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Orthopedic Back Braces - Abdominal Binders, Hernia Belts & Back Support Belts

Orthopedic back braces, abdominal binders, hernia belts, and hip orthoses help to stabilize and reduce pain associated with injuries, abnormalities, and medical conditions within the torso and along the spine. An assortment of orthopedic products like back support pillows, posture braces, sacral mesh belts, and lumbosacral support can provide much-needed relief to chronic back issues; while abdominal and hernia support can be used to alleviate discomfort prior to surgery or even during pregnancy. offers a complete inventory of industry-leading back, abdominal, and hip support devices from quality brand names at the lowest prices guaranteed. Shop confidently with our Price Match Guarantee and Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. Dale Abdominal Binder Dale Abdominal Binder
    $19.05 - $33.02
  2. Bell-Horn Adjustable Back Brace - Brace Yourself For Action Adjustable Back Brace Bell-Horn Adjustable Back Brace - Brace Yourself For Action Adjustable Back Brace
  3. Sale
    Corfit 7000 Belt System Core® CorFit System® LS Back Support 7000
    $34.04 - $49.49
    $30.64 - $44.54
  4. 12 Four-Panel Abdominal Binders - Post Surgery Abdominal Binder 12" Four-Panel Abdominal Binders - Post Surgery Abdominal Binder
    $19.83 - $45.56
  5. Leader Hernia Belt Leader Hernia Belt
  6. Hip Abduction Orthosis - Thigh Component Hip Abduction Orthosis - Thigh Component
    $175.27 - $176.58
  7. Hip Abduction Orthosis - Pelvic Component Pelvic Component for Hip Abduction Orthosis
    $223.68 - $240.14
  8. Athletic Supporter Athletic Supporter
    $11.90 - $13.40
    2  Reviews
  9. Universal Elastic Abdominal Binder Universal Elastic Abdominal Binder
    $17.82 - $21.39
    6  Reviews
  10. Original Posture Medic Original Posture Medic
    Please for professional pricing
  11. SacroLoc Back Support SacroLoc Back Support
  12. Standard Unisize Abdominal Binders Standard Unisize Abdominal Binders
  13. Leader Athletic Supporter - White Large Leader Athletic Supporter - White Large
  14. Hernia Belt Hernia Belt
  15. Wheaton Harness Wheaton Harness
  16. Triple Pull Elastic Belt Triple Pull Elastic Belt
    $36.89 - $38.39
  17. Bell-Horn Spine Brace Flex Power Plus Bell-Horn Spine Brace Flex Power Plus
    2  Reviews
  18. Premium Four-Panel Abdominal Binders Premium Four-Panel Abdominal Binders
  19. Tri-Panel Abdominal Binders Tri-Panel Abdominal Binders
  20. LumboTrain Back Support LumboTrain Back Support
    $174.95 - $183.09
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Do posture braces work?

Posture braces help bring your shoulders back, correcting bad posture and easing back pain. They should be used for a few hours while going about your daily routine, but never to bed. While they are great at relieving pressure from strained back muscles, most posture braces don't help strengthen them, which is why you need to complement them with regular exercise. Some designs step up and help in this area by doubling as an elastic fitness accessory. This way, you can stretch your tonic and phasic muscles before putting the brace on and retraining your body to stand up straight.

Which type of orthopedic support works best for lower back pain?

A lumbosacral belt is the most common and efficient type of lower back support. It helps relieve back pain caused by muscle weakness or injury, prevents muscle strains, and also provides abdominal support. It can be recommended as part of postpartum recovery. Lower spine back braces take some of the abdomen weight off the spine, helping decompress the vertebrae.

What are the different types of orthopedic back support braces?

Orthopedic back braces and belts can be classified as lumbosacral belts, lumbar and thoracic supports, or sacroiliac belts. Lumbosacral belts provide lower back and abdominal support. Sacroiliac belts stabilize and relieve strain on sacroiliac joints and the pelvis. Lumbar and thoracic supports are beneficial to people with osteoporosis or arthritis.

What is a hernia belt?

Hernia belts or trusses are supportive undergarments that help relieve discomfort from inguinal hernia. Their design differs for men and women and they should be used according to the doctor's instructions. Hernia belts are usually recommended for small inguinal hernias that do not pose complications. While helping improve your hernia-related symptoms, they do not cure it and some cases might need surgery or other treatment options.

When should you wear a hernia belt?

If you suffer from a small inguinal hernia that doesn't require surgery, you will find that hernia belts come in handy throughout the day. Inconspicuous and comfortable, they can be worn for long periods of time and are highly recommended when exercising. Put on a form-fitting hernia belt even if you simply need to go shopping. It helps relieve discomfort when walking or standing in line.

What is an abdominal binder?

Abdominal binders are elasticized compression garments that support the abdominal muscles as part of post-surgical recovery or after an injury. They also provide extra support when exercising and can be worn for a number of obesity-related conditions. There are some versatile universal designs that not only act as ab binders and back supports but also as rib belts. These help support and stabilize the rib cage after injuries like broken, bruised, or dislocated ribs. Neoprene abdominal binders also work as waist trimmers that help accelerate weight loss.

Some binders can also be used as abdominal dressing holders, allowing quick and easy access to the wound site. Surgeries that often benefit from abdominal binders are C-sections, bariatric surgeries, hysterectomies, tummy tucks, and spinal surgeries. When worn as a post-surgical accessory, make sure the binder is snug but not too tight, allowing you to breathe comfortably. Besides decreasing post-op pain, an abdominal binder may also decrease psychological distress and promote deep breathing.

What is a hip orthosis used for?

Hip abduction orthoses help control your hips by limiting their movement. They consist of a pelvic girdle, a hip orthosis thigh component, and an adjustable hip joint. The most common use for hip orthoses in adults is chronic hip instability. Newborns and infants who suffer from developmental dysplasia also need hip orthoses, as do children with Perthes disease, a rare bone degeneration caused by the inadequate blood supply. Orthotists and orthopedic surgeons will choose and fit the proper hit orthosis for you. Unless instructed otherwise, you should wear it all the time.

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