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Adult Swim Diapers for Incontinence

Adult swim diapers are the perfect incontinence solution for those interested in water-related recreation or therapeutic activities. Designed to be worn under everyday swimwear, most swimming diapers feature non-absorbent material with a moisture-proof barrier and secure leg cuffs for maximum containment without uncomfortable and heavy bloating. While some swim diapers are reusable, disposable versions are convenient to use and dispose of. offers quality swim diapers for adults in a variety of sizes at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program. For more details about swim diapers, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions located at the bottom of the page.

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What is a swim diaper made of?

Swimming diapers for adults are disposable waterproof diapers made of comfortable, form-fitting material with a moisture-proof barrier and stretchy sides. Elasticized leg cuffs help direct fluid to the core moisture barrier and assist in containing bowel movements and high-volume urinary incontinence while swimming.

The cloth-like fabric used to make adult swim diapers is somewhat soft to the touch and breathable. Adult swimming diapers are worn beneath a regular swimsuit to help protect both the pool and the swimsuit from accidental soiling that sometimes occurs when someone can’t adequately control their bowels or their urge to urinate. Swimming diapers for adults are cleverly designed to contain liquid with minimal swelling and tear-away seams for easy removal.

Additionally, many adult swim diapers are latex-free, although it’s always a good idea to double-check, especially if the wearer suffers from a latex allergy.

Do you wear a regular diaper under a swim diaper?

No, you only need to wear the adult swim diaper beneath a regular swimsuit. Waterproof swim diapers for adults are designed to be worn in lieu of regular adult diapers during pool outings like swimming and aqua therapy, to contain episodes of bowel incontinence. While swim diapers help preserve dignity and modesty, these diapers are not absorbable and should only be used for use in a swimming pool or during water therapy.

Are swim diapers reusable?

Though there are some reusable versions out there, most swim diapers like Tranquility Swimmates Disposable Swimwear diapers are meant for single use. These disposable adult swimming diapers are made specifically for convenient, one-time use in the water. They should not be worn a second time for sanitary reasons and should be disposed of properly once the wearer is done with swimming or water therapy.

What type of protection does a swim diaper offer?

Swim diapers for adults are a great way to offer those with urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence an additional layer of discreet protection in the pool while preserving their privacy. Adult swim diapers can be worn beneath a regular swimsuit to help protect against accidental bowel movements and minor urinary leaks while keeping both pool and swimsuit clean. However, swim diapers are not absorbent and should not be worn in place of a regular diaper.

Waterproof swim diapers for adults offer a moisture-proof barrier with leg cuff technology to help keep moisture and fecal matter sealed in, without swelling or becoming bogged down and heavy, like a regular diaper or other protective underwear garments.

Can I use an adult swim diaper instead of regular protective underwear?

It’s not recommended to use an adult swim diaper in place of regular protective underwear or adult diapers, because they are not designed to absorb, only to contain. Waterproof swim diapers for adults are produced specifically to be used in pool settings, such as while swimming or during aqua therapy sessions.

Additionally, if they are not designated as reusable swim diapers for adults, they are only made to be worn once and should be disposed of safely after use. In contrast, protective underwear is often washable, reusable, and can be worn many times over.

How do I remove a soiled swim diaper?

Depending on the type of adult swim diaper worn, you can either pull the tabs on the sides or remove it by pulling apart the tear-away side seams. Once you have removed the adult diaper, simply wipe the skin clean and transfer the soiled diaper to the trash. The nice thing about swimming diapers for adults is they are made of disposable materials that you can simply bag up and throw away, no muss or fuss.

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