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Back Braces, Supports and Belts for Men & Women

Back support braces and belts are designed to stabilize the spine and abdominal area effectively relieving strain or pain associated with improper posture, micro-movement in healing joints, and strenuous activity such as heavy lifting. Also known as lumbar orthoses, sacroiliac belts, and abdominal corsets, back braces are available in rigid and flexible forms, multiple sizes, and various styles to suit most individuals. proudly offers a full selection of back support braces and belts from quality brands like Sammons Preston, Invacare, Alimed and more at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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Do back braces help lower back pain?

Back braces can be beneficial for certain injuries like disc herniation, back strain, and sprain. They help with acute conditions and may be less helpful for chronic back problems such as subluxation or spinal misalignment. When spinal misalignment occurs one of the joints in the spine locks up and wearing a back brace will immobilize your spine and may increase the time needed to heal. Also, if you become too reliant on your back brace it may weaken your spinal muscles. Always consult with your doctor or chiropractor to see if wearing a back brace is the best form of treatment for your specific injury.

How tight should a back brace be?

The back support brace should be snug but not too tight that it would cause pain or bruising. The way you put on a back brace is by first positioning it in the center of your body and then tightening one side at a time. The brace should be stretched and feel firm around your torso. The same is true for back belts and other back supports.

Where can I buy a back brace? has a complete collection of back braces including the SacroLoc back support, abdominal support brace, LumboTrain back support brace and the Bell-Horn Adjustable Back Brace. We also have other orthopedic products such as back, abdominal & hip supports, hernia support belts, and posture braces. You can purchase nonprescription braces but make sure to follow the provided instructions to prevent further injuring your lower back.

Do back support belts help correct posture?

Yes, a back support belt can improve your posture, especially if it's worn at night. During the day, back support belts help you maintain correct posture with a straighter back instead of slouching over. For maximum benefits of daily posture, it's recommended that you strengthen and retrain your muscles, otherwise the belt will be less effective in correcting posture.

You should be careful not to wear your posture support brace longer than your doctor recommends because your body may get used to it and start to rely on it. Some back braces may cause more harm than good so make sure to speak to your doctor to make sure you choose the right one for your injury.

What is a lumbosacral strain?

Lumbosacral strain is a term used to refer to any injury that causes lower back pain. The lumbosacral area is in the lower back, between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the buttocks. Usually, the strain is defined as tearing of the lower back muscles and tendons. Patients who experience these symptoms should wear lumbosacral belts or thoracic back supports to help heal the injury.

Can you drive with a back brace?

Yes, you can definitely drive while wearing a back brace. In fact, it's recommended to wear some kind of back support if you have an injury because it will help you decrease the chance of causing more damage in case of a sudden movement. You can do other things to decrease the chance of exasperating the area including - moving your seat forward, stretching the area, applying ice, or heating your seat.

Can I correct herniated discs with back belts, braces, or supports?

Wearing back braces can help reduce lower back pain and other symptoms caused by herniated discs. Wearing a back belt or back support helps limit twisting and bending motions, which can cause added strain to your back. One of the best products to wear in case of chronic lower back pain is the Sleeq AP LSO Back Brace which adds extra compression to the area and helps heal the injury faster. It's built with semi-rigid panels that function to provide mechanical stabilization and limit the patient's motion.

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