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Penile clamps, also known as incontinence clamps, are noninvasive urinary devices used to control bladder leakage in men. Designed to treat light incontinence and temporary incontinence due to health conditions or following some surgeries, penile clamps work by applying light pressure to the urethra, blocking the flow of urine. Male clamps like the industry-leading Cunningham Clamp are reusable and feature durable foam and locking mechanisms for stress-free wear. For leakage control assurance and proper fit, incontinence clips are available in different sizes. proudly offers penile clamps at the lowest prices guaranteed. For more detail, visit our Best Price Guarantee policy. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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What is a penile clamp used for?

Also known as an incontinence clamp, a urinary penile clamp is a small device that compresses the urethra. This prevents leakage from the bladder, while still allowing blood to flow. It is a more discreet way of managing light incontinence than adult diapers and a convenient alternative to surgery. It is most commonly used to control stress incontinence. Penile clamps are also effective against involuntary dripping caused by stroke, urinary problems, or prostate conditions. They are often recommended after surgery, but not for moderate or heavy incontinence.

Do penile clamps really work?

Urinary penile clamps are proven to be effective throughout the day, successfully preventing unfortunate accidents. All you have to do is release the incontinence clamp during normal urination and occasionally change its position. At night, it is recommended that you try some other incontinence products to address your problem. If you dislike disposable underwear, you can give washable incontinence briefs a try. They have varying levels of absorbency and feel just like regular underwear.

How long can I wear an incontinence clamp?

First of all, it is important to choose an incontinence clamp that is comfortable and the right size for you. The most popular male incontinence clamp is the Cunningham clamp. It is adjustable, reusable and it comes in three sizes: juvenile, regular, and large. Once you find your match and adjust it properly, you can wear it for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort. It is, however, recommended to move it up or down the shaft every two hours. If you notice a moderate amount of urine flowing when you move the penile clamp, it means you need to address your incontinence problem in other ways. Stagnating urine can lead to urinary tract infections and penile clamps are suitable for involuntary dripping, not sustained flows.

Are incontinence clamps safe?

When handled properly, incontinence clamps are perfectly safe, comfortable, non-invasive, and easy to use. Proper handling includes washing your hands thoroughly before applying the clamp and making sure that it isn't locked on too tightly. If the clamp is tight, it can restrict blood flow and irritate your skin or the glans. What you should feel is just a light pressure that controls urine leaks, nothing more. To ensure a better fit, shape the upper foam rubber pad with your fingers. To soothe your skin, apply a moisturizing ointment.

Who are the ideal candidates for using penile clamps?

Stress incontinence is the condition that penile clamps are most useful for. Stress does not refer to psychological stress, but to a physical one. This is when physical movement puts pressure on your bladder, causing you to leak urine. Any kind of activity can trigger it, even a cough, a laugh, or a sneeze. To diagnose it, your doctor will perform a urinary stress test, observing urine loss when you cough or bend over. Penile clamps are suitable for males of all ages.

How do I use an incontinence clamp?

If you have never used an incontinence clamp before, you can first practice applying it to your finger. Once you get the hang of it, wash and dry your hands and place your penis between the soft clamp pads. Try to position the clamp halfway down the shaft and tighten it with the ratchet catch. Make sure it only squeezes the urethra and doesn't prevent blood circulation. When you need to urinate, simply release the clamp by pushing the spring wire loops together.

Remember to occasionally move the penile clamp up and down the shaft throughout the day and remove it before going to sleep. Wash it with mild soap and warm water after each use and replace it every three months. Let it dry away from heat or direct sunlight and don't put it in the washer or dryer.

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