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Shopping for an electric-powered wheelchair that can handle any terrain and make life easier? Then look no further than our selection of power chairs. Made for comfort and ease of use, the power wheelchairs chosen to be a part of our inventory feature a variety of sizes, styles and features and represent only the finest products from industry innovators like Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, and E Wheels. Whether you're living with a disability or simply have difficulty getting around, a power chair can open up a whole new world of possibilities. Shop confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and affordable shipping options.

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  1. Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair
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  2. EW-M48 Ewheels Power Wheelchair EW-M48 Ewheels Power Wheelchair
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  3. EW-M43 Folding Power Wheelchair EW-M43 Folding Power Wheelchair
  4. Power Wheelchair Feather Power Wheelchair 18 Inch Seat Width 250 lbs. Weight Capacity Power Wheelchair Feather Power Wheelchair 18 Inch Seat Width 250 lbs. Weight Capacity
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What is the difference between a power chair and an electric scooter?

The primary difference between a power chair and an electric scooter involves the maneuverability of the steering systems. Since power chairs feature joystick steering, users can control these mobility aids with their fingertips, eliminating the need for the average arm or hand strength. On the other hand, electric mobility scooters have trike-like handlebars (tillers) that require the user to have good upper body strength to steer the scooter and hold the handlebars for extended periods.

Another major difference between these two vessels is the turning radius. In this category, power wheelchairs like the EW-M48 E-Wheels Power Wheelchair have an advantage over electric scooters because they have a smaller turning radius. As a result, you can quickly move about indoors in them. Also, power chairs' maneuverability allows you to get closer to objects and destinations, making it easier for you to transfer to a bed or bathtub. These capabilities make power chairs valuable mobility aids for indoor and outdoor use, while electric scooters are primarily suitable for outdoor use and longer trips.

What are the different 'Types' of electric wheelchairs?

The three main types of electric wheelchairs are front-wheel, rear-wheel, and mid-wheel drive. It is easy to identify a wheelchair's type because the drive wheels are larger than the other wheels on the power chair. In addition, the drive wheels connect to the motor, making them the driving force. As a result, the position of the drive wheel influences the driving power, turning radius, and handling of your power chair. For example, the rear-wheel drive power chair has a substantial power transfer from the motors, allowing users to travel over rugged and muddy surfaces in their electric wheelchairs. On the other hand, rear-wheel-drive chairs provide a more comfortable ride. However, the turning radius is not as tight as front and mid-drive power chairs.

Do power chairs have weight restrictions?

Like all wheelchairs, power wheelchairs are available for sale in three main structures, lightweight, basic, and heavy-duty. Basic wheelchairs like the Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair can handle 250 to 350 pounds, while lightweight power chairs accommodate users weighing between 200 to 250 pounds. Heavy-duty power chairs have weight limits of 700 pounds and more.

Do I need a prescription for a power chair?

You can buy a power wheelchair like a Go Chair Travel Power Chair without a prescription. But you will need a prescription from your doctor if you intend to have your insurance company cover the cost. Since Medicare Part B Medical Insurance classifies power chairs as durable medical equipment (DME), it will pay 80% of your power chair's price, provided you've paid your deductible. The remaining 20% will be your contribution. However, your doctor and DME providers must be Medicare approved and accept Medicare scripts. Regardless of your manner of payment, you should seek a consultation from your doctor before you buy a power chair. A primary care physician can provide you with the most beneficial power wheelchair option for your needs.

What should I look for when buying a power chair or an electric wheelchair?

When shopping for a power chair, you should consider several factors: your size, your travel needs, your living conditions, the length of time you will spend in the chair, and your physical limitations. These personal factors are essential to choosing the type of power chair with the right features and characteristics for your needs. For example, frequent travelers should consider travel power chairs because they have detachable batteries, removable seats, and car trunk-friendly dimensions, which make them more suitable for air travel, cruises, mall trips, and other transport uses. However, the light padding makes travel power chairs less comfortable for extended periods of use, and their maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

The drive system of an electric wheelchair is a major determining factor. Dictated by the position of the larger drive wheel, the drive system configuration controls the chair turning radius, power, and speed. So, if you are mainly an apartment dweller, a mid-wheel drive power chair may be your best choice because it has the tightest turn radius. Heavy users and outdoor types may favor a powerful rear-wheel drive system.

Who benefits from using a power chair?

If you struggle to walk or stand for prolonged periods, power chairs offer you mobility, independence, and freedom to go just about anywhere. Regardless of your strength level, a power chair gives you the maneuverability and power to travel over various terrains. Also, power chairs allow you to overcome your mobility issues to travel, go on cruises, and attend concerts. They provide an easy transition from standard wheelchairs because power chairs don’t require pushing the wheels to move about or turn. With the easy-to-use joystick controls and powerful motor, power chairs let you conserve your energy while eliminating the need for someone to push your chair.

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