulder abduction slings, Hemi slings, deep pocket arm slings, and accessories from quality manufacturers like North Coast Medical, AliMed, Medline, and more. Shop confidently with our Best Price Guarantee, knowledgeable customer service, and convenient shipping options.

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  1. Standard Arm Slings Standard Arm Slings
    $5.45 - $7.16
  2. GivMohr® Sling GivMohr® Sling
    $93.21 - $109.02
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  3. C.V.A. Sling C.V.A. Sling
    $15.27 - $15.71
  4. Cool Mesh Arm Slings Cool Mesh Arm Slings
  5. Universal Arm Slings - Universal Universal Arm Slings - Universal
  6. Shoulder Abduction Sling Shoulder Abduction Sling
    $34.42 - $39.68
  7. Invacare Universal Arm Sling - Each Invacare Universal Arm Sling - Each
  8. Sport-Aid Cervical Collar - Each Sport-Aid Cervical Collar - Each
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  9. North Coast Hemi Shoulder Sling North Coast Hemi Shoulder Sling
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    2  Reviews
  10. Harris Hemi Arm Sling Harris Hemi Arm Sling
    $42.07 - $44.29
    7  Reviews
  11. Universal Sling and Swathe Immobilizers - Universal Universal Sling and Swathe Immobilizers - Universal
  12. Sling and Swathe Immobilizers Sling and Swathe Immobilizers
  13. Deep Pocket Arm Slings Deep Pocket Arm Slings
  14. Semi-Universal Trochanter Belt Small/Medium Semi-Universal Trochanter Belt Small/Medium
  15. Pouch Style Arm Sling (Adult) Pouch Style Arm Sling (Adult)
  16. Pouch Style Arm Sling Youth Pouch Style Arm Sling, Youth
  17. Pediatric Arm Slings Pediatric Arm Slings
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Arm Slings & Supports


How do I put on an arm sling?

In an effort to prevent unnecessary movement and promote healing, standard arm slings are designed to keep your shoulder in place with your arm against your body. To avoid further injury, begin putting on your arm sling by gently placing the sling over your arm and elbow.

For a proper fit, make sure the sling fits snugly around your elbow and also supports your wrist and hand at the opposite end. Once the arm sling is properly placed, loop the strap around your neck and fasten it to the loop near your hand. Adjust the length as needed to ensure your hand and forearm are just above elbow level. Proper alignment will help to prevent fluid accumulation in your hand and the surrounding area resulting in inflammation-induced discomfort.

What is a swathe arm sling?

A swathe arm sling is similar to a standard arm sling with the additional attachment of a thick, laminated piece of foam designed to be wrapped around your torso to ensure your sling and arm stay close to your body. The swathe sling design serves as both an arm support as well as a shoulder immobilizer and is typically used when shoulder motion must be limited to resolve an injury or allow for post-surgical healing. A swathe arm sling usually comes with easy-to-use closures.

What are arm slings used for?

Arm slings can be used to support the forearm, wrist, hand, elbow, and shoulder for a variety of injuries. An elbow, shoulder, or wrist fracture may require the use of an arm sling to keep your arm immobilized and properly aligned. The use of an arm sling will also keep the arm in a horizontal position to avoid painful fluid accumulation during the healing process.

A rotator cuff injury, and the consequent surgery to repair it, might also require the use of an arm sling as a way of providing shoulder support. In the instance of temporary or permanent paralysis due to an injury or disease, you may use an arm sling to keep your arm comfortable.

How can I make my arm sling more comfortable?

The simplest way to make your arm sling more comfortable is to ensure you’ve put it on correctly and that it fits properly. A sling should provide a snug fit from your hand to your elbow, with your shoulder and wrist in a relaxed position. If the sling is too tight, it will put pressure on your elbow joint and upper arm, causing tingling, numbness, and swelling.

In contrast, if the sling for the arm is too loose, your hand will hang, your elbow will be too straight, and your shoulder will be in tension, which will likely cause discomfort. Make sure your elbow is at a 90-degree angle to maximize comfort levels.

Will an arm sling help with shoulder pain?

Yes, an arm sling can be worn to help with shoulder pain caused by injury or simply from overuse of your shoulder or arm. Wearing an arm sling can help take the strain off your shoulder by immobilizing the joint in a natural, resting position and relieving the burden of carrying the weight of your arm.

What are the different types of arm slings?

There are many styles of arm slings, each designed to provide support and immobilize the arm for different purposes.

On our website, we offer a variety of arm slings, including padded slings for added comfort, shoulder abduction slings especially designed for use post-surgery, C.V.A. Slings with two separate cushioned cuffs for the upper and lower extremities of your arm, along with standard arm slings and other orthopedic supplies.

You can even find one of the most innovative arm slings to date, called the GivMohr® Sling. This type of arm sling is designed to keep your arm in place while standing, and also reduce any pressure on your shoulder.

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