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Improve your athletic performance and reduce injuries with top-of-the-line orthopedic athletic tape. Industry innovators like SpiderTech, RockTape, and Kinesio have developed roll and precut kinesiology tapes as well as elastic bandages that can help support your muscles and joints, improve your circulation, and speed up recovery time. Athletic tape can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner's knee), and more. It's also been shown to improve proprioception (the ability to sense the position of your body in space) and provide additional stability for joints during high-impact activities. Whether you're a casual exerciser, a competitive athlete, or somewhere in between, Allegro Medical has the kinesiology tape you need to stay active and pain-free. Shop with confidence knowing that we offer the best prices guaranteed and convenient Allegro Autoship program for further savings.

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  1. Kinesio Tex Classic Tape 2 Kinesio ® Tex Classic – 2” x 13.1’
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  2. Kinesio® Tex Gold FP Bulk Rolls 2 Kinesio® Tex Gold Tape FP Bulk Rolls 2" X 103' - Kinesiology Tape
    $69.30 - $69.31
  3. RockTape® Mini Big Daddy Kinesiology Tape – 4” x 16.4' Roll RockTape® Mini Big Daddy Kinesiology Tape – 4” x 16.4' Roll
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  4. RockTapeRx - 2" Bulk Roll RockTapeRx - 2" Bulk Roll
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  5. RockTape H2O Kinesiology Tape - 4 RockTape H2O Kinesiology Tape - 4" x 16.4' Roll
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  6. Spidertech Gentle, Low Back SpiderTech™ Gentle, Low Back
  7. RockTape H2O Kinesiology Tape - 2 RockTape H2O Kinesiology Tape - 2" x 105' Bulk Roll
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  8. Kinesio Tex Tape, Water Repellent, 1 Kinesio Tex Tape, Water Repellent, 1" X 16.4', 2 Rolls/Pkg, Beige
  9. Spidertech Gentle, Roll SpiderTech™ Gentle, Roll
  10. Spidertech Gentle, Postural SpiderTech™ Gentle, Postural
  11. Spidertech Gentle, Upper Knee SpiderTech™ Gentle, Upper Knee
  12. Spidertech Gentle, Ankle SpiderTech™ Gentle, Ankle
  13. Spidertech Gentle, Groin SpiderTech™ Gentle, Groin
  14. Spidertech Gentle, Elbow SpiderTech™ Gentle, Elbow
  15. Spidertech Gentle, Full Knee SpiderTech™ Gentle, Full Knee
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Orthopedic Tape


How does kinesiology tape work?

The scientific premise behind the kinesiology taping method contends that injured muscles heal better when blood and other bodily fluids circulate freely throughout the injury. At the same time, the damaged area gets solid support. To accomplish this task, products like RockTape H20 Kinesiology Tape stabilize and align the injured area by gently sticking to the skin while placing pressure on the injured area. Kinesiology tape has the unique quality of allowing connective tissue near an injury to move naturally with your body. Plus, it promotes the non-surgical cleansing and healing of inflammation by allowing the free flow of lymphatic fluid and blood.

Why do athletes use tape?

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use athletic tape to help ease pain, prevent injury, or rehab an injury. In recent years, more athletes are using kinesiology tape over traditional tape like the SpiderTech™ Gentle Roll because it doesn't immobilize joints while supporting the muscles in a rubber band style. In addition, many athletes believe kinesiology tape gives them a mechanical advantage in an athletic contest. However, the more tangible benefit athletes get from wearing kinesiology, and traditional sports tape is injury prevention and rehab. Although more athletes use kinesiology tape, traditional sports taping remains the most common injury prevention method.

How can I support my knee with sports tape?

The McConnell technique is one of the most popular taping methods for supporting your knee with sports tape. For proper kneecap alignment, this method requires a rigid tape like the Kinesio® Tex Classic and a two-inch roll of 1 ½-inch-wide adhesive gauze to protect the surrounding skin. Start the taping session by sitting with your leg extended out in front of you with a slight bend. Next, cut two pieces of gauze and place them across your kneecap before positioning the tape in the middle and pulling it over your inner knee. In the same motion, press the inner knee soft tissue toward your kneecap, securing the end of the sports tape on your kneecap's inner edge. Usually, you can keep the tape on your skin for 18 hours.

Does kinesiology tape work for tennis elbow?

Kinesiology tape works well in rehabbing and aligning many injuries, ailments, and painful conditions like tennis elbow. Known medically as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is a condition that affects the tendons in an elbow overloaded by the repetitive wrist and arm movements. Kinesiology tape outperforms elastic bandages in providing support treatment for tennis elbow by promoting circulation to this low vascular area. Additionally, Kinesiology tape instantly reduces pain by easing pressure through fascial manipulations in the injured area. Combined with stretching exercises and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), kinesiology tape support helps most people recover faster.

Where can I buy athletic tape?

Allegro Medical is your best choice for buying athletic tapes because of its premium selection of athletic tapes and accessories. In addition, this online medical equipment retailer also offers specialized taping products like Kinesio® Taping for Lymphoedema & Chronic Swelling and Kinesio® Taping in Pediatrics. For over 25 years, Allegro Medical has been a leader in offering medical and orthopedic supplies to consumers and businesses from several web-based storefronts. It showcases many of the top brands in the field with a Best Price Guarantee and exceptional customer service.

Which brands of athletic tape are the best?

According to recent national reviews, some of the top brands of athletic tape are Cramer Athletic Tape, Rock Tape®, KT Tape, and Mueller Tape. Cramer Athletic Tape is an excellent overall tape because of its high-tensile backcloth, strength, and resiliency. Due to its flexibility, Rock Tape® appears on many best brands' lists as a sound solution for swelling and pain, while KT Tape and Mueller Tape are excellent selections for strength and usability.

Is kinesiology tape waterproof?

Kinesiology tape is water-resistant, making it conducive to exercising, showering, and bathing. After a shower or bath, you can dry the tape by patting it down with a towel. Also, you can swim while wearing kinesiology tape.

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