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Hernia Support Belts, Binders, & Trusses

Hernias are painful conditions caused by the protrusion of an organ or body part through the muscle or tissue that surrounds it; although only surgical intervention will completely resolve the condition, hernia belts, trusses and abdominal binders support the affected area to reduce discomfort until surgery is possible. As various forms of hernias can afflict both men and women alike, support belts and binders are available in gender-specific designs and for different areas of the anatomy. Please consult your physician about which hernia support product is best for you. proudly offers quality hernia support belts and binders from industry-leading brands at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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Where can I buy a hernia belt?

Hernias happen when an internal organ – or any other body party – extends past the tissue or muscle that contains it. Hernia belts can help to relieve your pain. You can purchase high quality hernia belts online at or at some local medical supply stores. Allegro Medical proudly sells Cardinal Health hernia belts, one of the leading hernia belt brands and many orthopedic products and supplies to provide pain relief associated with hernias.

When do I wear a hernia belt?

You should always speak with your primary doctor about using medical devices. In general, you should wear hernia belts to relieve some of your hernia symptoms while awaiting other forms of medical intervention. By offering added support to the affected area, hernia belts can help with the pain and discomfort.

Hernia support belts or binders can also be used after surgery to provide soft compression and support allowing the skin and the surgical site to heal. Wearing a hernia belt for pain pre or post-op reduces discomfort caused by daily activities. Even coughing, sneezing, and laughing can be painful while you heal. Hernia support belts reduce this pain by controlling sudden movements.

How can I support an umbilical hernia?

Supporting an umbilical hernia will reduce the pain it causes during daily activities. A hernia support belt puts pressure over the hernia to reduce pain. Consider how when your hernia hurts you press on the injury to reduce pain. A hernia support belt or binder is like having a hand putting constant pressure on your injured area and offers a good temporary solution before surgical intervention is possible. Following your surgery, you can continue to wear your hernia belt to provide added support while you heal.

What are the different types of hernias?

There are many different types of hernias you could experience. There are hernias based on where they are in the body. There are also hernias based on severity. In general, there are five hernias based on location in the body:

  • Inguinal – inner groin
  • Incisional – resulting from an incision
  • Femoral – outer groin
  • Umbilical – belly button
  • Hiatal – upper stomach

Hernias are painful and should be operated on but are not an emergency. Sometimes a hernia can become an emergency depending on what kind it is. If it is an incarcerated hernia or a strangulation hernia, it is essential to have an operation to repair the injury quickly. Incarcerated hernias happen when the organ gets stuck inside the hernia. Strangulation occurs when blood flow is cut off to the organ trapped inside the hernia.

Are hernia support belts and binders for both men and women?

Both men and women can benefit from wearing hernia support belts before and after hernia surgery. Men are much more likely to experience hernias so there are many more hernia belts designed specifically for the male anatomy. Unisex hernia belts are typically smaller and offer a better fit for a woman’s body. That said, hernia belts provide back, abdominal, and hip support and are appropriate for either sex. In general, women who have hernias will benefit from additional abdominal support while men usually need support in the groin area. Location is the biggest difference between men’s and women’s hernias and there are support belts for each.

What is the difference between a hernia truss and a hernia belt?

Hernia belts and trusses accomplish the same job and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, there are some differences between them. A hernia truss is a multi-strapped device that has pressure points for the hernia. They generally shift throughout the day which means they regularly need to be readjusted. Hernia support underwear and belts put pressure on the hernia site only. In general, it does not need to be adjusted. The design can also add additional pressure to the hernia site.

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