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Abdominal binders and belts are wide, elasticized compression garments worn around the midsection to support the muscles through post-surgical recovery, injury, or obesity-related conditions. Made of elasticized fabric and often secured with velcro, hook and loop closures, zippers, or snaps, abdominal belts and binders are known to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the affected area promoting quicker healing time and pain relief. Belly binders are commonly used after c-sections or childbirth, laparoscopic procedures, tummy tucks, spinal surgery, bariatric surgery, hysterectomies, or to help improve balance and provide a slimmer silhouette for obese individuals. offers a full selection of abdominal binders and belts at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. Dale Abdominal Binder Dale Abdominal Binder
    $19.05 - $33.02
  2. 12 Four-Panel Abdominal Binders - Post Surgery Abdominal Binder 12" Four-Panel Abdominal Binders - Post Surgery Abdominal Binder
    $21.15 - $48.61
  3. Universal Elastic Abdominal Binder Universal Elastic Abdominal Binder
    $17.82 - $21.39
    6  Reviews
  4. Standard Unisize Abdominal Binders Standard Unisize Abdominal Binders
  5. Premium Four-Panel Abdominal Binders Premium Four-Panel Abdominal Binders
  6. Tri-Panel Abdominal Binders Tri-Panel Abdominal Binders
  7. Abdominal Binder Abdominal Binder
    $20.22 - $22.33
    6  Reviews
  8. Leader Abdominal Binder 9 Leader Abdominal Binder 9"
    $26.54 - $27.26
  9. Universal Abdominal Binders Universal Abdominal Binders
    $15.57 - $20.85
  10. Premium Tri-Panel Abdominal Binders Premium Tri-Panel Abdominal Binders
  11. Semi-Universal Trochanter Large/Xlarge Semi-Universal Trochanter Large/Xlarge
  12. Universal Elastic Abdominal Binder Universal Elastic Abdominal Binder
  13. Dale Abdominal Binders Dale Abdominal Binders
    $22.84 - $65.51
  14. Leader Bariatric Back/Abdominal Support Leader Bariatric Back/Abdominal Support
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What is an abdominal binder?

An abdominal binder is a compression belt that helps patients heal after abdominal surgery. These surgeries could include hysterectomies, exploratory laparotomies, bariatric surgery, or spinal surgery. It provides support and compression for the upper and lower abdomen. It's recommended to wear an abdominal binder after surgery for at least 6 weeks. Some women wear an abdominal binder after a c-section.

Where can I buy an abdominal binder?

We have a large selection of abdominal binders of all shapes and sizes. We have both the 2-panel abdominal binder as well as the 4-panel one, neoprene abdominal binders, and elastic abdominal binders. We also have a variety of back and abdominal support products such as the Core Posture Corrector, LordoLoc back supports, back braces, and the thoracic rib belt.

How long should I wear an abdominal binder after surgery?

Medical professionals typically recommend wearing an abdominal binder for at least 6 weeks after surgery. A patient should try to wear the binder as much as possible, both during the day and at night. For women recovering from a c-section, the abdominal binder should be worn anywhere between 2 and 12 weeks, but not any longer. Extended wear can sometimes have adverse effects.

How soon after a c-section should I begin wearing an abdominal belt?

Your medical doctor will give you specific direction on how to best use an abdominal belt in your individual circumstances. Generally speaking, however, most healthcare professionals will recommend that a patient start wearing an abdominal belt immediately after the c-section and for a few weeks postpartum. It will help provide external support to the abdominal muscles and the surgical incision. It can also be used after a normal delivery. You should wear it for 4-6 hours per day in the first few weeks and then increase that to 8-12 hours per day, depending on need. You should not wear the abdominal binder for more than 12 hours a day so as to not become too dependent on it.

Prolonged wearing of an abdominal binder may cause chest and back pain, rib bruising, rib fractures, overheating, shortness of breath, and skin damage. So be very careful and make sure to communicate with your doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Always ask your medical consultant about wearing an abdominal binder BEFORE starting the treatment.

Can wearing an abdominal binder help control blood pressure?

Wearing an abdominal binder is believed to help regulate blood pressure in some cases. Studies have shown that wearing abdominal belts may help minimize conditions that lead to orthostatic tension. Elastic binders can prevent dizziness when standing. It's recommended to wear an elastic abdominal binder daily for at least four weeks to see results. Also, abdominal binders help reduce blood pooling in the abdomen.

How do I know what type of abdominal binder I should buy?

It depends on the type of injury that you have. We have a wide selection of orthopedic products such as back, abdominal & hip supports, back braces, hernia support belts, posture braces, and abdominal binders (sometimes called abdominal belts). You should ask your doctor for the best product to use to help recover from your particular surgery or injury.

Are abdominal binders and belts universally sized?

Yes, abdominal binders and belts are universally sized. The product is a wrap that is tightened around the abdomen region and has hooks or clips that are adjustable. Though binders are universally-sized they do vary by their height. So measure your abdominal region (your hips) and determine how high you need it for maximum benefit. We have binders that are 9-11 inches tall, we also have tri-paneled and four-paneled abdominal binders that are best suited for patients recovering from serious surgeries.

When wearing an abdominal binder make sure that it's not too tight on your body. Adjust it as needed to make sure that it's snug but not too tight, that you can breathe normally, go to the bathroom, and that there are no wrinkles in it. Please consult with your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any back or rib pain as the result of wearing one too long or putting it too tight around your waist.

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