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Stoma Caps, Stoma Covers and Disposable Ostomy Flanges

When a larger ostomy pouch is inconvenient or unnecessary, stoma caps, also known as flange caps or mini pouches, are a great alternative. Because they are less intrusive, these small disposable pouches are often the solution of choice during intimate moments, exercise, or swimming. proudly offers a full line of stoma caps in a variety of sizes from industry-leading manufacturers like Assura, Convatec, and Hollister at the lowest prices guaranteed. For your peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program. Feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives if you have any questions.

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    Contour I Stoma Cap Pre-Cut 1 15/16 - Box of 30 Contour I Stoma Cap Pre-Cut 1 15/16" - Box of 30
    $76.98 Special Price $71.59
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    Assura Stoma Cap Assura Stoma Cap
    $53.21 - $53.29
    $49.49 - $49.56
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    SUR-FITNaturaDisposable Flange Cap - Flange 1 3/4 - Box of 25 SUR-FIT Natura Disposable Flange Cap - Flange 1 3/4" - Box of 25
    $53.94 Special Price $50.16
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    Assura 1-Piece Stoma Cap with Filter - Opaque - Box of 30 Assura 1-Piece Stoma Cap with Filter - Opaque - Box of 30
    $50.98 Special Price $47.41
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    ActiveLife 1-Piece Stoma Cap with Skin Barrier and Filter - Box of 30 ActiveLife 1-Piece Stoma Cap with Skin Barrier and Filter - Box of 30
    $90.30 Special Price $83.98
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    Stoma Cap - Porous Tape - Pre-Cut 2in. (51mm) - Box of 30 Stoma Cap - Porous Tape - Pre-Cut 2in. (51mm) - Box of 30
    $68.64 Special Price $63.84
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Stoma Caps


What exactly is an ostomy flange?

An ostomy flange is a plastic device that connects the ostomy pouch to the device. Typically, the ostomy bag clips in and out very easily with an ostomy flange. The ostomy flange comes in pre-cut square shapes that are made to fit with specific corrdinating ostomy supplies.

What are stoma caps used for?

A stoma cap is a skin barrier between the flange and the skin. It allows you to remove the ostomy bag easily and quickly and it is very gentle on the skin so it prevents irritation. Stoma caps are designed to fit the flange and ostomy bags perfectly. Stoma caps can replace an ostomy bag but only for a short time. They are not designed to hold much waste so they should be changed after a bowel movement and removed before another one.

How long can you wear a stoma cap?

You can put on a new stoma cap after a bowel movement and it should be removed right before another bowel movement is anticipated. You can safely wear a stoma cap for up to 12 hours. After that, it should be changed to reduce the risk of infection. A stoma cap is not exactly the same as an ostomy bag so you cannot use for it the same amount of time as you would a bag that has the option to drain or empty.

Are stoma caps reusable?

A stoma cap is essentially a small colostomy bag used to replace a normal size bag in certain situations including exercise, intimacy, and swimming. The can also be used on a regular basis once irrigation of the colostomy is well-established. Stoma caps cannot be emptied and reused as it may increase the risk of developing bacteria. Mini bags and stoma caps like the Contour I Stoma Cap Pre-Cut 1 15/16", among others, should be used only once. If you are looking for something you can reuse or use for a longer period, you may want to consider an ostomy bag with a drainage option. This will allow you to keep the bag in place for a longer period of time.

Do stoma caps come in different sizes?

You can purchase a stoma cap in a variety of sizes. They are pre-made to coordinate with the corrdinating ostomy supplies. You can purchase the size stoma cap that is most useful for your needs. Depending on your typical bowel movements, you may want the bag to be bigger or smaller. This can be a very individual selection. However, stoma caps are very discrete and thin so they don't actually hold very much waste. You can also cut your stoma cap to the size that you need.

Do stoma caps come with adhesive?

Some stoma caps, like the ActiveLife 1-Piece Stoma Cap with Skin Barrier and Filter, come with an adhesive side so they can comfortably stick to the skin. They also come with a protective skin barrier so they are able to protect the skin, as well. Adhesive can cause irritation but stoma caps come with a flexible adhesive that sticks to the skin afely.

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