Air Casts for Ankles, Arms, Hands & Wrists

Used to immobilize minor injuries such as sprains and strains and more significant injuries prior to emergency transport, air casts are effective and convenient. Typically made of rigid plastic, air casts contain an inflatable bladder that is easily adjusted for the proper amount of cushioning by simply adding or subtracting air. Because they are removable and lightweight, air casts are a more comfortable solution than traditional fiberglass or plaster casts for the treatment of many minor fractures, sprains, and strains. offers a full selection of quality air casts and splints for ankles, wrists, arms, hands, and feet in various shapes and sizes. Shop our orthopedic collection confidently with our Best Price Guarantee. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. Urias Air Splint - Hand/Wrist/Elbow Urias Air Splint - Hand/Wrist/Elbow
    $37.68 - $44.34
    3  Reviews
  2. Urias Pressure Splints - Child Urias Pressure Splints - Child
    $71.78 - $73.69
  3. Urias Air Splint - Infant/Child Arms Urias Air Splint - Infant/Child Arms
    $48.72 - $63.68
    2  Reviews
  4. Air Stirrup Leg Brace Air Stirrup Leg Brace
    $119.12 - $143.38
    1  Review
  5. Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace - Sport Stirrup Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace - Sport Stirrup
  6. Urias Mouthpieces & Filters Urias Mouthpieces & Filters
  7. Urias Pressure Infant Splint - Single Chamber Urias Pressure Infant Splint - Single Chamber
    $68.47 - $72.75
  8. Advantage Air-Gel Ankle Brace - Air-Gel Ankle Brace Advantage Air-Gel Ankle Brace - Air-Gel Ankle Brace
  9. Urias® Pressure Splints: Hand and Wrist - Each Urias® Pressure Splints: Hand and Wrist - Each
  10. Aircast Sport-Stirrup - Left - Each Aircast Sport-Stirrup - Left - Each
  11. Ankle Training Brace Right Aircast Ankle Training Brace Right Aircast
  12. Ankle Training Brace Left Aircast Ankle Training Brace Left Aircast
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What is an air cast?

An air cast is an orthopedic device that surrounds a healing body part in a cushioned wrap designed for pain reduction and assistance in healing. Usually, the air cast consists of an air-filled splint encased by a solid outer shell. You can typically use your mouth to fill the air cells or a pump. Since you can remove it for cleaning purposes, the air cast has an advantage over fiberglass and hard plaster casts. Plus, along with its lightweight design, the air cast is more comfortable than the alternatives, and it’s easy to take off and put on.

Can you walk on an air cast?

Since the air cast has a low profile, you can walk comfortably with your normal gait. In addition, the air cells provide you with added cushion and support as it assists the healing process to your foot or ankle area. For example, the Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace has a sleek design that provides ultimate comfort and stability. Also, the Aircast SP Walker has a pneumatic walking system that helps you maneuver well in your recovery phase. Ultimately, the amount of walking you can do with an ankle will depend on your doctor’s instructions.

How does an air cast boot work?

Like the plaster and fiberglass casts, the air cast boot aids healing by reducing any possible shock from impacts while maintaining the precise position of your bones and joints for proper healing. Air casts boots are not customizable for each patient like hard casts. But they don’t need to be because of their adaptability and flexibility. In addition, brands like the Air-Stirrup Ankle Training Base Right have contoured shells that give you a personalized fit with hook and loop straps, and you can order them according to your shoe size.

Where can I buy an air cast?

Air casts are available for sale at many in-store and online retailers. But you’ll find a premium selection of air casts at Allegro The popular medical supply website has top-of-the-line air casts, air splints, and other medical devices from medical supply brands like Aircast, Cryo/Cuff, SP Walker, and Air-Stirrup. Allegro also offers the Aircast Pneumatic Armband for tennis elbow and the Urias Air Splint for the arm, wrist, and elbow. In addition, Allegro Medical has an award-winning customer service and the Best Price Guarantee.

How do you know if an air splint is tight enough?

Your air splint works by immobilizing your fractured or broken bone and securing it properly. For this reason, your air splint should fit snuggly but not too tight. You will know if the splint is too tight If your extremities below the splint turn blue or feel tingly. But in response, try not to over loosen the splint to the point that it allows your limb to move or slide inside the air splint. Over time, you may need to adjust your air splint to allow for swelling or limb size changes.

When should an air cast or splint NOT be used?

Your acute limb or joint injury should qualify for an air cast or splint. However, the doctor will usually decide not to use an air cast or splint if you have an open fracture, impending compartment syndrome, neurovascular compromise, or active reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Either way, your doctor will decide whether to use an air cast or splint.

What conditions can air casts be used for?

An air cast like the Aircast SP Walker immobilizes, protects, and stabilizes impaired limbs and joints because of surgery, severe sprains, bone fractures, or bone breaks. The type of bone fractures an air cast helps includes metatarsal stress and toe fractures. Some other conditions air cast can help are bunionectomy, soft tissue injury, neuropathic ulcers, edema, and heel foot protection.

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